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5 Reasons Why Ronaldo Will Leave Real Madrid for Manchester United.

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Real Madrid is about to complete a hundred million euro transfer of Gareth Bale. Andre Villa Boas(Tottenahm manager) has already given up, Real Madrid have prepared the stage on which Bale is to be presented sometime next week and Bale has failed to show up for training for 2 straight days. If all things go [.

Gareth Bale on the verge of joining Galacticos

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Perez has lost his mind as far as I am concerned. No seriously. A 100 million euros for Bale? I had expressed my concern over this in a previous post but never had I thought that Perez would be actually foolish enough to pull this off. At the worst I though it would be [...]

Is Kaka Done at Real Madrid?

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Ricardo Kaka, 31, should be at the peak of his career right now and I don't know what is it with these Brazillians that they run out of steam really quickly in their careers. I mean. Seriously. Zidane at 31 was probably the best player in the world. Same is the case with Gerrard and [...]

Why Bale is not Worth it.

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For some Gareth Bale may be the most important signing in Real Madrid's recent history. In terms of money it certainly is at the very top. More expensive than Ronaldo you say? Yeah, that's what I thought too, it is just crazy. For the amount of money Real Madrid is willing to pay for Gareth [...]