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What To Do With Fernando Torres?

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As every football fan knows, Fernando Torres has not nearly lived up to Chelsea's expectations after signing him in January of 2011. For £50 million, Chelsea was expecting the world from Torres. After a fantastic career at Liverpool, the Spaniard's time at Chelsea has been completely different.

Who’s Going to Win FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil?

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The current international break has brought my attention to the upcoming World Cup in Brazil. So far the front runners are Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Germany. It is certainly a chance for the world to see some of the finest footballing talent that there has been for a long time with the likes of Messi, Ronaldo and the wonderful Spanish team that just keeps on giving.

January Transfer Window: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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So, with the end to another eventful January transfer window, who really came out on top with the best bargains? And more controversially, who came out of it looking weaker than ever?

The biggest spenders in the transfer window were QPR, Newcastle and Liverpool. It was expected that QPR would have a big spend with them being rock-bottom in the Premier League.