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Match of the Week – Liverpool vs. Bolton at related • 0 views

Who: Liverpool vs. Bolton Wanderers When: Sunday, 3pm KO. Sky Sports 1

While obvious choices this week include Manchester United vs. Tottenham Hotspur or the Tyne-Wear derby between Newcastle and Sunderland, I find myself transfixed with the current condition of Liverpool FC.

Premiership Predictions… at related • 1 view
Karl Henry and De Jong will meet in midfield this weekend, a few crunching challenges then?


Arsenal v West Ham I don't know what to think of West Ham this season. After a poor performance at home to Newcastle the Hammers went on to win at stoke, here they will get back to loosing ways.

The Daily Rant…Football vs. Soccer at related • 0 views

The age old disagreements between the beautiful game (Football) across England and the World (Minus the US) and 'soccer' is always ever present. Here is actor John Cleese to do my job for me...

Well said sir, but can you trust a man who is on his fourth wife?

The Daily Rant…Theo Walcott at related • 0 views

I was very impressed with Theo's  display against Newcastle Yesterday: Two goals and a full 90 minutes provided affirmation of the players class and fitness.

Goal 1)

Goal 2)

It was no doubt the former Southampton player enjoyed the game and he has celebrated his return from injury with a new celebration.

So That’s How It Happened… at related • 0 views

One of the mysteries of the summer was why did David James reject the advances of Premier League and SPL clubs to move to Bristol City. The reasons floated included; being closer to home and money, but it turns out there is another reason...


"I thought I would either stay with Portsmouth, move to a Premier League club or go to Scotland," James revealed.

Trying Desperately Not To Laugh… at related • 0 views

I spotted this little gem on the wonderful Kickette the other day and thought I'll share it with you all. Arsenal striker Van Persie is showing some kids around and well, you have to watch to find out what happens next...

Click here to view the embedded video.

The noise, the tears, Robin's desperate attempt to not piss himself laughing make this a classic video.

Best Football Advert Ever… Turkish Airlines – What Could Have Been Rooney Last Act at related • 0 views

Man Utd played Turkish Champions Bursaspor last week in the Champions League and to coincide with this, sponsors Turkish Airlines put together this advert with United's players. The advert is your standard cheese fest, but shows what could have been Rooney's last act as a player in red...

Click here to view the embedded video.

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Click here to view the embedded video.

Now that's a proper celebration...

No Englishmen and few English based players on the Ballon D'or list this year... Never Captain Nicky Butt

The star of the World Cup, Paul the Octopus sadly died yesterday... Caught Offside

See how the Chilean miners fared against their rescuers in a match.

Faceball… at related • 0 views

I've been playing Fifa 11 recently and along with the desperately annoying frequency of handballs, you also get an awful lot of balls smashing the face's of your players. It's something we don't see too often in real football, but when we do see it, it's bloody brilliant...

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He Just Disappears… at related • 0 views

Brilliant footage from Serie B, Brazil, showing Ponte Preta player Guilherme being sent flying following a tackle...

Click here to view the embedded video.

I bet his backside hurt after that...

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There Goes All Common Sense With The Offside Rule… at related • 0 views

Ronaldo might have scored 4 goals on the weekend, but on closer inspection it was just 3 tap-ins and a penalty. But that's not what I'm annoyed about (I love Cristiano btw), It's goal number 2, 1 minute into the video...

Click here to view the embedded video.

Football Manager 11 Demo available… at related • 0 views

Well it has been four days since the release of the Football Manager 2011 demo, giving me ample time to have a look at the game....

To start, here is the official trailer for the FM 11 game.

Quick overview:

Aesthetically, there is not much difference between 2010 and 2011.

Premiership Predictions… at related • 0 views

Right Guys I'm doing this at work so I'm have to make this snappy. Score only....


Tottenham v Everton 1-1

Birmingham v Blackpool 2-1

Chelsea v Wolves 4-1

Sunderland v Aston Villa -Â 1-0

West Brom v Fulham 1-1

Wigan v Bolton 0-2

West Ham v Newcastle 2-0


Stoke v Man Utd 1-3

Liverpool v Blackburn- 2-1

Man City v Arsenal 3-2

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Did I Just See That? at related • 0 views

Who: Robbie Fowler  When: 1994-95 season where: Anfield against Arsenal what: A four miunute hat-trick.

