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Match Day 2 - Tactical Analysis and Zakuani Assist Breakdown

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The other night Sounders fans were treated to a series of stellar performances. Again the stands were raucous, the crowd was an active participant. Match Day Two though saw a few things tactically that were new from Sounders FC. First we saw Steve Zakuani start on the left wing, not wide left, because he [.

Match Day 2 - From the 214 Guest Report

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This is the first of some occasional entries by my seatmates in Section 214. This one is by Doug, a fellow Starbucks partner, decade plus friend and all around good guy. Welcome to his first installment. His own username will come soon. All mistakes in editing are my own, but the [...]

Match Day Two - Morning After

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So I have some family obligations and my match analysis, goal recap and single play breakdown are going to wait until just a bit later in the day, maybe evening. There is life beyond soccer for this sounder. Quickly my thoughts are simple regarding this one. Sounders FC are the sole holders of first [.

World Cup Qualifying Weekend - Bad day for the Arabs

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While most MLS blogs that touch on the topic of how the World Cup Qualifiers will effect league play, considering that a dozen players will be missing matches, I will not. We know the problems, and the reasons for this. Quite simply it is because our nation likes soccer on the weekends and [...]

Salt Lake begins their title quest

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Real Salt Lake Founded: 2004 Home Stadium: Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy, UT Record Since 2000: 25-60-33 All Time Scorer in MLS: Jeff Cunningham (18) All Time Cups/Shields: 0 2008 Record: 10-10-10, 40 pts, 3rd in Western Conference 2008 Leading Scorer: Yura Movsisyan (7) 2008 Keeper: Nick Rimando (1.30 GAA, 8 Clean Sheets) Key Player: Kyle Beckerman, holding midfielder that can enter the box [.

The Unbalanced Schedule and the Playoffs

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There is a slight imbalance to the schedule, with each team facing two others within its Conference an extra time during the regular season. For Seattle these two opponents are the San Jose Earthquakes and CD Chivas USA. Much of the talk around MLS media and blog circles is about how the Eastern [.

Seba on Match Day One

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Sebastien Le Toux responded to an email where I asked him about his experience on Match Day One. Dave Clark: I was wondering what you thought about the atmosphere at Qwest last night? Seba: "the atmosphere was amazing, i was not expecting that. To see everybody with a scarf and singing together it give to me my [.

Why Off Ball Movement Matters

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So this might seem odd, but this is for the truly hard core soccer fans, and those that are just now giving the sport some love. How can one post satisfy both? Well, quite simply by again going where most blogs don't or won't, while providing some context that many non-soccer fans say [...]

First of Sounder At Heart Match Statistics

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I'm tracking some slightly different things than you can find in the box score, or play by play. Some of these will look unorthodox, and will take time to explain, and so the comments may need time. There will shortly be a menu bar where you can find all of this data, and [...]

Red Bull NY @ Sounders The Supporters View

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Tradition and history are hard for a young team and a young league. In Seattle there is a team that is trying to connect to a 30 plus year journey, but there are also attempts to create new history as well. The Emerald City Supporters did there part. Sometimes in connection with [...]

Reserve game features THREE starters?

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In today's Reserve Match against Concordia future starter Freddie Ljungberg played 35 minutes. Joining him as likely regular starters Steve Zakuani and Jeff Parke. Yes, THAT Jeff Parke. Gaschk's Blog has full details. Earlier today I caught up via email with Steve Zakuani about last night. I was wondering what you thought about the atmosphere at [.

Kevin Calabro - Voice of Sounders FC

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If you were wondering what KC would be like on radio, wonder no longer. Small stumbling and hesitancy, but for a first time, I am again more than pleased. From Green and Gold to Rave Green and Blue.

Last Night Our History Became Legend

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To borrow from the impressive five section TIFO from the Emerald City Supporters, last night the latest chapter in the Seattle Sounders legend started. It started with a March on the Match, the pre-game celebration, an enormous crowd that Harkes considered on par with Europe, but most importantly a THREE - NIL victory over [.


