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Shedule Released - advantage Seattle

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There is so much more I could write about today, but I will focus on the little bit of joy in the new Major League Soccer schedule. There are some great nuggets for the soccer fan hidden in here. First, we open the entire season, we already knew this, but still I can't wait for [...]

Hanauer “Don’t read anything into it.”

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Really? Don't read anything into the Chairman of a English League Championship club showing up less than 24 hours before a game in England but at a charity event in Fremont? Seriously? You don't think that we'd look at that roster. Adrian, you don't think we would notice that a young American defender hasn't been playing recently.

Steve Zakuani - 6 days a Sounder

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For fans of other sports and other leagues they might be in for a surprise about the rather approachable and friendly nature of a Major League Soccer player, and particularly of Seattle Sounders FC. This willingness to talk enabled me to catch-up over the phone with Steve Zakuani after a dinner with several of his teammates.

Same old Galaxy, same old failures

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Super Clubs aren't built on pretty boys, and they aren't built on goals scored. Quite simply, the Super Clubs around the worlds leagues are built on consistent winning. I'm starting to think that the problem in Los Angeles was not Alexi Lalas, but instead the higher ups like Anschutz. You see after the Galaxy [.

Lies, damned lies and statistical lies

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A few weeks ago I took a look at CONCACAF Coefficients as worked out by Hexaganol blog. This was my basis for ranking MLS in the 20-25 range in the world, as I tried to judge the performance of MLS clubs in SuperLiga (not included in Hexaganol's work) and the performance of CONCACAF teams [...]

Supporter’s Groups - more than emotional support

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In my previous story on how supporter's groups can influence the level of talent signing to the league as well as fan interest I failed to cover a major factor. This factor also relates to expansion and the American/Canadian desire to see top-flight soccer in their home nation. This factor is again how atmosphere/fan passion [.

The real question is WHY DON’T YOU HAVE TICKETS YET?

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Borrowed from the ECS boards Sounders FC Season Ticket Offer We just had lunch with Joe Roth and he thinks we are gonna have an empty GA we are doing an offer to fill the section up. Take advantage boys/girls before soccer moms jump in!! When: January 21,22,23 How: Call your account rep or ECS's account rep Eugenio [.

Chelsea to play at Qwest and Training Camp news

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1st the BIG news Seattle Sounders FC will host Chelsea FC of the Premiership. This according to Prost Amerika. This has long been rumored but it looks like Mr. Clare found enough data he's going with it. It may be a friendly, but it will be an enormous crowd at Qwest, dominated by the [...]

Dax McCarty want out of FC Dallas

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Buzz Carrick has learned that Dax McCarty wants out of Dallas, but it seems that there isn't much interest. Dax has played on the U-20 and U-23 US National Teams. A midfielder that has been deployed in a holding role. He was named to the Best XI by CONCACAF's technical study group after Olympic [..

Expanding Major League Soccer Now

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This relates to my previous posts on the level of available talent (Internationals and CONCACAFs) that MLS ignores in order to keep costs down, as well as my post on what MLS can be in 5 years. You see Major League Soccer is currently accepting bids for its two team expansion for 2011. There are [..

MLS Draft Talk Saturday on KJR

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Dick Fain will be having Matt Gaschk on for a segment today to chat about the results of the Super Draft. No word yet as to what time they will do their little chat. Fain in the past was kind enough to give me 10 minutes to talk about how he will approach MLS in [...]

And now for something a little different

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Non-soccer, obviously. But just another reason why SSFC should have more stuff up on YouTube (or other player) concerning their players, the Sound Wave and the Alliance. Let us share and the World WILL WATCH!

Super Draft Results - Wingers and Wingbacks!

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My full draft peice was picked up by ProstAmerika. You can read it here. Quotes from General Manager Adrian Hanauer, a coach at the Combine, the coach of Harvard and covering all four players - Zakuani, Brown, Karkas, and Fucito. Also a nice little teaser of things to come, probably the long term carrots of Montero and [.

