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FIFA Elections — Why Blatter Will Win

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The presidency of football's governing body FIFA is set to contested on June 1st, with current supremo Sepp Blatter being challenged by Asian Football Confederation (AFC) chief Mohammed Bin Hammam. With controversies, accusations and scandal in the world game over the last year, who is the right man to bring dignity back into the sport and lead the the organisational committee forward?

Chuck Blazer Tattles on Jack Warner And Bin Hammam To FIFA

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Sepp Blatter

If you're like me, I turned on the TV Wednesday to watch the news and then turned on my laptop to see what was going on through Twitter. All of a sudden a shocking tweet came across my eyes as I never thought the moment would happen. The General Secretary of CONCACAF Chuck Blazer became a whistle blower for the just re-elected president Jack Warner, two Caribbean Football Union members and Sepp Blatter's challenger for FIFA's Presidency AFC President Mohamed Bin Hammam.