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Ljungberg Critiqued, this time the “age old” question

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Earlier I covered the concern over Ljungberg's good lucks, and the legitimate concern over his health. As the rumors seem more and more likely to be true, it also seems equally likely that Freddie will be one of the team's Designated Players - yes I'm still hoping for another. The latest batch in the criticism [.

Puget Sound SportScape: Seattle Mariners

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The Puget Sound SportScape is intended to be a series of stories about the changing dynamics of the sports entertainment dollar in the Greater Puget Sound. After several decades as a three sport town, our landscape is changing. Sports fans are losing the Sonics, gaining Sounders FC, the economy at best isn't great.

5-3-2 (non-soccer)

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As the Sounders FC world waits to see what 4-7 players will be announced prior to the expansion draft, and I wait on my editor to get back to me regarding my recent interview of Bob Aylward, the Seattle Mariners Executive Vice-President of Business Operations I thought I would bring you a little bit of [.

Rumors hot and heavy this week

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Ljungberg, obviously is the heavy. With two separate sites and two separate sources. I've written much lately. Freddy Montero is another quality player rumored to be coming to the Rave Green kits next year. GoalSeattle had it on October 12th. Today we find out that via another Spanish language site that this [.

Ljungberg potential signing critiqued, but why?

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There is bound to be backlash at literally ANY Designated Players signing, but I'm a bit surprised at the amount that the possibilities of Freddie Ljungberg and the response around the net. This concern is both genuine and concerning. The genuine concern is over his health, because there are serious questions about it, questions that [.

Dreams of a Single Table are Really a Nightmare

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So many euro footie fans express desires for the mythical single table (Setting the Table shows the league as if it were). They like how the standings would look, they would be simple and remind everyone of the EPL, etc. These dreams of a single table are generally expressed by the same people [...

From the Sound to the Shores (non-soccer)

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If you've been missing my posts for a week is because I spent a weekend out in Ocean Shores, the aspiring Atlantic City of the West. My mother-in law and I are shortly ready to get to work on our Sounders FC quilt For those looking for soccer only, this post ends now I also went to an [...]

Global Financial Crisis may have a soccer impact

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This is two fold really, the first is that UEFA is coming out and supporting salary caps in its leagues in order to contain costs. Think of how many 4th Forwards on top European clubs might come available in MLS if this kind of move is undertaken. There is also major indebtedness around Europe and [.

Its a World Cup Qualifier weekend

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While like everyone who reads this blog I will be paying attention to the USA hosting Cuba and likely locking in our advancement to the next round, I will be doing something just a bit different today as well. I will be watching matches looking for those players who could make an impact in MLS within [.

How inBev owning Budweiser can help SSFC

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I pulled this in from a sidebar posting because I wanted to be able to get feedback. Let's be honest, the beer selection at Qwest isn't the best due to the exclusive nature of the Budweiser relationship with First and Goal, or the NFL. But the inBev purchase of Budweiser might help us here in the [.

Prince Henry Fabulous He (Henry Transfer Rumor thread)

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It started with British tabloids like the Sun with their rumoring of 150,000 Pounds a week, or about 12 Million Dollars a year. We all scoffed, and yet still our hearts got a little flutter of hope. Seattle is being connected with one of the top 20 players in the game. A [...]

Ljungberg as Becks and which 6 more?

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Well, GoalSeattle's teaser about Freddie Ljungberg of Swedish National Team and Arsenal fame just blew up onto the net big time. Ives has a second source. So the talks are likely. Maybe the ability to transfer on a "free" is part of way Freddie hasn't played so far this year? Is it possible [...]