Quic thoughts on the Super Draft

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I will have full thoughts late, but for now and quickly. Seattle got two first round talents today (Steve Zakuani and Evan Brown), and made a gutsy pick of a guy who might have been first round quality if healthy in Michael Fucito. It is also notable that both defensive players are Seniors, which should [.

Draft Update

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I received an email and had a breif phone conversation this morning with my previous source. He wanted to be clear that this projected top 5 is pending several deals likely going down and mentioned "wheeling and dealing." Here's his top 5 1. O'Brien White, Connecticut, Forward 2. Sam Cronin, Wake Forest, Midfield 3.

Live Interview from the MLS SuperDraft Combine

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The MLS Combine has a few media members at it, sometimes giving conflicting reports. One has Zakuani being a wing player that shows promise and the other says that he only showed flashes and looked tired. With some conflicting media reports, and some foresight I managed to corral a North American professional soccer coach who is [.

Does 1 + 1 = 2; or is Ezra Hendrickson on staff

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Read this story by Jose Romero at and you read the following; Interesting tidbit of the day: Hanauer said he has his full crew of staff and coaches at the combine, and that includes the person the club is looking to hire as the final member of the coaching staff. Hanauer wouldn't say who that [.

A good idea lost in a Galaxy of idiocy

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So MLS had a good idea once. Really and truly a good idea for a tourney between teams around the Pacific Rim. A little one weekend thing with just two games for each of the four participants. The Pan-Pacific Championship had two MLS clubs in it first year. One an actual champion, the [...]

For the Fans and For the Players Supporter’s Groups Matter

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Soccer/Football/Futbol is different from most professional sports in America. Most clubs don't have cheerleaders, they don't need public address announcers or reader boards telling fans when to clap their hands. Ideally, they don't even need a marching band. In Seattle's case we are going to have the Sound Wave, but we will [.

Building a Cup Winner

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Quite simply it happens by accepting change, by finding the players that you value more than the other General Managers. It happens by admitting that you may have made a mistake, and recovering from it. Today we have learned that Hanauer might be looking at dealing of talent, and possibly draft picks.

MLS SuperDraft History Snapshot

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The draft is next week and the once top heavy draft with four players that could go number has lost some of its luster as Ike Opara stayed in school and it is nearly certain that Marcus Tracy goes to Europe rather than stays home. Part of this is due to the nature of the Generation [...]

Let’s get on that Magic Mic and Ride

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Our play-by-play man is going to have a full-time Monday through Friday job right here in Seattle. 710 ESPN Seattle is going to have Kevin Calabro on the air talking sports. Sure he's only one host, but he's a huge name. Romero had it at the Times. Here's the blog entry at The Sportscape in the Puget [.

Eylander announced - Rumors abound

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Its a notes column! Ok, Not quite, but there was some activity from Sounders FC today. 1st, as we all suspected from back on the 22nd of December, Chris Eylander is the second keeper. The Examiner has the story. This is the man who at one point held the record for most shutouts [...]

Statistics in Soccer don’t matter?

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They do at Leeds, and most of the Premiership and at TFC here in MLS. Check this video out and see just what the top flight teams are able to discover about their players and their opponents. With a system like this statisticians and sabermetric types could actually answer the questions about which players are [.

How to deal with the snow?

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As it snows at my house again, I start to worry about work. Sure, the forecast says that I will be fine and there will be no snow tomorrow. As I cruised the net, I found the following great video. Its the Blue Scholars, and so may offend some due to language (PG-13 probably). [...]

From coach to video star (Examiner Interview)

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The Examiner has a great interview with the star of the Sounders Super Search commercial. I just like the gritty nature of the film technique as well as the way that the incorporate some of our landmarks, while also a hint of comedy.

Bring ‘em back home

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I have already shown that MLS is missing about about two full teams worth of players just from its inability to adequately scout and sign vast swaths of the planet, in this case primarily Brazil, but also Asia and the Arab world. But the fact is that there is a wealth of talent that would be [...]

The Transfer Window is Now Open

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Oh, and Happy New Year! Well, not only should we be keeping track of the rare "Frees" but the fact is that the Transfer Window is open. While most FAs will recognize that it closes on January 31st, England (maybe others) will keep it open until 2 February. One of the key teams to watch for [...]