When Robbie Fowler was good he scored goals for fun. Now for fun he takes the piss out of rooney and kung-fu kicks players.

Rooney News…Perth sign Rooney? at related • 0 views

Rooney has become a figure of ridicule and for good reason, so we are rightly going to carry on the circus.

Even the Ozzies have got in on the act..

Those jokers!!

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The Daily Rant…Gareth Bale at related • 0 views

Bale = God. To score a hat-trick against the Champions League holders at home, after being 4-0 down with ten men is nothing less that phenomenal.  Here are the highlights of the wonderful game, if you missed it.

All hail Gareth Bale! The new Welsh Wizard! (Sorry Giggsy, the crown has been passed)

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I Really Love Mick McCarthy… at related • 0 views

There was very few positives about the World Cup this year, but Mick McCarthy's miserable commentary style on the BBC never failed to make my day. Mick has carried his dry sense of humour into this year's post-match interviews including this gem from last Saturday...

Click here to view the embedded video.

Links We Like… at related • 0 views

Why is this boy not the first name in England's starting 11? This goal is pure class.

Lady Arse caption competition... Lady Arse

If only Tom Huddlestone got things done...A football report via Cheeky chip

Football needs you: An FA campaign.

The Daily Rant…Darren Bent at related • 0 views

This season Darren Bent has scored five goals in eight games, a decent return for the striker. But guess how many Sunderland have scored in total?

If you said seven then you are right. The England international (well sort of) it seems is the bread winner for his side and Bruce has let the world know this.

The Daily Rant….Rangers and Celtic at related • 0 views

I think it's time the FA and The Scottish FA (SFA) got together to discuss the future of Rangers and Celtic. Currently they both sit joint top of the League, 11 points ahead of third place and with the maximum 24 points from 8 games. Essentially the season will be won depending on the outcome of the four Old Firm Games.

What A Fortnight For Videos… at related • 1 view

Now I've been a bit crap recently with posting videos for you beautiful people, but I did make a note of all the videos that I enjoyed. Without further ado, here are the best videos I've seen in the last two weeks...

Peter Niemayer "accidentally" strokes the boob of female ref Bibiana Steinhaus.

Just Give Us The £80 Million And Piss Off Wayne… at related • 0 views

It's all over the press today that Wayne Rooney and Sir Alex are no longer on speaking terms, following the fallout of Wazza's indiscretions. Sir Alex is peeved that his goal machine allowed himself to get distracted from football, with ladies of the night along with bringing a tonne of bad press to Manchester.

Did I Just See That? at related • 0 views

Who: Erik Edman When: April 16th,2005 Where: Anfeild,  in a 2-2 draw with Liverpool. What: An unstoppable 38 yard strike.

In his first season Erik Edman successfully established himself as Tottenham's first choice Left-back.

The Daily Rant…Manchester City at related • 0 views

The question I propose to you on this Sunday evening is: Do Manchester City have what it takes to win the Premier League?

Today the Citizens were second best and didn't deserve to beat a spirited Blackpool side.  In the first half especially the Tangerines played some wonderful, purposeful football, with Charlie Adams the central figure again.

Premiership Predictions… at related • 0 views

Last time around my predictions fell short, so this week I intend to make amends. Here it goes.
Liverpool's new owner, giving it the ear. Will he be giving it the bigging  come 3pm Sunday?


Arsenal vs. Birmingham

A win for the Gunners looks likely but it won't be all that easy.

The Daily Rant…The Theatre of Jens Lehmann at related • 1 view

The theatre is a visual medium, so rather than describing his antics It seems more apt to use YouTube as a tool of analysis...

1)Lehman having a quick nibble...

2) Lehmann practising his finest moves...

3) Lehmann having a cheeky leak...

Top 10 of the Week – One Cap wonders 2010 Update. at related • 0 views

In Light of Kevin Davies winning his first England cap, at the tender age of 33, I thought I would re-kindle and re-edit an old list that counts down 10 players who will only hit the magical one cap...

10. Chris Kirkland (Vs. Greece, 2007)

When Kirkland retires it is likely that he will only be known for one thing: making his old man £10,000 richer.

