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Premiership Centerback Available?

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Calum Davenport, former Spur and current pouty Hammer, is on the outs. It sounds as if Zola wants to get something, but what kind of market is there going to be for a player with a broken neck a year ago and an attitude problem now. Davenport played U-17, U-19, U-20 for the English Men's [...]

Keepers Coach Announced

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I have little to add, except that I think this guarantees that Eylander will be brought up to the MLS squad. Tom Dutra, formerly of USL Sounders and trainer of Keller Sounders FC Seattle Times New Tribune GoalSeattle Forums WeAreECS Forums So far two players, two coaches, a GM and several front office types have made the move from the USL to [.

Mapping MLS for deficiency in international signings

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First, there is a wicked cool website out there that has a map of MLS, USL-1 and USL-2 on it. It does a great job of showing where the teams are, and where they aren't. Secondly, there is this handy map from concerning where the players are from, it does not include three of [...]

How good is MLS?

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Recently in a Seattle Times comments discussion the question of how good MLS is and why players don't seem to want to come here to the USA in their prime. Simply, it isn't just about money, but also about the overall quality of the league. Currently, it is difficult to rank MLS in comparison to other leagues [.

Brief Film Interlude

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This isn't soccer, but if you like coffee &/or film its worth a look.   A friend recently enjoyed some of our beautiful Ethiopia Sun-Dried Sidamo, but in this case out in Japan, by way of his sister. He filmed it in the style of the TV show Dexter's introduction. I like the technique, and I enjoy the coffee [.

Searching for the Free

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This is my first project for you the readers. I'm going to start it off, but this will take effort from more than just myself. Quite simply what we have here is a quest to find those players who will be available on Free Transfers this January. These are the guys who could be [...]

MLS Worldwide - And let’s raise a glass for Schmetzer!

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You have likely seen the announcement that MLS, SoccerUnitedMarketing and ESPN sold the international rights for MLS to MP & SILVA for "Eight Figures." I'm going to assume that they aren't counting pennies and that would mean that the league gets an extra 10 Million+ dollars. In essence the new deal is like [.

What can MLS be in five years?

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I've been toying around with this idea for a while. There are so many directions that one could go, particularly with the economic issues of the nation and world, but also due to the fact that MLS is still in its growth phase and due to its relative cheap entry cost is being pursued [...]

Risk/Reward decision - Freddie has surgery

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Back when Freddie was signed I said that it was a risk/reward decision. The risk was entirely concerning health, particularly the hip/hamstring issue. The reward would be a high impact player with the potential for a 10/10 season who could be the face of the franchise. Today, many are taking the news of hip [.

Pea Soup for the Snowbound Soul

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Hell Sounders, You know, at some point we might have to break out an orange ball and play some games at Qwest. It would mean that we were in the CONCACAF Champions League, but really, that's where we want to get right? My local update is that the Maplewood area of Renton got about 2″, whereas [.

Kick out the Jams, let’s kick ‘em out!

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As promised, my discussion with members of the Sounders FC band - the Sound Wave. Some don't like it, though I'm still in the I enjoy it a bit but let's see it on game day. Because to me, that's what matters most. Everything else, from my calls for Rave Green = Green to [...]

Sigi Schmid Fan Conference

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I like the way this team thinks. We the fans are a part of it, it is truly our team. It is a team that has valued the passion that we have for our region, that tries to connect in ways that most American teams either don't or can't. Tonight the fan conference was [...]

Sidi, Sini, Sigi

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We thought We sinned We signed I don't want to get into the silliness of that twist on Vini, Vidi, Vici, but the fact is Sounders FC is doing this right, and they continue to do it in a way that keeps the fans involved. Sure, the club committed some kind of violation. That's actually OK in my [...]

Bits and Pieces

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So its been a while, but let's look at some Sounders FC news for the week. Which is really just Sigi, Sigi, Sigi, Sigi, Sigi, Sigi; you get the picture. It seems quite likely that Seattle Sounders FC crossed the line but were willing to settle "out of court" rather than both teams taking it [...]

Ever want to listen to Hanauer on Radio?

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Well, you can get your chance, as long as you are live in Houston, or have access to the Internet. Dropped in Glenn Davis' blurb on the Euro CL is a note on his upcoming guests on "Dynamo All Access." *BOB BRADLEY ON DYNAMO ALL ACCESS WITH GLENN DAVIS Note the time, 7-9 p this Wednesday. Additional guests [.

Cascadia Cup - A new vision

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While most fans of the 3 USL-1 teams that participated in the Cascadia Cup hope to not see it return until all three teams are in MLS and base the winner of the Cup off of clubs' performance in the regular season, I wonder if there is a way that the Cup could continue as [...]

All I want for Christmas

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With the Sounders FC fashion show over, and the Holidays upon I'll tell you what I want. First, i want my pint from from our A-Listers bet. Or it can wait until we meet up for a match or some other team event. My favorite item in the team gear would be the Shale Training [...]

Sounders FC creating a buzz

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Seattle Sports aren't doing to well, and Sounders FC is when the world's top team blog starts talking soccer USSMariner has a poll up, as well as some anecdotes about the excitement SSFC is creating around the city. This is a website that had one of their authors finish second in a national scholarship competition, which [.

I win you, please

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So I recently discovered that many of you didn't know that I am running for the Sounders FC Membership Council. I quite simply see the role of the council as a place where fans have a voice, a method to open up the team to non-traditional marketing (I call this soccer evangelism), and to [...]

Sigi talks - still no answer

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You can find the conversation here. The Dynamo are very close to getting their stadium deal financed. It would be next to Minute Maid Park in downtown. The sticking point is 10M$ from the County, which the city has pledged to match. The rest of the construction costs would be born by AEG [...]