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World Cup Buzz Ultimate 23 Man Selection

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World Cup Buzz podcast host Richard Farley, along with co-commentators the Gaffer, Laurence McKenna, and Kartik Krishnaiyer selected their ultimate 23 man World Cup squad.

Only one England player made the ultimate 23: Left Back Ashley Cole who received the votes of both Krishnaiyer and McKenna.

2010 World Cup Final Becomes The Most Watched Soccer Match In U.S. History

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ESPN's torrential onslaught of World Cup coverage seems to have been vindicated as 24.3 million Americans tuned in to either ABC or Univision to watch the 2010 World Cup final between Spain and the Netherlands.

According to overnight estimates from the Nielson corporation, 15.5 million viewers tuned into the English broadcast on ABC with an 8.

Farewell Paul “The Psychic” Octopus…

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A well deserved retirement

The world of football has shed a collective tear today, after it was revealed that Paul the octopus, from Germany, is ready for the quiet life, by retiring from the psychic business. Paul the psychic octopus has become as much a talking point in some countries as vuvuzelas, and his incredible predicting abilities have made him not only loved by many, but also severely hated by millions of people.

Spain Deserved World Champions After Scrappy Final

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It was hardly a spectacle to behold and failed to embody what some of us call "the beautiful game", but it was a finale to the World Cup nonetheless and happily served up talking points. The resounding feeling from football fans worldwide must be a sense of loss, regardless of the final outcome.

World Cup 2010, Spain-Netherlands Review: World Cup Buzz Podcast

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Spain has won their first world title, a 116th minute goal from Andres Iniesta giving the European Champions the 2010 World Cup with a 1-0 victory over the Netherlands. It was a match defined by missed opportunities and aggressive play, with the Dutch taking their new-found pragmatism to unexpected levels.

Spain Beats Netherlands 1-0 to Win First World Cup: In Pictures

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It was a long and tense World Cup Final. Spain kept on creating chances up front and rifling shots after shots at the Netherlands, but the Dutch kept the Spaniards out of the game until late in extra time. It only seemed like a matter of time before Spain would score, and score they did with a well-taken goal by Andres Iniesta.

World Cup Final Pitch Intruder: In Pictures

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FIFA dodged a massive security threat Sunday night after the World Cup Final when a man ran across the pitch and attempted to put a hat on the World Cup trophy.

The pitch intruder was detained by security officers and whisked away. However, this raises questions about stadium security.

How Will You Be Experiencing the World Cup Final Today?

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Wherever you live in the world, how will you be experiencing the World Cup Final today? Will you be watching it at home? And if so, have you prepared anything special for the game such as beers, food or rituals such as watching World Cup games before the final kicks off.

For me, I'll be spending the morning with my family before heading to Wowies in Boca Raton this afternoon.

Key Player Battles Will Decide Holland vs Spain

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Soccer City on Sunday evening will see the showdown of two of the most in form teams in World Football over the past two years. The Netherlands boast the superior form record that stretches back to September 2008 and sees them unbeaten in 25 matches. The Spanish are not far behind, and all but for two losses against the United States at last years Confederations Cup and against Switzerland at this years World Cup respectively, they would be unbeaten like their Dutch counterparts.

England Launches New Home Jersey To Mark a New Era

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Times have gotten so bad for England and the Football Association that they've launched a new England home jersey that features, for the first time, sponsorship on the front of the shirt.

The Football Association is in such deep financial trouble that they had to resort to not one, but three different sponsors to buy space on the front of the jersey.

Platini Collapses at World Cup After Suspected Heart Attack

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Michel Platini has been rushed to the hospital in South Africa after a suspected heart attack forced him to keel over while having dinner with guests including Gerard Houllier and Andy Roxborough.

According to reports from The Guardian, Platini was understood to be conscious.

Paul The Octopus Tips Spain For World Cup Title

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The most famous cephalopod in the world has made his prediction for Sunday's World Cup Final clash between the Netherlands and Spain. Paul the octopus, who correctly predicted all six of Germany's results during the World Cup, thinks Spain will win their first trophy on Sunday while Germany will claim the bronze for a second consecutive tournament.

Wrapped Up: World Cup 2010: The Semi Finals

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Ben Shires and the Wrapped Up team are back to wrap up the round in which four teams became two the 2010 FIFA World Cup semi finals. There's a trippy recreation of the Van Bronckhorst goal with commentary from a couple of Dutch stoners, PLUS we see why nobody would refuse an offer from Fabio Capello, and more.

World Cup 2010 Spain-Netherlands, Germany-Uruguay Preview: World Cup Buzz Podcast

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A new World Cup champion will be crowned on Sunday when European Champions' Spain face three-time finalists, the Netherlands. Before that, Germany and Uruguay will meet to contest the third place match in Port Elizabeth. To discuss those two matches, I was joined by Laurence McKenna and Kartik Krishnaiyer on this edition of the World Cup Buzz Podcast.

Spain vs Netherlands: Where to Watch The Final In South Florida

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If you live in South Florida and you're looking for somewhere to watch the World Cup Final, Wowies Sports Grill in Boca Raton is the place to be. The modern sports bar will be televising the final between Spain and Netherlands live on Sunday at 2:30pm. Plus, Wowies will also be showing the Third Place Playoff Final between Uruguay and Germany on Saturday at 2:30pm.

Wrapped Up: World Cup 2010: The Quarter Finals: Video

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In this episode, Germany's manager Jogi Löw hits the streets of London to give his Fashion Löwdown. PLUS the video show takes a look at some of Brazil's goals courtesy of Brazilian channel El Loco Televizione. And interviews Dutch fans (and some Dutch wannabees) in London.