Did I Just See That? at related • 0 views

Who: Zlatan Ibrahimovic  When: 2008 Where: San Siro for Inter against Bolonga What: An audacious back-heel flicked goal

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was once quoted by Mourinho as the best player in the world, above 2008′s Ball d'Or winner C.

Links we Like… at related • 0 views

Raul Meireles' beauty for Portugal versus Iceland; same again for Liverpool?

The Language Barrier in the Premier League: Fact of Fiction? - Never Captain Nicky Butt

Anton Ferdinand being a twat AGAIN! Off the Post

Jordan Henderson worth a punt?

The Daily Rant…England, Midfield Tactics and Gareth Barry at related • 0 views

Let me start with saying that last night I witnessed one of the worst England performances for a long time. I would also like to pinpoint one player as England Major Weakness: Gareth Barry...

When Barry was first brought into the England fold he was given the small role as back-up Left Back or Left Winger.

The Daily Rant…2014 England Team? at related • 2 views

Joe Hart (GK)

Kyle Naughton (RB) Â Gary Cahill(CB) Â Â Phil Jones (CB) Â Â Kieran Gibbs (LB)

Jack Rodwell (DMC)

James Milner (MC) Â Â Jack Whilshire (CM)

Adam Johnson (RW) Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Ashley Young (LM)

Wayne Rooney (FC)


Ryan Shawcross

Joshua McEachran

Tom Huddlestone

Theo Wallcott

Tom Cleverley

Fabian Delph

Connor Wickham

Jordan Henderson

So do you agree?

Rant of the Day…Stephen Ireland at related • 0 views

I'm not here to have a go at Stephen Ireland, he's a good footballer despite some ill timed mood swings; i.e. pulling out of a Rep. of Ireland qualifier because is grandma had (really hadn't) died. His name is Ireland and now he doesn't play for them, who would turn that down? But today i'm going to have a look at his car collection.

Links we Like… at related • 0 views
Wenger having a go at the Ref. again...standard!

Robinho's evil Newbie challenge :- Futbolita

The Premier League's finest so far :- Never Captain Nicky Butt

Macheda goes back on 'chav' comment :- Off The Post

France go back to school with sponsors :- Dirty Tackle

Liverpool takeover hinges on stadium plans :- Guardian

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The Daily Rant…Alan Hansen at related • 0 views

As promised another rant about Hansen. This time i'm going to take it out of context by having a go at some of his shameless advertising...

Awful I know. But Hansen's advertising chops didn't stop there and continued with some god awful Morrison adverts. Oh and this is to add to him 5 million pound a year BBC salary

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The Daily Rant…Alan Hansen at related • 0 views

Alan Hansen has been playing the 'I know how to defend' card for years, but football has changed and I am sick of the same boring analysis every Saturday night...Hansen your time is up!

Although I point out that his repetitive defensive analysis as his main weakness, it isn't, it's his journalism.

The Daily Rant…Liverpool at related • 2 views

Liverpool currently sit 18th in the league with their worst start to a season 57 years: What the hell has gone wrong? Here are six reasons...

1) The World Cup hang-over :- Many of the liverpool squad had terrible summers. Agger crashed out with Denmark, Carragher, Gerrard, Johnson and Cole were poor for England.

Beckham Not Planning to Make European Loan Deal this Year… at related • 0 views

Midfielder David Beckham said he is not planning another loan in a European club after the Major League Soccer playoffs. The star midfielder said he wants to take time for the proper recovery of a ruptured Achilles tendon, which also made him miss the 2010 World Cup...

Sports betting fans should take into consideration that Beckham's team, LA Galaxy, holds first place in the Western Conference standings with 15 wins, six losses and five draws and also is in the first place of the 2010 MLS playoff standings.

The Daily Rant…Footballers being Rappers at related • 0 views

I have realised recently they Footballers want to be rockstars/ rappers and rockstars/ rappers want to be footballers. But you cant be both..unless your Ryan Babel of course.

Although I have no idea what he is saying, he's not that bad. Maybe instead of practising rapping he could actually learn how to, I dunno, play football or something.

Premiership Predictions…2nd October at related • 0 views
I'm back to do your predictions this week, I hope I am on form again becuase you could use my expertise to make money! (I do not take responsibility for anyone else's actions, nor do I encourage gambling) Dazza has been on top form again this season. Owen and Bent upfront for England?