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September 12, 2012 03:57 UTC
February 28, 2006 09:56 UTC

Change of address

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To anyone who might still be reading:
I know it's been awhile, but it's been a crazy year.
I know, I MISSED OUT on Becks. But then, it seems like a lot of people did, too.
And the Earthquakes are coming back!
Houston is Numero Uno again ...
Lots of stuff, I know. I've been watching from the wings, too busy to comment or blog.

From the wires

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I go away for a few days and news of international players start hitting the wires. Chivas signs France's Laurent Merlin (man, I do love that name!), the Wizards signed Argentina's Carlos Marinelli, RBNY is trying to get Brazilian striker Edmundo. Just like leagues worldwide and the United States itself, MLS is getting to be a very worldly place to be.

Getting my goats

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Now who would have guessed that the team to make my day this weekend would be Chivas USA? The LA Goats ended up being my only bright spot this weekend, at a cost to my favorite guy and his team. Chivas whooped up on Alecko Eskandarian and FC Tornoto 2-0, and a goal and an assist by Sacha Kljestan gave me the most points of the day for my fantasy team.

DC vs. Rapids afterthoughts

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More later ...

What's your fantasy, baby?

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Yay! It's the Return of MLS Fantasy Fútbol! Oh, how I adore fantasy fútbol, if for no other reason than it gives me a chance to boss the players around on the computer screen. You know that scene in SpaceBalls where Dark Helmet is playing with his Princess Vespa action figure? Yes, if only I had my own MLS players' action figures, so I could put on little fantasy plays and saying things like, "And now Princess Landon, I have you in my clutches, to have my wicked way with you, the way I want to.

Does MLS need Beckham to up its hotness factor?

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Can Beckham fill fashion void in U.S. sports? asks a Reuters story, which comes with this pic of Beckham in all his natty glory with a Scary ... oops, I mean Posh ... piece of arm candy at his side. Although I'm not an avid sports follower on anything outside of futbol, but stories about US athletes and their off-court/field attire do come up in the general media from time to time.

The things I'll do ...

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... to avoid writing a paper.

First off -- blog roll!! Let's say hello to Fútbol USA and Soccer Fan News , and sadly I bid farewell to a couple of folks whose blogs have disappeared. I'm super happy to link to MLS blogs, most of which are exceedingly fine. I plan to do more blog trolling as time permits, so watch this space for more updates, and if you'd like to list me and for me to list you, manádame un mensaje!

Fangirl hits 100

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No, not in age! This makes 100 posts since I started up this way back in February 2006. Which is pretty sad, considering that I've only done 100 posts so far. Shouldn't I have done more? Don't I have more bitching and kvetching and sobbing and huzzahing to do over MLS and the USMNT and the various related events? Are there not enough moments in the day for me to drool over various futbol gods?

What time is it?

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If you read Spanish, follow the links here or here to read about DC United's 1-1 draw against Mexican powerhouse FC Guadalajara, and how las Chivas aren't really happy about it. If you read Spanish follow the link here or if you read English follow this link here to read about how the Dynamo whooped FC Pachuca (but how is anyone a futbol fan if they can't at least read Spanish?

Oh hell

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Beckham move to US to become reality show

That's it, I'm officially stating my non-fandom of David Beckham. Yes, he's good for MLS and blah blah blah, but the Beckhams have official teamed up with the evil empire that is Reality TV. What's next, Landon on The Surreal Life? Clint Dempsey on Making the Band? Gah.

Although I actually think the behind-the-scenes action of an MLS team for one season would be a fascinating watch, but it'd take something like Bravo to pull that off.

Drive-by thoughts on futbol

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How many more days until the new MLS season starts? Someone make me a countdown ticker. I need to know and I'm too damn lazy to actually look at the calendar and county for myself.Anyway, even though I haven't been blogging about futbol, rest assured I ha

What Beckham means to me

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Well, I got snowed out of school today, so I had a few minutes to sit down and get a firmer foothold on the latest things to hit US fútbol, namely the pending arrival of superfutbolista David Beckham (and Posh, of course) to our Western shores.

I (still don't) love LA

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Maaaaan, it FINALLY happens, and I am not in a position to comment intelligently about it, if it is that I ever managed to comment intelligently about MLS. It's finally come. Beckham is coming to LA. And to the Galaxy, as everyone knew he would. Well that

You know, it occurs to me ...

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With all the trading away of name talent that DC is doing, it makes me wonder who they're saving their pennies for. Now that the Beckham rule is going into effect, who is it that DC is going to try to lure over to play for the Black-and-Red?



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WHAT!! They traded Esky!!! *insert much sobbing here* Maaaaaaaaaaaan, that SUCKS. They get rid of Freddy, now this? Augh. What's DC trying to do, make me hate them? Eskanderian's my favorite favorite favorite MLS player, and I loved him on DC.