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David Does Doha

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Sometimes there are odd little intersections between my previous life as an Arabic Linguist in the US Army, and my current lives of coffee and/or soccer. It always brings a small smile to my face. Well this week, we get to see THE David Beckham travel with AC Milan to Doha, Qatar and face my [...]

Scheduling the US Open Cup

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The first round of Qualification/Play-in matches have been announced, except for the small detail concerning the Sounders v Real Salt Lake. Today we are going to take a look at possible dates for the Sounders v Real, and if Seattle can host Round One. First the current schedule Winning this in year one would be amazing, [.

No time like the present!

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Twenty Thousand season ticket holders and equivalents. Sure seems like a lot, right? Sigi Schmid doesn't think it is enough. He has lofty goals, and they go well beyond the original 24,500 seats announced. They go beyond the 27,000 that has been hinted at for the opener against Red Bull New York on [.

Rave Green Griffey?

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So in listening to today's Ken Griffey Jr. Press Conference I started to ponder, "what would it take for Sounders FC to have a Griffey?" It isn't that soccer can't have a transformative figure, one with which entire communities identify, for we have seen it in other less than top tier sports. Tiger Woods being [.

Ljungberg out until mid-April?

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Well, while that was just a short time ago, now things are very different. In reading Jose Romero's Q&A with Nate Sturgis today I read some disturbing news. Midfielder Freddie Ljungberg is in Sweden rehabilitating from hip surgery, and he and midfielder Peter Vagenas are on track with their recoveries to take the field for Seattle in [.

Tickets to Sounders FC to Chelsea

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There was a rather big announcement that season ticket-holders get to see Chelsea for a very reasonable price, of basically the price of their standard season ticket. That's huge. This also means that the best seats in the stadium will be for fans of Seattle Sounders FC and Major League Soccer. Qwest [.

Competing for 3 Developmental Slots

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There are now 33 players in camp or with MLS rights held by Seattle Sounders FC. Most of those are competing for a Senior Roster slot, one of 20. All players currently under contract EXCEPT Steve Zakuani are currently slotted as Seniors and can not be Developmental Players. So from the list of guys [.

Peak Age for Goalscoring in MLS

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So in efforts to get a better idea of the talent level in MLS and reasonable expectations for player development I thought to look into peak age. Peak age I am first aware of from baseball, where Bill James said that peak performance was most likely at age 26-28, rather than 28-32 as the [...]

Exclusive: New Player in Camp Friday

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Come Friday the offense will get another spark, as Mike Fucito M/F out of Harvard and #46 pick in the draft will join the team. Mike has been recovering from a hamstring injury that saw his stock in the draft shoot down from where a 2nd team All American is typically drafted (top 20ish). I [...]

Beckham to Milan - Permanent move agreed?

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By way of SkySport24 is reporting that "the two clubs have reached an agreement to complete the move." I say again REACHED AN AGREEMENT. It must be better than that idiotic 3M$ offer. Certainly MLS was used in this, but they better use AC Milan and David Beckham as well. Word was that AC Milan and [.

Kasey Keller vs. The Math

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As I had indicated on a recent gameblog at I thought I would look at the numbers that we could expect from Keller in his first MLS season, and how much influence the defense would have on it. There's going to be some heavy lifting after the break, as I'm confused as to which stats [.

Saturday Night Sports Theater

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Now for something that I may continue as a regular feature, or if you have learned by now semi-regular. I've had a lazy day arguing the difference in quality between the USL and MLS, posting a bit here, but now for some entertainment. A Goal Celebration worth remembering Hattip on that to Kenn From the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, [.

Lessons from California Training Camp

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After four matches in which Seattle Sounders FC went 3-1-0 (W-L-D) against two MLS, one PDL and one Chinese team, what is it that we know about the new Rave Green Club and its players? Fact - This offense is good. Even without the drubbing of the Ventura Fusion Seattle scored 7 in three matches. [..

Basics of Formation and Tactics - A Q&A

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A few readers have indicated that they are interested in following Seattle Sounders FC but do not really understand the beauty of the beautiful game. They still think along the lines of a group of kids all chasing the ball in a large mass like insects. Things like 4-4-2, or 4-4-1-1, or 2-3-3-2 don't make [.

Six halves have passed

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Here's a look at who has the most appearances, and in what role. 3-1 over LA Galaxy 2-0 over Shandong Leueng 6-1 over Ventura Fusion Some of these are pending some clarification. Keepers Keller - 1 Eylander - 3 Dragovan - 1 Guppy -1 Defenders Sturgis - LB, RB Wahl - 2 CB Graham - 2 CB Riley - 2 RB Scott - 2 LB Jackson - 2 CB Danso - 2 [.

