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Oh, the Humanity!

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Just when I thought my day couldn't get any worse, I came upon this tidbit: AC Milan Proposing Youth Sports Complex in NE Philadelphia. It's hard to say which was more horrifying, the results of the election or this news. The original post at neastphilly.com can be found here.

Although I think more soccer investment in Philadelphia is a good thing, you have to understand that AC Milan is the sporting institution that I loathe more than any other.

The State of the League: A Translation and a Very Long Post

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As the MLS Cup final looms ahead of us this evening, I've come to realize, during this first postseason with an MLS team in Philadelphia, that it's not that I just don't care that much about the MLS playoffs, I actually find them somewhat annoying without any participation by the Union. Word is that there will be more information from MLS Commissioner Don Garber tonight at half time about scheduling issues.

MLS ♥ Playoffs

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Don Garber announced tonight during halftime of the MLS Cup final that MLS will have a balanced schedule during 2011 and that ten teams will qualify for the playoffs. I am not surprised by the balanced schedule. I had predicted this in an earlier post. I hope that they maintain this schedule at least as long as the league is twenty teams.

Welcome to the New Episode of Dialing for Benchwarmers

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Let me start off by saying that Portland and Vancouver, having been created from existing teams, have their own players and are capable of finding their own players. They really need to keep their mitts off of ours. Unfortunately, MLS doesn't see it that way.

My predictions for the Philadelphia Union's protected list for this year's MLS Expansion Draft:


Alternate: Miglioranzi

Some of the more unusual choices on this list are dictated by the fact the loan status of two players, Torres and Orozco Fiscal, are unresolved at this time, to my knowledge, and the fact that the Union has to protect three international players.

And I Thought Canadians Were Such Nice People

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Don't get me wrong, I actually like Canada and Canadians, but recently the inhabitants of Canuckistan have been getting on my nerves.

So I lied. I actually did watch the MLS Cup from BMO Field in Toronto instead of the Eagles-Giants game. Apparently, myself and about half a dozen other people watched the MLS Cup.