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Real Madrid behind Barcelona: My view

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Real Madrid is the best club in club football history, I think you all know this, I know this and hell, FIFA knows it as well ( because that is the only reason why they awarded Real Madrid with the "BEST CLUB OF 20th CENTURY" award) but right now, nowhere will you find any evidence [...]

Why Guti should be kicked out of Real Madrid

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I have had enough with Guti. I have been saying this for the past 3 seasons (not saying that I am a predicting machine or something, just that I did not like this player from the moment I say him play, that is, during the first Galacticos Era.) that Guti is a liability and I [...]

5 Reasons Why C.Ronaldo Sucked on 10-Jan-2009

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Real Madrid might have won the match 2-0 against the humble Mallorca and are now first in the league table, lets hope it is not for only a few hours or so but the truth is that it could have been easily 6-0 or worse but Real Madrid did not take their chances, which sucks [...]

Real Madrid vs Barcelona: Sergio Ramos vs Daniel Alves

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The two best right backs in world football First up is the right back position and I think the answer is  clearly NOT OBVIOUS in this case as both are extremely good, extremely fit, extremely motivated and extremely competitive. One thing to note about both these defenders is that they both made their BIG money move [.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona: Player Vs Player

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Ok a quick post today just to let you know that I will be starting a series which I decided to call as "Real Madrid vs Barcelona". In this series I will be comparing Real Madrid and Barcelona players, position for position and see which team is the best in terms of teamwork and in [...]

Ronaldo Wins And Barcelona Draw.

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Howdie my Real Madrid Madridistas. After a long lay off, I finally saw something interesting at There was this poll that was held in determining exactly who is the greatest player of the past decade. Now, I personally hate polls but hye, if they prove any of my points then I am more than happy [.