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Arsenal v Chelsea...blah blah blah

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Right, let's get some things out of the way before we go in to a proper analysis. And before you say I'm going to sugar coat things to try and make it look like that wasn't an embarrasment, I won't be.

Honesty is what is needed.

First off, Chelsea did not deserve to beat us by three goals yesterday.

Nerves at the ready - Arsenal/Chelsea is almost here

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Fucking typical, Frank 'I'm a chav' Lampard goes to see the placenta doctor and comes back fully fit earlier than expected. Van Persie goes and ends up being out six months instead of six weeks. To be fair to VP, I don't think he acted against medical advice, and judging by Arsenal's statement they place the blame firmly at the feet of the Dutch FA and their medical staff for misdiagnosing the injury.

Diamond Cutters At The Ready - Why Arsenal CAN Beat Chelsea

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Listening to Fans Forum last night (I didn't bother entering the competition this week as A. I couldn't afford the flights to the match if I'd won the pair of tickets to the Chelsea match and B. I didn't think they'd let me win two weeks in a row, though I did briefly consider entering under a false name until I remembered A.

When you can't be the best...slag the best off

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Typical of Roy Keane eh? After sounding somewhat sensible last week in the aftermath of 'Henry-gate' he has decided to have a dig at the Arsenal manager and the behaviour of Arsenal under Wenger. For what reason? Only Keane and his shrink can answer that.

He even has a pop at Wenger for not really having a right to comment on Henry's handball as he's not Irish.

The Football Cometh

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Watching Wenger's pre-match interview on Arsenal TV Online, he seemed remarkably relaxed and confident. He also corrected an error regarding Alex Song's new contract, and for me, as he establishes himself firmly as one of my favourite players, it's great news as Wenger said he made a mistake and that Song has not signed until 2014 but rather 2015.

Finger Lickin Good

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No blog as such today, my head's swimming and focusing on tiny letters is really hard. Just popped in to show you a great TShirt idea from EduardoIsInnocent, who, rather foolishly, did not enter it in to the competition (details at the bottom of this post). Though, to be fair to him, he did mention it weeks ago.

Let's laugh at Liverpool while we feel sorry for Gibbs

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Well, last night was a mixed bag wasn't it? A superb performance, a comfortable two-nil win, the worst referee seen in a long time, Gallas and Arshavin assaulting each other while Arshavin did his best for the Standard defence and a busted foot for Gibbs in a match he probably shouldn't have been playing in.

Gibbs breaks foot...for real this time

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In what is sure to take the gloss of a spanking 2-0 win and qualification in the Champions League, Kieran Gibbs has suffered a confirmed broken metatarsal in his left foot which will require surgery tomorrow. As you may remember, I said in my preview that I thought we should give him a rest to make sure that he was fit and well for Cheslea.

Not a match preview, but you can WIN A CESC TSHIRT

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I kinda shot myself in the foot yesterday doing a preview not knowing if I'd be fit to do one today. As it turns out, while no better than yesterday, I'm no worse and now have to find something to fill some paragraphs.

Champions League aside, a story which caught my attention was that of Ryan Babel saying that he will probably have to leave Liverpool come January if he isn't getting regular starts.

Smoke And Mirrors

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After stating that they won't order a replay, I see that FIFA are pulling 'irregular betting patterns' out of their arse to force an extraordinary meeting on December 2nd.

Is this the first step in moving towards a backtrack and a replay order? Stranger things have happened, decide for yourself here

Shove this up your Barcelona

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Two posts in one day, I know, but this is just a quickie, which might be how I have to do things until I get sorted. This article just came into my inbox, and while I know you all know how much Cesc loves Arsenal, and he has reiterated his commitment to the Gunners more often than I've had dizzy spells, it's always nice, and in this article in the Times, he even adds a new bit.

Changes as Standard

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So, the weekend has gone, the result at Sunderland banished from our memories and filled under 'sucky November results' and we head now into Champions League action needing only a point to secure qualification for the round Liverpool won't be in. A win will see us win the group and, to be honest, other than pride and the chance to play at home on the second leg, the draw for teams winning their group is just as likely to screw you over as if you finished second.

Paying the Penalty

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I have watched, rewatched, and watched again the penalty incident with Vela yesterday, it is as clear, blatant, and unmissible as the one by Fletcher on Arshavin at Old Trafford. Vela has his legged hooked clean from under him and there is no planet in the universe on which that is anything other than a stonewall penalty.

