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Player Profile: Andy Rose

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The Seattle Sounders missed out on selecting Andy Rose in the 2012 Supplemental Draft. Requiring an International slot, he slipped into the Supplemental Rounds and the Sounders gambled he would still be available for their pick. Instead he was selected by RSL. But the Sounders quickly traded the rights to Leone Cruz in exchange for Rose and by the end of the day, Andy Rose was a Sounder.

Not quite new - Hahnemann, Zakuani, Martinez, Tiffert

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Three of the four players added in the midseason of 2012 and that should be expected to advance in their own ability and their ability to help the Seattle Sounders in 2013 are already profiled. The last will not be for some time. If you look at the best cases put forward for Steve Zakuani and Mario Martinez you see that there is a chance of adding many goals to the squad.

Player Profile: Marc Burch

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A bit of a surprise pickup when the Seattle Sounders traded up in the Re-Entry Draft in order to acquire him, Marc Burch was basically as advertised. Burch was a heavily left-footed player who showed a decent cross and a rocket shot. Unfortunately, he'll probably be best remembered for an exceedingly poor choice of words that put the already short-handed Sounders in an even worse situation by forcing Burch to miss the final two playoff games.

Eddie Johnson Called Back To National Team (maybe)

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A little late on this thanks to the holidays, but in a move that should really surprise no one after GAM rescued a struggling US against Antigua & Barbuda and then assisted on the game-winning goal against Guatemala to secure advancement to the Hex, Jurgen Klinsmann has apparently called the Sounder back to the team for January camp, at least according to Twitter reports that Johnson was happy to retweet.

Major Link Soccer: More Seattle Qualifier Hand-Wringing

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I'm bringing you the news today with a (possibly) sprained right hand and right foot. The former sustained on Wednesday enjoying the excellent Snoqualmie Pass snow, and the latter getting in on a game of indoor soccer the next day. I was dumb enough to try to slide and awkward enough to jam my foot into the darned field turf.

Player Profile: Alex Caskey

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Alex Caskey went from 47th pick in the draft, to working in the lower levels to a season where he surprsingly made the roster, and then became one of the more used wide mids on the team.

#17 - Alex Caskey
National Affiliation USA Age 24
Years Pro 2 Years Sounder 1
Position Midfielder Role Left Mid, Center Mid
MLS (+Playoff) Stats
Apps Starts Mins G A PP90
21 13 1166 1 4 0.

Player Profile: Mario Martinez

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Mario Martinez is a young phenom, full of potential. In his short career he earned two trips to the Olympics with Honduras. The chance that he can be great has him on his fourth pro side (three of those loans) since that first Olympics trip. Now, over twitter he makes it clear that he may move again (the destination changes every other week or so).

Millonarios Really Wants Fredy Montero - Plus Interview!

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This was pointed out to me over twitter on Christmas, and since it was Christmas I didn't address it. It is a story on a Colombian site that points out that Millionarios wants Fredy Montero to join them in their Copa Libertadores run. It adds on an interview with Fredy Montero.

That's huge right?

Player Profile: Steve Zakuani

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Steve Zakuani's 2012 will be remembered not for his play on the field, but for the act of returning to the field of play and his exchange of jersey's with Brian Mullan.

#19 - Steve Zakuani (Nickname: Steve Zakuani)
National Affiliation Congo DR Age 24
Years Pro 4 Years Sounder 4
Position Midfielder Role Left wing, Withdrawn Forward
MLS (+Playoff) Stats
Apps Starts Mins G A PP90
11 5 317 1 1 0.

Levy Films' Sounders documentary trailer now available to 'subscribers', feedback wanted

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Just got an email from Scott Levy, the main behind Levy Films and the upcoming Sounders documentary. He still doesn't have a release date for the film, but says he's hoping to have it finished before the start of next season. Before he finishes, though, he's looking to people such as readers of this site for some feedback and is soliciting it by making the trailer available to "subscribers.

Merry Christmas

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Only eight soccer competitions are taking place today. Of those, only six are among the top flight in their nation. One is a Cup tournament, another is a Turkish lower league. Then there is Nepal. Not so odd is that those other nations are all predominantly Muslim. Nepal isn't but they are playing today.

