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3 Reasons Why Ronaldo Will Flop Against Spain

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Spain will be playing against Portugal tomorrow and all eyes will be on Ronaldo to deliver for Portugal in the all important Euro 2012 semi final. Ronaldo has been known not to perform on the biggest of stages in football all his career so why should tomorrows night be any different? I personally feel it [.

3 Reasons Why Quaresma Is Not As Good As Ronaldo or Messi

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Quaresma (for those who do not know him yet) is a 28 year old winger who currently plays for Besiktas. There was a time when he and C.Ronaldo were considered very close in terms of potential and performance. In fact, reports have also said that Alex Ferguson had some difficulty in deciding which to sign [.

Ronaldo Answers Messi

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Ronaldo has truly answered Messi tonight. Just as Rafael Nadal needs Roger Federer to get better (or now a days Novak Djokovic), it seems Ronaldo is waiting for Messi to make his move before Ronaldo announces his arrival onto any given match. Just as Ronaldo needed Messi to score 70 goals this season for Barcelona, [.

Sergio Ramos vs Rio Ferdinand

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Two of the best central defenders in the game are Sergio Ramos and Rio Ferdinand. Sergio Ramos plays in the center of defense for Real Madrid when the situation arises, otherwise he is mostly deployed as a right back where he excels also. Rio Ferdinand plays for Manchester United and has been playing for them [.

3 Reasons Why Messi Is A One Dimensional Player

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Messi might have scored 73 goals this season but that does not change the fact that half of those goals were mere replicas of each other while the other half were on penalties (figuratively speaking). Messi broke all sorts of goal scoring records this season including most goals scored by any player in a single [.

3 Reasons Why Ronaldo Has Sucked at Euro 2012

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Portugal have got it all to do in their final game of the group stage in Euro 2012. Portugal lost their opening game to Germany of all teams, not that Germany is a bad team just that Portugal defender Bruno Alves and Ronaldo himself said that they would like to show Germany that Portugal [...] Related posts:
  1. 5 Reasons Why C.

Real Madrid vs Manchester United Round 2

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Before I begin the post, I should perhaps  mention (after a few not so encouraging comments) the methodology that I use to compare different clubs at the elite level (and I also think that this is the only viable methodology that can be relied upon). Otherwise, people can have all kinds of different interpretations about [.

Messi is a Sore Loser

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Messi has come out and has said that Barcelona's exit from the Champions League last season was unfair because Barcelona dominated the possession and had almost triple the amount of chances that Chelsea had on goal. That to me is a joke. Any Barcelona player talking about justice and fair play is a joke.

Real Madrid Or Manchester United? Which is Better

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There has been a lot of debate about which club is the best in the world. Normally the two clubs that people most talk about in this regard is Real Madrid and Manchester United. Both clubs have achieved a lot in their history and are the number 1 clubs in their respective countries. Manchester [.