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Arsene's staying, Cesc is staying, and we're all off to Pompey

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Football, football, everywhere there is football, and finally, after three agonising days, footballing of the Arsenal kind has arrived again. The very last Premier League match of the calendar year would you believe?

From Saturday, we have lost Cesc and I'm assuming Denilson as well, but we've gained Song who happens to hail from Cameroon, the most wonderful country in the world.

Thank you Cameroon

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A late one today and a quickie, mainly just to bring you the news that Cesc isn't going to Barcelona (I'll look at it more in tomorrow's blog, what with it being a shocking revelation that they want him) and those lovely people at the Cameroonian FA have given us special dispensation to keep Song til January 4th which is quite nice of them.

The Cesc Show - Christmas Special

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I said yesterday that it hadn't really felt like boxing day. In all truth, despite getting lots of free stuff, it hadn't really felt like xmas. Perhaps that had more to do with the fact that I've hardly been out of the house for the last two months due to my mad cow disease and had not been able to immerse myself in the xmas spirit.

Give me some daylight and I'll give you title contenders

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Boxing day was weird without the Arsenal wasn't it? Just didn't seem quite right. Added to that, the fixture that I lived for growing up as a kid, a local derby match, was called off due to a frozen pitch so I couldn't even listen to that on the radio. It's just not right I tell ya!

In saying that, it wasn't half a bad day for Arsenal.

Hill-Wood Pissed At Barca - AND SAYS SO

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About bloody fecking time:

Read it here

It seems strange that he would say 'pissed' especially to the Daily Star, but it makes me happy so I choose to believe it. If you have no idea why he would be pissed of at Barcelona then you are obviously not an Arsenal supporter.

Bring on the football

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Xmas day doesn't half pass quick eh? I trust you all got spoiled rotten, stuffed silly, and that at least one of you injured yourself in a ridiculously stupid way due to alcohol-impaired mentalness. Anything less and I'd be very disappointed in you all.

With more box sets than HMV to get through they'll have to wait as the Chavs are first up on ESPN followed by Liverpool.

Drunk yet?

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Happy Christian Christmas Morning to you. I'm not a christian, so happy day-off-work-get-lots-of-free-stuff day.

Short and sweet today for the obvious reasons.

Watching Wenger's web chat part 2 (it's free on Arsenal TV) he was asked what was his favourite city, his answer couldn't have been more gooner.

Take my name but GIVE ME MY SLEEVES

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So, let's start with some good news to warm you on this fecking freezing day. It's injury-related (shocker) but Cesc seems confident of being back for the Christmas Cracker that is Arsenal v Villa.

Super stuff. Not that I believe it for a minute.

It's good to see the Daily Mail describing our injury crisis which has dwarfed, or should that be pygmied, Man U's for the entire season, as the 'loss of several key players.

Hull Happiness Hammered Home

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Sorry about the lack of blogging yesterday. Somehow, in my head, it made perfect sense for me to set my alarm for 11am knowing Garantia would be over at about 11.10am to take me Xmas shopping (I still can't be trusted in large public spaces on my on without looking like I had three bottles of buckfast for breakfast).

What a Spanking Saturday

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Another great Saturday. United and Liverpool spanked, Mark Hughes sacked, and then Arsenal manage to overcome Steve Bennett to beat Hull 3-0.

Liverpool have blamed injuries for their plight, now it seems United are doing the same. Do you ever hear Wenger offer it as an excuse when ours have been consistently worse for the ENTIRE season?

A Hull lot of nothing

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Despite the fact that we have match today there's very little Arenal news about. I suppose given that most of our news usually revolves around yet another player being injured I suppose we should be glad that things are a bit quiet.

In crazy land Man City seem to actually think they can persuade Wenger to become their manager.

Andrey of the Arsenal

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Here's hoping he can do it again against Hull

Get it as a Tshirt transfer or A4 print

(UK - order before 3pm tomorrow and get it in time for Christmas)

Champions League Draw - Arsenal get Porto

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So, it's to be Porto for us then and we can't ask for better than that.

The draw in full, I'll give my thoughts on it more in tomorrow's blog (if I remember):

Stuttgart v Barcelona (how disgusted did Stuttgart look?)
Olympiakos v Bordeaux
Inter v Chelsea (come on Mourinhio)
Bayern Munich v Fiorentina
CSKA v Sevilla
Lyon v Real Madrid (fixed for the Spanish?

Tough Love

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Today is Friday. If you are reading this just after I've posted it then it's AM and not even 48 hours since we played our away game at Burnley. In less than 48 hours we play Hull. This, you will say, is the normal schedule of things for this time of year, however, our situation is far from normal.

A whole lot of nothing

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I wasn't going to do a blog today, absolutely exhausted and just fancied coming home, sitting down, and switching my brain off. I;m also sure I've used that title more than once. Unfortunately, my brain decides when and if it wants to work and it wasn't shutting up. The fact that it has nothing really constructive to say is infuriating, but I'll push on nonetheless and see where it leads.

I believe

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Still feeling it? I know you are. You're not quite sure what the underlying feeling is, but you know you like what it is. It's called confidence. It may not last, such sweet things are often fleeting, but I'm enjoying feeling confident that if we could pull that around at Anfield, if the boss is able to raise his voice and declare all before him unfit to wear the Arsenal shirt, then maybe, just maybe, this team might just be starting to get it.