First Expansion Draftee Traded - Khano Smith

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From the Seattle Times FLASH Khano Smith update: According to the Bermuda Royal Gazette newspaper, Smith, a Sounders FC midfielder, is leaving the team in California tonight to fly to New York for a physical with the Red Bulls Wednesday. Stay tuned for more on this impending trade. Ives had rumor of this earlier.

Zakuani gets birthday present from Galaxy in 3-1 win

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Romero wins the horse race getting his game story up first. For me the note is the outside speed of Zakuani creating in the box and drawing a penalty. Fredy Montero converts. Zakuani started at Left Wing of a 4-4-2. The main surprise is reading that Sturgis started at left back. Brad Evans seems to be Ljungberg [.

Steve Zakuani Reaches Two Milestones

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Matt Gaschk at has a short video of Zakuani up from yesterday. I post it today in honor of Steve's crossing two milestones. -his first full MLS game, a pre-season against the LA Galaxy @3PM -his reaching legal drinking age in the USA; Happy Birthday Steve More on Steve from my own interview with him earlier.

Grassroots Urban SSFC Apparel

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Well, if you were dissatisfied with the new Sounders FC proshop there are now other options for SSFC inspired apparel. It is real, and here from Joel and his crew at They even got the beanie I've been wanting. My favorite shirt might be the thermal, as its been cold lately. The have other items, so [.

Jackson to Start Against Galaxy in Scrimmage?

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Jose Romero just put up his prognostication of the starting formation and players in the first ever game for Seattle Sounders FC. Its a 4-3-3, and Danny Jackson is listed as likely to be starting alongside his USL partner. Expect a lot of substitutions. It is notable that Zakuani will not be starting on [.

Platini wants to break UEFA so he can fix it

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Michel Platini, the UEFA President, wants some dramatic changes in the rules governing club competitions in Europe (which includes Israel, Faroe Islands and some Central Asian nations). Oddly, he can not effect league play directly, but on the Champions League and Europa Cup. His wish though would be that if he implements changes in the [.

MLS Away Wins Determine Playoffs

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I was recently asked if Seattle Sounders FC could make the playoffs in year one. Which considering that there are 15 teams in the league, as asking "Will this expansion team be an average team in the league?" That question isn't that hard to answer. For me, the goal is to win 7 or [...]

MLS Don’t Let Beckham and AC Milan use you

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Respond by using them. Not just for a transfer fee, but to continue to build the sport within the traditional sports media. The Sun in England is reporting that the fee being discussed is in the 10 Million dollar range, and that's a great start. But MLS needs more than money and [...]

Sounders FC and MLS Primer

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Seattle Sounders FC and our great Puget Sound are joining Major League Soccer. There are some unique rules and regulations that both make MLS uniquiely American, and yet in ways still keeps to its European roots. I intend this peice to be an introduction to the league, its unique rules, its teams and [.

World Cup Qualifiers - Three Ways

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The United States has made the Hexagonal Round of World Cup Qualifying and quite simply has to be a top 3 team, a 4th place finish and a play-in round would be completely unacceptable. On Feb 11th the USA faces CONCACAF rival Mexico in Columbus. Unless you were very lucky you won't be [...]

Weaver Returns to America

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Damn! Damn! Damn! Ives has Cam Weaver about to wear the Amway motif for San Jose. I'm bitter in some ways, as he was one that I really wanted to return. Hope the passion of the South Bay is enough for him, at least he gets to come to Seattle twice next year.

Mike Fucito not just a Harvard student

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If you listened to my radio interview with Jason Churchill you found out that a particular player who has yet to be with the club was listed as maybe joining Sounders FC down in Oxnard. Well, it seems like that is still a week from happening, at least according to Mike Fucito Harvard student [...]

Prospect Insider Radio - News of a training camp possibility

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So I had the opportunity today due to taking a vacation of joining Jason Churchill of Prospect Insider and 206Ball for a little soccer talk on the internet radio. You can give it a listen on a player here after the break. In other news the beta version of launched today, and [...]

Super Bowl and Super Search

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This will be my last post of the day. I have to watch the Super Bowl, it is like a holiday for me, full of friends and food and beverage. The game is just the excuse. Steve Zakuani will be watching today. Something he started once he came to the States. Sigi Schmid will [...]