Univision lists two Sounders goals among Top 10 highlights of 2012

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Goals by Patrick Ianni and Fredy Montero make the cut, but maybe not quite as high as you'd expect.

Player Profile: Sammy Ochoa

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In his first year with the Seattle Sounders Sammy Ochoa was a bit out-of-shape, infrequently used and the subject of much snark online. The 2012 season started the same way, but ended differently. He is now a non-league All Star.

#20 - Sammy Ochoa (Nickname: Sammy Sounder, Whale Shark)
National Affiliation United States Age 26
Years Pro 6 Years Sounder 2
Position Forward Role Target Forward
MLS (+Playoff) Stats
Apps Starts Mins G A PP90
10 4 205 1 1 1.

Allocation Money

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The list of players traded in the past six months for Allocation Money should give you a bit of a sense of how much it can be worth: Alvaro Fernandez, Jamison Olave & Fabian Espindola, Ryan Johnson and lately maybe even Omar Cummings.

This Allocation Money can do magical things.

Allocation money does not count against a club’s salary budget and can be used:

  • To sign players new to MLS (that is, a player who did not play in MLS during the previous season).

Player Profile: Alvaro Fernandez

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Nine different pro sides called Alvaro Fernandez theirs. Uruguay, the 4th place finisher at the 2010 World Cup, used him as a midfielder and now looks to him as a wide forward in their 4-3-3. And yet, in MLS he's merely good - or according to Hot Time In Old Town awful.

#21 - Alvaro Fernandez (Nickname: Flaco)
National Affiliation Uruguay Age 27
Years Pro 8 Years Sounder 2
Position Midfielder Role Left Wing, Right Wing, CAM?

Levy Films' footage of Eddie Johnson's goal vs. Galaxy

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Here's another slice of what is promising to be an absolutely epic documentary from Levy Films about the Seattle Sounders.

Two Sounders assists among's Best of 2012

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Michael Gspurning and Brad Evans both made impressive setups against Portland, and earn mention among the best of the season.

Seattle Sounders Waiting for the Dominoes to Fall

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As we get deeper into the silly season, Sounders fans watch as the team patiently bides its time resolving the issues surrounding the team's roster.

The Sounders have been relatively passive in this year's off-season market. They've made some end of the year cuts and re-signed a couple of key defenders.

Player Profile: Servando Carrasco

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Two years into his professional career, Servando Carrasco is still best known for something that has nothing to do with his playing ability. That shouldn't overshadow the fact that he continues to show signs of being a very useful MLS player. It's probably too early to proclaim him obvious starting XI quality, but he would be right at home on any roster in the league.

Player Profile: Cordell Cato

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A speedy, young forward with youth national team experience Cato was more often used on the flanks with the Seattle Sounders. His loan goal in first team matches was in the barely seen Battle of Kezar when the Sounders plucked an Open Cup win despite tight scheduling, a poor field and a stadium with not enough bandwidth.

Arsenal Ladies boss Laura Harvey will be Seattle Reign's first head coach

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Fresh off revealing their name and logo, the Seattle Reign wasted little time in naming former Arsenal Ladies boss Laura Harvey as their first-ever head coach on Friday. While Harvey may not be a household name around these parts, she comes to Seattle with an impressive resume, winning league titles in each of her three seasons at the helm.

Major Link Soccer: MLS-USL Reserve Deal, USMNT Seattle

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The most interesting news of the week is what seems to be a development in the MLS-USL deal, which would see the USL become the reserve league. The rumor out of NASN says that each MLS club would have an affiliate in the USL, not unlike minor league baseball, with each MLS team having a nearby USL club, and vice versa.

West Ham claims 'no interest' in Osvaldo Alonso transfer, maybe loan

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Turns out concerns over losing Osvaldo Alonso may have been a bit premature. The latest word out of England is that West Ham has "no interest" in a permanent move for the Seattle Sounders midfielder, but that they could try to work out some kind of loan.

