U.S. WNT Archives for January 2008

Game Day in Richmond

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Well, it's game day here in Richmond, and a GORGEOUS day it is too... The locals are telling us they can't believe how nice and warm it is - though they're warning us that temps will drop when the sun goes down. It's another cloudless day, and the twilight kickoff should make for perfect soccer weather.

Recovery Day

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Everyone was thrilled that this morning brought the end of Daylight Savings Time, which meant an extra hour of sleep... not that the team had to be up early for any reason the day after a hard fought game against South Korea.

Most of the day was spent packing up, walking around Richmond a little bit and watching some American football - we had to miss overtime of the Packers-TITANS (thanks for that correction) game in order to head to the airport.

Welcome Home Mitts-y!

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Cincinnati native Heather Mitts returned home for the first time since winning her second gold medal in Beijing this summer, and she has received quite a reception so far. Below you can see part of the contingent that met Heather and the rest of the team at the airport this evening (on a school night no less!

That's What We Call Event Planning

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There are certain inevitable risks taken when planning an outdoor event in Cincinnati in November, but boy did U.S. Soccer's staff order some EXCELLENT weather for our stay. The locals tell us it's supposed to stay 75 and sunny for the rest of the week and we can't ask for more than that!

The University of Cincinnati let us borrow their game field for the USA's first training session, and a lot of the Bearcats were able to watch the team train on what is definitely some fast turf.

A Day at Paul Brown Stadium

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As usual, the team held their stadium training today at Paul Brown Stadium - home of the Cincinnati Bengals and tomorrow night, home of the USA. Even though it was a day off for the other football team in town, several players came out to see the players go through a good training session... and to heckle Bengals kicker Shayne Graham, who had challenged the girls to a field goal contest.

Hometown Cooking

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It was Mitts' choice tonight for dinner as the team went out to Montgomery Inn at the Boathouse for some AMAZING ribs.... and chicken... and steak... and of course the world famous Graeter's Ice Cream for dessert. It was a great meal, and our tables were right next to the huge picture windows that overlooks the Ohio River.

Welcome To Tampa!

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The team has arrived in Tampa and yesterday went through their one and only training session at Raymond James Stadium, site of tomorrow night's match against South Korea.

Did you know there was a huge pirate ship in one of the endzones at RJS? That just screams photo op, so after training the team took full advantage.

Hucles Hundred!

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Tonight U.S. midfielder and forward Angela Hucles will earn her 100th cap for the U.S. Women's National Team, an achievement that she'll celebrate with her family in attendance and a ceremony before kickoff. As per WNT tradition, she'll also be wearing the captain's armband.

Fittingly, Hucles is coming to the end of what is by far her best year ever with the Women's National Team.

Closing Out November with a Modest Proposal

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Well, Saturday evening's 1-0 win over South Korea pretty much wraps up the month of November for the WNT. It was the 31st win of the year for the USA (a record) as they enter December's games against China with a 31-1-2 record overall (not too shabby). The WNT Blog will be back in action when the team comes back together.