Contracts anyone?

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Thank goodness for the Sunday papers. So hellbent on printing shit they have focused more on Lionel 'I'm another Barcelona cunt' Messi's pleas to Cesc to join him at Barca and become the world's greatest midfielder than our defeat at Sunderland. Not only is this yet another insult to Cesc, it is another one to Arsenal and I for one can't wait to get them in the Champions League so the World's greatest midfielder can slam their lack of respect into the back of their net three or four times.

Hardly worth waiting for

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Hands up who didn't see that coming? At about 20 minutes I said to Garantia this has 0-0 or 1-0 Sunderland written all over it. Maybe it's my current medical state which actively discourages getting passionate about anything lest I fall on my arse even from a sitting position, but a defeat such as this has not overly concerned me.

Live streams for the Arsenal Sunderland match

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I'm going to try and blog after the match today as my symptoms subside as the meds build up in my system so I'm in better shape as the day goes on..but in the meantime, if you are, like me, looking for a stream for the Arsenal match, you should be able to find one at one of these sites:


Catch a fucking grip people

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I'm iller today than I was yesterday and can hardly see straight to watch TV let alone put something out there in a blog but after the reaction to Henry's hand I felt I had to blog. On Twitter last night as I signed of for the evening I advised everyone to keep a look out for how this would all be Arsenal's fault.

You never would believe it!

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I could have put this as a comment but I thought it deserved to stand alone, loud and proud. Finally, we have an injury which is NOT as bad as first feared. Kieran Gibbs has NOT broken his foot.


See for yourself here if you don't believe me, I wouldn't blame you, it does seem like the stuff of fantasy

Horses, horses everywhere...

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Isn't it typical, you wait all year for a horse story and then two come along at once. Like the number 7 going up the Ormeau Road in Belfast, or whatever your local bus is that decides it's too afraid to drive up a road on it's own so it'll wait for it's mate.

I'm still really sick, be prepapred for a hell of a lot more nonsense ahead.

And the players keep on falling...just like me

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OMG I'm so ill again :'( this is not even funny...had to come home from work and I'm wobbling like I've had another three bottles of vodka..another sick line and another week of work while I wait for a hospital appointment. If I'm going to appear to others as if I'm plastered I would at least like the enjoyment of being so.

6 weeks or 6 months we won't actually know til we know

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At Asburton Grove Medical Centre, there are people who like to make optimistic statements. Then there are the players themselves who always think that they can come back sooner than they are actually able. Van Persie and the AGMC reckon he will be back in around six weeks. At Arsenal, that means anything this side of next christmas.

Hands up who's panicking?

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I wrote the following before I got the news that "Van Persie has torn his anterior inferior tibiofibular ligament, and his anterior talofibular ligament has unfortunately snapped- hes out for the rest of the season." No club confirmation yet, so let's hope this is just some little journalist jumping the gun.

Mad Jens Lehmann

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What else could you put on a Tshirt with the crazy one? Yes, it says 'crazy muthafucka'

Ramsey makes Fletcher his bitch...and some nonsense too

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I like Cudicini I do. I knows he's not only a spud but an ex-chav as well but I've always liked him. I thought he was a great keeper, admired the way he handled things after he was shit on at Chelsea, and how could you not appreciate his gift to Henry at Highbury?

Being on a somewhat different planet for over a week now I've had a relative abscence of news in my life and what I have seen has arrived by way of Arsenal-related blogs.

Persie - Dutch & Mighty

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Go on, you know you want really do

Le Bob

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Just for ArsenalAdam, well, it's not just for him, but he was asking if there could be some Tshirts of the Invincibles...more on the way so keep an eye out

Has the LadyArse returned?

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Well, here we go, let's give this a try. This Interlull hasn't been as kind as the last one. Inner ear problem or Amsterdam? You'd have to be as thick as a Spud to chose the ear thing, but given that there was no choice involved on my part my intelligence levels can in no way be comparable.

And just so you know, despite what Jamrock says, The Verve did lie.

