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Real Madrid getting closer to Di Maria and the World Cup

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To my disappointment, Real Madrid are indeed get closer and closer to signing Di Maria from Benfica. Reports say that Real Madrid medical staff were in south Africa yesterday to finalize Di Maria's medical condition. But looking at Di Maria's performance in the World Cup  in the only match Argentina have played so fat, he [.

Real Madrid vs Juventus: Casillas vs Buffon

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Two of the worlds best goal keepers who play for two of the best teams in Europe, though stats would tell you otherwise. Buffon was once considered to be untouchable even when Casillas was playing with Real Madrid's first team but recently Buffon's level dropped due to his aging and Casillas has taken over the [.

3 Reasons why Sergio Ramos should not be a center back

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There has been a lot of talk about Mourinho wanting to sign a right back instead of a center back (which I believe we should) and then put Sergio Ramos in the center with someone new on the right. There has been a host of players being linked to Real Madrid which is always the case, no [...]

Barcelona want Sergio Ramos, Maicon and Vidic to Real Madrid

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Carlos Puyol, a Barcelona player (just to be clear) has told the media that the only person who can take his place at Barcelona is none other than Real Madrid's very own Sergio Ramos. Wonder why would he say that? Don't think Real Madrid are as dumb as Barcelona to let go of their star [...]

Zidane vs Ronaldinho

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Well. Two of the best attacking midfield players in history, Zidane and Ronaldinho both brought their own brand of football, unique only to themselves which showed the world that there is more than one way playing the beautiful game. Zidane showed the whole world how one can become the greatest midfield player of all time [.

Glen Jhonson and Real Madrid?

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This is freaking weird. Two piece of headlines I read today. One news said, some guy named Bronzetti, supposedly a known figure in football transfers between top clubs, is sure that Maicon (Inter Milan's right back, who interests Real Madrid) would leave Inter Milan for Real Madrid. Same news also says that the fee for [.

Real Madrid making some grounds.

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Maicon's transfer to Real Madrid, reportedly, is also getting to a point of realization. Inter Milan have basically said that they are willing to let the player (Maicon) go if they get a 'Madrid style' offer. What does that mean? Probably it means that they want double the amount of money the player is actually [.

World Cup over for Ronaldo, now he can relax

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Portugal got knocked out of the World Cup. Spain beat them in the round of 16 1-0 thanks to a, I would say rather scrappy, goal from David Villa (Barcelona attacker) but looking back at that match. I think, Portugal did not play the way they were supposed to play and neither played to their [...]

Real Madrid after a host of new players

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Well well. The World Cup 2010 has not even gotten past the semi finals stage and Real Madrid have already started to notice the bright players that have been performing well at the game's biggest stage. Germany is a side that has surprised a lot of us (along with Holland but wait? If I can [...]

Mourinho Begins his work

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World Cup is Over. Spain are the champions. They beat Holland by a single goal. The match was literally littered with fouls and stoppages. In the end Spain played a CAPELLO game and just tried to find a way to win rather than play some their more more traditional flamboyant and more expansive style of [.