Alonso has been on what has only been deemed a one-week trial by the Sounders, but unsurprisingly it appears that West Ham has been evaluating him while he's there.

Osvaldo Alonso transfer rumor: West Ham says they are only interested in loan

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Osvaldo Alonso's training stint with the Hammers is mostly a chance for them to kick the tires, it appears.

As first revealed by The Original Winger, midfielder Osvaldo Alonso is currently training with West Ham United of the English Premier League. The Seattle Sounders confirmed that it's a one-week training session that was coordinated by the team and Alonso's agent.

Player Profile: Roger Levesque

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How often does Chelsea agree to come by for your going away party? How often will a man be able to be the hype man against his arch-rival. Roger Levesque's 2012 will not be remembered for his play on the field. Nor for a great goal celebration. Levesque's 2012 will be remembered because it powered our minds and helped remind us that sometimes this sports thing is not just about being good at the sport.

CONCACAF Champions League Quarterfinals announced, Seattle starts March 6th

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With MLS First Kick for the Sounders on Saturday March 2nd they will have a traditional Wednesday date for the first leg of the CONCACAF Champions League Quarterfinals match. At 7 PM Pacific on March 6th Seattle Sounders FC will face UNAL Tigres in Monterrey, Mexico.

Leg two will be at CenturyLink Field with a 7 PM kickoff on Tuesday March 12th.

Seattle's NWSL team will be named Seattle Reign FC

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Seattle's new women's pro soccer team has a name and it's one that should be familiar to fans of women's professional sports: Seattle Reign FC. The Reign were the last of the NWSL's eight teams to unveil their name and crest, doing so with a press release on Tuesday. Rumors had been circulating that the team was going to call itself the Sirens and that Seattle FC was also being considered.

Sounders On Pitch Ethos

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A recent FanPost laid out how ethos affects soccer teams. Several around the world take their guiding principles beyond the business offices and implement those principles in their on field decisions. It then requested that Sounder at Heart figure out what the ethos of Seattle Sounders FC is in regards to game-play.

Earning the Vote: Hanauer 2016

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Four Open Cup Finals. Four playoff appearances. Four Champions League runs. Runners-up for the Supporter's Shield.

Everything the Sounders have accomplished on the field in their first four years is remarkable. It is easy to become numb to the feats when they are a part of every day life. But this sort of success, prolonged and sustainable, just doesn't happen.

Player Profile: Bryan Meredith

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After a 2011 Premier Development League national championship with the Kitsap Pumas, Meredith earned a contract with Seattle Sounders FC, the team that drafted him out of Monmouth University. He was expected to be third-choice behind Gspurning and Weber in 2012, but a series of injuries flung him into the thick of the action in May.

Wilmer Crisanto "safe to America," Colon and others on their way?

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La Tribuna quotes Victoria President Victor Kawas as stating that Wilmer Crisanto will be coming to MLS and the Seattle Sounders. He also indicated that Jose David Velasquez Colon will be with Seattle on trial during preseason. Crisanto and Colon are both previously connected with the Sounders.

Osvaldo Alonso training with West Ham, not on trial

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As first revealed by The Original Winger, midfielder Osvaldo Alonso is currently training with West Ham United of the English Premier League. The Seattle Sounders confirmed that it's a one-week training session that was coordinated by the team and Alonso's agent. As of yet, there's no talk of this being a formal trial.

Sounders Open 2012 Against Montreal Impact On March 2nd

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The past four seasons saw the Seattle Sounders open at home and 2012 will see a repeat of that. In 2012 the Montreal Impact will make their first visit to Seattle as an MLS side when the two teams face off on March 2nd to open both teams' league play.

At this time the league has not revealed broadcast data for First Kick or the rest of the nine total matches on the opening weekend.

Player Profile: Mike Seamon

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Sometimes injuries and luck help a player get time (Meredith), in others that prevent the player from reaching his potential. For Seamon he fell into the second group. But this year he showed a bit of what he can be, which is just a bit Evans-esque.