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Wear the Rave Green. Wear the Blue. Wear your pin, and speak with pride. Today, our fair city, our great region reenters the top flight of US soccer. Today, an energy drink company will wind up tired and frustrated. Today, there is a new beginning. One of my group is bringing a radio [...]

Some traditions to start, others just continue

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With tomorrow's game we will get to start a few new traditions, and others we will continue from our city's past. A band and a supporters's group will lead a march on the stadium, this is new and old at the same time. They leave Occidental Park at 4:30 and continue the four [...]

Rave Green St. Patrick’s Day

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On this St. Patrick's Day, you better have worn the Rave Green. That scarf made it easy, and the weather made it necessary. First, you may have seen Jose's projected lineups, I have a slight addition/adjustment to what he's done. That would be that Zakuani if a starter will be on the left. Whichever of [.

Its Called Football - MLS Season Preview

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I'm not linking this because I was featured, it was going to be a part of my weekly listening and reading regardless, but I had the great opportunity to fill in with a brief (15 minutes or so) preview of Sounders FC. Duane is one of the top Canadian bloggers and is part of [...]

What is a Soccer Specific Stadium?

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One of the constant criticisms of Seattle Sounders is that they do not play in a Soccer Specific Stadium. Which begs the question, what is a SSS? For me, it is simply a stadium designed with soccer in mind (hosting about 50% of all sporting events as soccer), with a low crown, with a full [...]

New York Red Bull preview

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New York Red Bulls Founded: 1995 as New York/New Jersey MetorStars Home Stadium: Giants Stadium (Red Bull Arena to Open in 2010) Record Since 2000: 106-111-62 All Time Scorer in MLS: Giovanni Savarese (41) All Time Cups/Shields: 0 2008 Record: 10-11-9, 39 pts, 5th in East, Western Conference Playoff Champions 2008 Leading Scorer: Juan Pablo Angel (14) 2008 Keeper: Jeff Conway (1.

Scarf Seattle to Return and More

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If you don't have a scarf yet (which would be foolish) Scarf Seattle is about to return. Head to Ballard and Madison Park on Friday to see the scarfing in action. This will give you the opportunity to Wear Your Scarf to Work on Friday. Wear your colors with pride. I [...]

Bring Your Scarves to Work

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Now that you have your season ticket scarf, or you grabbed one from, or you were one of the 10s of thousands that bought or were gifted one, or if you have an ECS scarf or USL-Sounders scarf there is one simple thing to do. Wear IT! Specifically this Friday, and again on gameday [.

Another Reason for Optimism Concerning Freddie Ljungberg

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You may recall that back when the panic started concerning Freddie Ljungberg's hip labrum surgery I decided to do a tiny bit of research concerning the Doctor and his history with the procedure. Well today we get to find out that the richest baseball team in the world, and their absolute richest player will also be [.

Site News; a meta thread

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So you may have noticed that both the schedule page and roster pages up top have gotten some serious and needed updates today. That's just part of what is going to be happening over the next two weeks though. In light of some personal issues I have to cut back on posting a bit, and [...]

Mike Fucito - chasing his dreams 15,000 miles

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Sometimes dreams come true, but it often takes grit and fight and maybe just a little bit of luck. In one of my first conversations with Mike he told me "I always wanted to be a professional soccer player." That dream last November took a plunge when he had a significant hamstring injury, [...]

Initial MLSPA Salary Review

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So the first of the many releases of salary data for MLS players just came out, and it contains some intriguing data. While MLS hasn't announced what the salary cap is, we have learned that the minimum salary went up 3%, and that Developmental Salaries are up to a better 20,100 than last season's [.

Does NASL success translate to MLS success?

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Just today I was asked a series of questions related to the "sleeping giant" awakening here in the great Puget Sound, about how Sounders FC has managed to sell so many seats in this economy, and whether the NASL had anything to do with it. Here is the section from me, taken entirely out of context [.

David Does Doha

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Sometimes there are odd little intersections between my previous life as an Arabic Linguist in the US Army, and my current lives of coffee and/or soccer. It always brings a small smile to my face. Well this week, we get to see THE David Beckham travel with AC Milan to Doha, Qatar and face my [...]