Song ActivResponse

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It won't let you down

Ashburton Grove Medical Centre

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Making injuries last longer since 2006

(blog will be back very soon, next day or so I'd say if things keep going the way they are :))

Arsenal Periodic Table - only £3.99 and only 100 A3 left

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And there's only 100 of get it quick:

Get yours here

Arsenal TShirts Email Fixed...&mini-update

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Anyone who has tried to email me at might have noticed that the email either bounced back or you just didn't get a response. Given the hugmungous number of hits (so many I thought there must be a glitch with the tracker at first) has received in it's first few days I thought things were a bit quiet on the email front and it turns out there was a glitch with the set up.

New Arsenal Chant

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Do you think this would work on a TShirt:

His ma's a thief
His da's a dealer
John Terry's a chav
And Diaby's boot cleaner

???? Maybe I'm sicker than I thought, I think that's funny, but then I love the thought of Terry's face attacking Diaby's boot.

The Arsenal Formula

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Having a replaps or something, who knows, feel like have a TShirt instead:

(RvP + AA) -25 x (C4 + 5) = KINGS OF LONDON

Only available at

Lucky Lucky Arsenal...I'm Back!

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Today was a great result for us, it was, but...nah, I'm only messing. There is no but, I don't even care that we conceded late on. I knew we would, who didn't? We can concede as many as we like for all I care as long as we end up winning by three clear goals.

Wolves can bemoan their luck all they want, but if they hadn't have helped the ball on for the first two and if the ref hadn't blocked them off for the third we'd just have found a different way to score as we did sublimely with the fourth.


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Faster than whatever you're driving

Arsenal TShirt Shop - Finally Sorted (I hope)

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Rite, I think I have this shop business sorted out. I'll still be selling all the designs as transfers on eBay and a limited number of Tshirts there too, but as I'm not rich I couldn't afford to have all the designs on TShirts in stock, hence the need for a shop which will print them for me.

Quick before they're removed

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I'm having a fight with Spreadshirt at the minute. As you may know they keep removing my designs even though I have now come across two shops which sell similar items for different clubs which are actually 'featured' on their sites.

I've put up another few shirts to see what happens, so if you move quick you could get one http://www.

A must read for ALL Arsenal fans

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I can't sleep. Maybe it's the decongestants I've been taking to try and clear this bloody thing, perhaps it's the fact that everytime I put my head down I feel like the world is spinning so fast it's going to throw me off, whatever it is is, here I am, doing a whole lot of nothing cause that's all I'm capable of.

I'm So Dizzy My Head is Spinning

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Literally, Nope, not drink induced, although that's how it feels. I have an inner ear infection which basically means I can't move without falling over. Under Doctors orders I'm confined to bed to keep my head as still as possible which in itself is causing problems as my neck stiffens up and threatens to bring on a full blown migraine.

New Arsenal TShirt Shop

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While you'll still be able to buy a wide range of Arsenal TShirt designs through my eBay store, you can now get them printed directly onto a tshirt size and colour of your chosing.

Visit to see for yourself, but don't forget the eBay shop where you'll get special offers and loads more designs.

Bring it on, something, anything...

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Afternoon all.

Is it me or is it a bit quiet out there? Perhaps after all the excitement from the weekend anything is going to seem quiet. Speaking of quiet, that's not something Eboue can be accused of as he issues the most unsubtle ‘come and get me' plea to PSG. It's all very strange.

Thierry Henry Mr Red

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more info here

Arsenal Periodic Table Poster

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The Top Secret project has finally been released, be the first to get your hands on this exclusive Arsenal poster:

more information here

VP says "Lemme at 'em"

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With the Carling Cup sending us back to Manchester Shitty for a rematch sooner than any of us imagined, VP has given the boss the perfect excuse to add more experienced first teamers to a Carling Cup squad, which, we have to admit, would struggle against Shitty's first team if we sent just kids. He has made it very clear that he wants to play this one, and you just know he wants revenge for what the ex-25 did.

He's got a twitch

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You know who

more here

Talk is Cheap

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you know you want one

That's how I like my Spuds - Right in their f***ing place

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Well, what a bloody day. Sometimes, it's worth getting up at 4am.

Travel to and from the match went without a hitch (for me and Garantia and least, EII very nearly missed kick off due to the implosion of the underground or something).

We took our seats, all separate and Garantia managed to bag herself a move from a 22nd row seat to a third row one by swapping with some man so he could sit beside his son (she would move again at halftime as we talked some weird woman beside me to swap an 18th row seat for a third row one so we could sit beside each other - yes, I actually had to convince her, and when I asked at first she said 'maybe at halftime - seriously!