Name: Mike Seamon SaH Nickname: GTL National Affiliation: United States
Age: 24 Years Pro: 3 Years Sounder: 3
Position: Midfieler/Defender Role: Right Mid, Center Mid, Right Back
Community Rank: 26

MLS (Playoff) Stats: 1 Sub for 50 Minutes | 0 Goals, 0 Assists (0)
Non-League Stats: 1 Start for 90 Minutes | 0 Goals, 0 Assists
Reserve League Stats: 9 Starts, 1 Sub for 834 Minutes | 1 Goal, 5 Assists for 0.

Sounders in Mobi Fehr Lottery

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When Mobi Fehr signed with MLS it was after several practices down in Portland over the Fall. The lottery to assign him to a team will take place tomorrow. The Portland Timbers have the best chance at winning (they got that by losing a lot) at 83.1%, with Seattle Sounders FC at 15.5% and the San Jose Earthquakes at 1.

Crazy as it sounds, World Cup qualifying could come to Seattle

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Ask anyone with any knowledge of the situation about why the United States seemingly avoids playing in Seattle at almost all costs and you're likely to get one of several answers:

  • It's the artificial turf, dummy: This is the most common quip and one that is an undeniable reality. Whether we agree with it or not, top national teams don't really like playing on artificial turf almost no matter what.

Major Link Soccer: NY2, VSI Tampa, Verdu, Sounders Combine & 2012 Recapped

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Expansion is always a hot topic in Major League Soccer circles. Now, it seems like Queens is going to be #20, but not so fast. Brooklyn wants the league too. No, Really. There were reports that Manchester City was awarded that precious NY2. Those reports are now denied. What wasn't denied was that the owner of Man City would be buying a team.

Player Profiles: Ford, Weber & Hahnemann

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Backup goalkeepers have the toughest job in all of soccer. It’s a thankless job predicated on the hurry-up-and-wait principle - always be physically and mentally prepared to go into the game, but don’t expect to get much playing time in competitive matches.

Of Seattle Sounders FC’s whopping five goalkeepers on the roster, three saw little to no time for various reasons.

All of the Seattle Sounders' goals in 2012

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Feel like reliving the season one goal at a time? Give this a watch.

Player Profiles: Duran and Sivebaek

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A draft pick and an international signing are the next two player profiles. Both played for other teams in 2012, but for Duran that meant a loan down to Atlanta while for Sivebaek it meant a trip back home for a league where he was a better fit.

Player Name: Andrew DuranSaH Nickname:NoonanNational Affiliation: United States
Age: 23Years Pro: 1Years Sounder:1
Position: DefenderRole: Centerback, Right Back, Left Back
Community Rank: 31

MLS (Playoff) Stats: 0 (0)
Non-League Stats: 0
Reserve League Stats: 0

After leadingthe best college defense of 2011 Duran’s stock was not very high due to injury and lack of standout skill set.

Women's League Named, Indications Seattle is Reign

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At halftime of today's United States Women's National Team match the name of the new women's league was revealed. The National Women's Soccer League will start play this spring with funding from the USSF, CSA and FMF for their top 24, 16 and 12-16 players.

The league will start with eight teams.

Sounders owner Joe Roth: Money will not get in way of winning MLS Cup

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If you're one of those Seattle Sounders fans who thinks the team's biggest failure is an unwillingness to spend big money on the best players, this may be the offseason for you.

Speaking at the End of Year Business Meeting on Friday, majority owner Joe Roth made it clear that money would be no object as the team continues the pursuit of the MLS Cup.

Player Profiles: Sodade, Tetteh and Steres

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These first player profiles are the briefest offered as there is little data upon which to judge their talents. The profile is a mix of biographical data, statistics and scouting report based on what was seen over the past 12 months. Each of these players are young, likely have futures in American pro soccer, but have holes in their game that will need playing time to develop.

More footage leaks out from upcoming Sounders documentary by Levy Films

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Still no release date is known, but here's some more potential footage from the upcoming Sounders documentary by Levy Films.