Angry Arsene Fires Up Arsenal to Win at Anfield

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I don't think I can quite believe it. We went in to a game Wenger described as 'must win' and we won, while being as far from our best as the Spuds will be from the top of the table come the end of the season. We did what Champions do. Laugh if you want, I've listened to laughter from others all season.

Eddie Izzard ruined my blog

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Sorry about the lateness of today's blog - blame Eddie Izzard. See, now I say that and you automatically think that I went to his gig last night, headed out afterwards and have only just managed to waken myself. Well, you'd be wrong. It is because he was shit.

The plan was to head to concert, come home, throw the blog together high on the laughter I'd been immersed in for the previous few hours, head to bed and then go to work this morning safe in the knowledge that my blog was sorted.

Two Blogs Go To War - Liverpool v Arsenal

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Regular readers of this blog will know that it can vary in it's length from time-to-time. Today, as Two Blogs Go To War, you may set aside a sizeable quantity of your life, sit back, and enjoy. Make sure you're well fed. I'm in red, the other chap in black, and yes I do see the stupidness of using a Man U colour scheme for an Arsenal/Liverpool discussion.

Short & Quick - Just Like Arsenal

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Evening all, this is going to be another very, very quick one, as I'm working on a rather special blog for the weekend and the massive match which is always Liverpool v Arsenal. To tease you just a little...

Meanwhile, in a LadyArse exclusive, Wenger has confirmed that we are performing spine-shortening on our players in a bid to create an army of pygmies by saying about Bendtner's injury set-back:

"He was sharp and short"

Watch his interview on Arsenal TV Online, hear it for yourself.

Shocker - Arsenal player out for longer than first feared

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Bendtner will not be back in a week or two, and from this report we won't see him til next year...Arshavin through the middle it is then, until he gets injured...

Despite the defeat, the 'boys done good'

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Last night's match turned out a lot differently than I thought it would. OK, so I was pretty sure we'd lose, but I thought we might see the kids gets a spanking and genuinely feared for them. Instead, we were left happy with 1-0, safe in the knowledge that we should have/could have won the game an dthe kids coped more than admirably.

Arsenal don't need a striker so shut up

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Did the title get your attention? I usually find insulting headlines draw more comments. Wonder why that is? Too many trolls I guess.

Right, I have decided, as the rest of you seem obsessed with other things, that this shall be my next crusade. These things just find you, you know?

We are top of the league SAY WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE!

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With our Champions League match not until tomorrow night, we are all left with another 24 hours to wonder if we will have enough players standing to field a team.

No doubt the team we do field will get some serious stick from the 'purists' in the game who think we should be putting out our strongest team no matter what so that it's 'fair' on the other teams.

Injuries! Injuries! Get Your Injuries!

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Morning folks. There isn't a whole lot going on. Although we have a mid-week match, it's as meaningless as the Spuds last two months of a season so it will be a week filled with nonsense and injury reports (or lack thereof). There'll probably be some transfer rumours in there too, having linked us with just about every striker in Europe, the press might actually catch on that we need a keeper with more urgency than a striker and start pulling a few of those out of their arses to write about.

Fire Stoked, Squad Decimated

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Not normally one to blow my own trumpet (usually because I can't reach) I feel that I should do a gloatey dance to open this blog. How I would demonstrate that with words I'm not quite sure, but if you could imagine that I'm dancing like Chandler from Friends you might get the idea.

Why you may ask?

Let's Stoke Some Fires

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Can I just ask how long a defeated manager is supposed to wait to shake the opposing manager's hand? Is he supposed to idle by the side of the pitch until Mark Hughes has finished celebrating and then deems it time to shake Wenger's hand, or should Hughes have done the handshake first and then celebrated as if he'd won the league?

March of the Pygmies

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March of the Pygmies

So the Pygmaies march norf, doing a little injury hokey-kokey along the way just to keep themselves warm; You put an Eboue in, you take an Denilson out....


There was some fighting talk from Wenger in his pre-match conference, saying that we're ready for it.

Cash beats class but Arsenal fans don't despair

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Arsenal entered their Carling Cup quarter final with odds of 3/1 for a win. Even given the fact that we were fielding a team consisting mostly of reserves and kids, 3/1 still gave us very little chance. You know you never meet a poor bookie.

Pre match, the ex-25 was strutting about the park as if he actually was worth £25million.

FIFA Show they are as stupid as UEFA as they consider banning Henry

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Regardless of your view of 'Henry'gate,' for Arsenal fans, the news that FIFA are to investigate his handball with views towards possibly banning him from the start of the World Cup group matches must surely resonate after how Eduardo was treated.

While the line between Eduardo and Henry is vast (one is dubious, the other clear cheating) the fact is both were charged after the event using video evidence FIFA/UEFA refuse to allow during the original 90 minutes and plan to punish the player with a punishement far in excess of what would have happened had the referee spotted the incident.

Man City v Arsenal - it's anyones guess how it'll go

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Well, well, busy day today. Not only do we have a match, but I finally have a diagnosis as to why I've been walking like a drunk person for the past month. While it's good to finally know what it is, the fact that it means a lifetime of meds and the very real possibility of going deaf in my right ear doesn't make for the best start of the day.


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Morning all.

So, it's Tuesday. As I'm still housebound I have managed to restrict my in take of post-mortem and slagging to a minimum but I'm sure some of you out there endured a rough day yesterday at the hands of, well, probably everybody who isn't an Arsenal fan. Just keep reminding yourself that nothing's handed out in May and if you can punch where appropriate it will help a great deal.