Major Link Soccer: Business Meeting Tidbits, Fluid Roster Situations

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In case you missed it, Adrian Hanauer was retained as GM of the Seattle Sounders Football Club. It wasn't even close. Other notes:

  • The Sounders fanbase sits just outside the top 25 in worldwide average attendance. If you put all the clubs into a single league, and promoted and relegated based on attendance, the Sounders would be in competition for the Premier league, or La Liga, or whichever.

Sounders Business Meeting 2012: Livethread

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The annual Seattle Sounders FC Alliance Business Meeting is upon us, and this one may be a touch more meaningful than those in the past. While previous years have included Q&A, statistics, and even kit reveals, today we will see the results of the first ever Sounders GM vote. It isn't expected to be close, but who knows how many held onto their votes to see how the playoffs went.

Adrian Hanauer Retained In 1st Ever GM Retention Vote

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In Seattle Sounders FC's first ever General Manager retention vote Adrian Hanauer will be retained as the GM of the team. The vote surpassed the minimum of 10,000 votes cast with a total votes cast of 13,775 with only 504 voting a lack of confidence for a 96.7%. The vote was verified by CPA firm Moss Adams.

Sounders re-sign defenders Hurtado and Ianni

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With the departure of Jeff Parke, the Seattle Sounders had some business to take care of. Well, the cats out of the bag and it is now official that Patrick Ianni and Jhon Kennedy Hurtado have re-signed with the Sounders. Per the team release, terms were not disclosed.

Hurtado ended last season as the second starting CB, alongside Parke.

Roster Moves Rescultping Teams In League

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Just as last week saw a flurry of activity, 12-12-12 was another busy transaction day around Major League Soccer. The cuts, trades and the signing of a coach could shift the balance of power in the league.

First up is are the Portland Timbers who lost a draft pick (or two), Allocation Money and Bendik to gain Ryan Johnson and Milos Kocic from Toronto FC.

Report: Jose David Velasquez Colon Possibly To Seattle From Victoria With Crisanto

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While MLS teams are trading players left and right the Seattle Sounders have yet to acquire a player from within the league. But there are hints being dropped in Honduras that they are now targeting two players for acquisition. The Wilmer Crisanto rumors are known, but today a Honduran twitter account relays that Victoria's President is hinting that another defender will join him in Rave Green.

2012 Sounders Community Player Rankings

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As a little offseason project we're going to let readers rank every 2012 Sounder in a single list. That includes everyone who was on the official roster at some point during the season (more or less).

The ranking widget is below. The code is a little shenanigans, so let me (sidereal) know if you have any issues and tell me what browser/OS combo you're using.

Targeting Specific Trophies: Does it work?

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It is an interesting thought. Has the Seattle Sounders success in the US Open Cup and CONCACAF Champions League and maybe even in the regular season hurt their chances in the MLS Cup Playoffs? It is not just about the minutes played by key personnel, or about non-injury based squad rotation, but also about how they use the salary cap.

Seattle Sounders Women 2013 Season Tickets on Sale Today

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Now, I know there are two women’s teams in Seattle this year. I know that money is tight for most of us, and most of us have season tickets for the Seattle Sounders FC as well, so it’s a tough decision. If you can afford it, buy season tickets for both, but if you can’t then let your conscience be your guide.

Draft Prospecting The College Cup

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I spent a delightful weekend watching the three games of this year's College Cup. In the semifinals, Maryland and Georgetown battled in a double overtime, 4-4 thriller that ended with Georgetown ultimately winning on penalty kicks. The game was epic. In the other semifinal, Indiana locked down Creighton with a solid team effort and won 1-0 in regulation.

Sounders HomeGrown Player Signing Philosophy

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The indications of a future HomeGrown Player signing are out in public. The Seattle Sounders have needs, but that will only be part of the decision making process, the larger decision point for Adrian Hanauer and his staff is whether or not the young man is ready to be a professional.

"Our overarching philosophy is that we will sign homegrowns when they are ready to be professional soccer players," Adrian Hanauer told Sounder at Hear, "but certainly if we were seven deep at centerback we might not sign a homegrown because it wouldn't be good for that player.

Major Link Soccer: College Champion Crowned, DPs Past & Present, more

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Indiana beat Georgetown in the NCAA Division One Men's Soccer tournament, but the game of the tourney was the Georgetown-Maryland semifinal. That was the news, but the bigger event may be that college coaches are hearing the national critique of their value and they are getting defensive.

Tell them to give me a call," he said of the many pundits who have predicted college soccer’s eventual irrelevance.

Adrian Hanauer On Losing Parke, Cap Situation And Complex Offseason

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When the Seattle Sounders traded Jeff Parke to the Philadelphia Union for Allocation Money and a draft pick it freed up some cap space, but not enough. While the primary reason for the trade was due to Parke's request to be closer to his family, Seattle did manage to use it and gain some advantage in this upcoming Year of the Reload (tm).

Goodbye, Sparkles. (Audio and Animated)

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AUDIO - Arlo White calls Jeff Parkes lone Sounders goal:

First Jeff Parke goal during Obama

Sounders trade Jeff Parke to Union for allocation money, draft pick

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The long rumored trade of Jeff Parke finally became official on Friday when it was announced that the Seattle Sounders sent the centerback to the Philadelphia Union in exchange for allocation money and a first-round pick in the upcoming Supplemental Draft. Parke had played more minutes than any other Sounders defender since joining the team in the middle of 2010 and was coming off what head coach Sigi Schmid called his best season.

Jeff Parke Traded To Philadelphia Union

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Philadelphia based report has Seattle Sounders sending Parke to the Union in a trade. Details are still to come.

While the details are not yet known, Jonathan Tannenwald is reporting that the Philadelphia Union acquired Jeff Parke in a trade with the Seattle Sounders.

The Union have acquired Abington, Pa.

Report: Jeff Parke Traded To Philadelphia Union

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While the details are not yet known, Jonathan Tannenwald is reporting that the Philadelphia Union acquired Jeff Parke in a trade with the Seattle Sounders.

The Union have acquired Abington, Pa., native and Drexel University product Jeff Parke via a trade with the Seattle Sounders, multiple sources confirmed Friday morning.

Major Link Soccer: Drafting, Trading, Building

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So many links this week, so let's just get this going.

Sounders brass will have a shorter flight than usual when they make their way to the Superdraft January 17. This year, instead of flying to Baltimore or Philadelphia, they only have to fly to Indianapolis. Maybe they can use the savings to lower ticket prices by one cent a piece.

Colombia's Millonarios supposedly interested in Fredy Montero

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Not quite sure what to make of this rumor, but apparently Colombian club Millonarios is trying to work out a deal for Fredy Montero. My immediate reaction to this rumor was to completely blow it off, but I guess there are some ways it could make sense.

First off, I'm not quite buying the idea that the Sounders would just transfer Montero to Millonarios.

Sounders Academies Showcased, And They're Kalamarvelous

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Last weekend the Sounders Academies participated in a big annual confab in Florida called, briefly, the Development Academy Winter Showcase And Nike International Friendlies, where a few youth national teams get together for a small tournament while a hundred or so academy teams play under the gazes of coaches and scouts.

Not much to latest Joan Verdu-to-Sounders transfer rumors

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It looks like it's time to fire up the Joan Verdu-to-Seattle Sounders transfer rumor, again. According to Inside Spanish Football, the Espanyol midfielder expects the Sounders to make another bid for him with the aim being a January transfer. That's not necessarily hard to believe, being as the Sounders have previously acknowledged an interest, but it's hard to get too excited over this rumor.

Thanks GasMan

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I'm a fan of sports radio, particularly KJR-AM Seattle. I don't really hide that fact. It is a large foundation of how I blog and why I blog. It sculpted who I am and how I approach sports.

I worked there for a couple years. Mostly with David Locke, but also for John Clayton, Mitch Levy and just about every one else that was on the station from 99-01.

Sample Offseason Demonstrating Difficulties In Improving

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From the moments following the end of year press conference with Adrian Hanauer and Sigi Schmid the site has been consumed with stating how difficult the cap is, but we have yet to offer possible solutions. Mainly, because those solutions have so many variables and some of them are not really solutions.

Sounders appear to be about $250,000 over estimated 2013 salary cap

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When Adrian Hanauer said the Seattle Sounders were feeling the salary-cap crunch during his postseason press conference, there were definitely some skeptics. Their total team salary was only the eighth highest in the league, after all. How bad could it be?

Well, we decided to run the numbers and it appears the Sounders GM was giving it to us pretty straight.

On Being A Supporter

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Not to put too fine a point on it, but your typical football (soccer) supporter is a crassly self-absorbed zealot. We speak through the veil of a love for our club and the "boys on the pitch" but in reality the bulk of our mythologies - whether grounded in real events or not - essentially amount to tales of debauchery.

Re-Entry Draft List Released: Three Sounders Available

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Major League Soccer released the list of 63 players available in the Re-Entry Draft (Noon, Friday). Three Seattle Sounders are on the list, all due to their options being declined - keeper Andrew Weber, midfielder/defender Mike Seamon and forward O'Brian White. The Sounders still hold their rights and could be re-signed by the club prior to the draft date.

Alex Morgan named U.S Soccer Female Athlete of the Year

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Sounders Women forward wins U.S. Soccer's top female accolade after scoring 28 goals and registering 19 assists.

Sounder at Heart Awards Voting - Young Player of the Year

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Many leagues give an award for the "Young Player of the Year." While the ages are different depending on the award giver (we use Olympic U23 rules), the effort is there to give a little honor towards a player (and in league awards the team) that is an up-and-comer. In 2009 the Sounder at Heart Young Player was a certain Montero, in 2010 Zakuani and in 2011 Carrasco.

Major Link Soccer: Cosmos Half A Team, Chivas (All) Fire Cruyff and more

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Those New York Cosmos t-shirts and jerseys and what-nots may be selling OK, but one thing not going so well is the idea that the team will play a full season of the NASL's 2013. Instead they will just play in the second half of the split format. Despite being relaunched in 2010 and having a non-league U23 side last summer, they don't feel they will be ready in time to play a full season.

Report: Jeff Parke Negotiating With Philadelphia Union

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Brother site, The Brotherly Game is reporting that the Philadelphia Union are trying to acquire Jeff Parke. Parke is out of contract, but the Seattle Sounders hold his right. Parke had his best year as a Sounder and likely the best of his career, but with budgets tight the near 200k salary of Parke may be a place to cut salary.

Yossi Benayoun Being Shopped To MLS Sides

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Sounder at Heart has learned through two secondary sources that Yossi Benayoun has interest in playing in Major League Soccer and that the Seattle Sounders were told of that interest. Benayoun is in the final few months of his loan to West Ham United and full contract with Chelsea. At 32 years old Benayoun meets the concept of a pre-retirement move.

MLS Cup Final Galaxy v Dynamo - Open Thread

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Unlike last year's contest, the Houston Dynamo are healthy. There is also the little David Beckham going away party thing that the LA Galaxy are trying to do. For these reasons ESPN is probably rather excited to have the match at 1:30 PM.

Houston will be powered by Will Bruin, Boniek Garcia, Brad Davis and several former Sounders.

Sounder at Heart Awards Voting - Seattle Women's Player of Year

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An intriguing question has been posed.Who is the Seattle Women’s Player of the Year?Of course there are the easy answers, such as Alex Morgan, the Baby Horse that knows how to score and assist her teammates.Megan Rapinoe, who stepped up her game in the Olympics and continues to provide excellent service to her fellow footballers.

The offseason begins: Numerous intriguing players suddenly available

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The annual MLS roster purge has begun and, as you've probably heard, the Seattle Sounders are not immune. Nothing official has yet to be released but Andrew Weber, Bryan Meredith and Cordell Cato have all indicated on Twitter that they won't be back next year.

Of those three, none are necessarily huge surprises.

Nos Audietis, Episode 78: 2012 post-mortem, plus Michael Gspurning

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With the season well in the books at this point there isn't much left to do but to pick over the carcass that was the 2012 Seattle Sounders season. It wasn't exactly a massive disappointment, but it definitely fell short of our expectations. The highlights included a trip to a fourth straight U.S.