Spain Finally Achieve Total Dominance Before World Cup Final

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A new name will be added to the long list of deserved World Cup winners on Sunday evening, as Spain took to their first semi final on the biggest stage of international football like the Germans typically do to international tournaments. Their patient and controlled performance over their opponents left them merited occupants of a berth in the final and proclaimed favourites.

World Cup 2010, Spain-Germany Review: World Cup Buzz Podcast

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Spain is through to their first World Cup final, keeping a clean sheet against the powerful Germans, advancing to Sunday's final with a 1-0 victory. To talk about the match, I am joined by Laurence McKenna and Kartik Krishnaiyer for this edition of the World Cup Buzz Podcast.

Spain v Germany, World Cup Semi-Final: Open Thread

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It was just two years ago when Germany played Spain in the final of the 2008 European Championship. In that game, Fernando Torres was the difference between both sides. Today, it's another game completely where Germany must be seen as the clear favorites to advance to the final. But never underestimate the Spaniards.

Vuvuzelas: Will It Blend? Video

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One of the biggest viral hits on the Internet has now come to soccer. The popular "Will It Blend?" series by Blendtec has tried to blend everything from iPhones to baseballs and much more in its blenders.

And now it's the turn of the dreaded (or lovely, depending on which side of the fence you sit on) vuvuzela.

Holland – A Team Defined By Mistakes

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We are now deep into the business end of the World Cup. A stage of the tournament that harshly punishes mistakes and greatly rewards teams that can bridge a gap towards success. Whether this path to success is paved by individual greatness or well-crafted team displays of tactical supremacy, the winner of this competition will be those who fail to make a sufficient amount of mistakes to lose.

World Cup 2010, Netherlands-Uruguay Review, Germany-Spain Preview: World Cup Buzz Podcast

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The Netherlands is through to its first final since 1978 after defeating Uruguay 3-2, sending Uruguay to Saturday's third place match while the Netherlands play Sunday in Johnnesburg. To talk about Tuesday's semifinal and preview Wednesday's match, I was joined by Laurence McKenna for this edition of the World Cup Buzz Podcast.

World Cup Results: Day 26

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Netherlands 3, Uruguay 2

Never ones for making it easy on themselves, the Netherlands secured their third birth into the World Cup final with their fifth-straight one-goal victory of the tournament.

Uruguay, who were missing prolific striker Luis Suarez following his famous handball against Ghana, kept pace with the powerful Oranje in the early going.

Uruguay vs Netherlands: World Cup Semi-Final, Open Thread

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Uruguay vs Netherlands. Before the World Cup started, few people would have predicted that you would see these two teams in the semi-finals. But both teams deserve to be there. Netherlands after beating Brazil. Uruguay after overcoming the odds to beat Ghana. And now they both face off against each other.

Uruguay vs Netherlands, Goal Highlights: Video

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If you're looking for goal highlights from Uruguay vs Netherlands, here they are.

In a recent article about my 7 wish list items for the rest of the World Cup, the one thing I neglected to list was a game featuring some amazing goals. Well, we finally got one as Uruguay and Netherlands put on an amazing performance featuring four incredible goals each different than the rest.

World Cup 2010, Netherlands-Uruguay Preview: World Cup Buzz Podcast

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World Cup 2010 is down to four teams, two of which play on Tuesday in the tournament's first semifinal. Uruguay, the surprise of the tournament, takes on a Netherlands team coming off their victory over the competition's favorites.

To talk about that match as well as answer some of the feedback we got from our Luis Suárez discussion, I welcome Kartik Krishnaiyer and Laurence McKenna to this edition of the World Cup Buzz Podcast.

Never Write Off The Germans

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The trials and tribulations of this ‘New Germany' at the World Cup so far have been nothing short of surprising. In a similar fashion to the past two tournaments, they entered the fray as a team that had been written off and not expected to progress deep into the latter stages of the competition.

What Would Luis Suarez Do?

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Throughout the course of history, people have demonstrated selfless acts in order to see the success and progression of their country or team. The famous last words of the Antarctic explorer Lawrence Oates, "I am just going outside and may be some time", depict a truly benevolent act of self-sacrifice from a man willing to end his own life in order to save those of his expedition crew.

World Cup 2010 Germany-Argentina, Spain-Paraguay: World Cup Buzz Podcast

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Germany has put up another four goal game this time, eliminating a team that had become one of the favorites, sending Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi out of World Cup 2010. The Germans advance to Wednesday's semifinal to face Spain, who barely advanced past Paraguay thanks to David Villa's fifth goal of the tournament.

World Cup Results: Day 23

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Germany 4 , Argentina 0

Their legendary efficiency and scoring prowess on full display, Germany scored four goals for the third time at the expense of a porous Argentinean defense.

Miroslav Kloser continued his resurgance by scoring twice to bring his total World Cup tally to 14, tied for second all time and only one behind Ronaldo's record set in 2006.

Germany Scores Best Goal of the 2010 World Cup: Video

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Who would have expected Germany to score the best goal of the 2010 World Cup so far? Plus, they scored it in such a way that it looked like a goal reminiscent of a Diego Maradona or Lionel Messi highlight reel. But this time, it was Bastian Schweinsteiger who dribbled past four Argentina players and crossed the ball into the box for German defender Arne Friedrich to score an incredible goal.

Spain v Paraguay, World Cup 2010: Open Thread

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Out of all of the quarter-finals this weekend, Spain against Paraguay is probably the one that soccer aficionados are considering the easiest match-up of the bunch. The vast majority of people consider that Spain will cruise to victory in this game. But Paraguay is definitely not a team to underestimate.

Ghana, a World Cup Love Story

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When Ghana lost on penalties today to Uruguay, my eyes welled up with tears. Over the course of the 120 minutes, my heart went out to Ghana. This was an African side which personified everything that is beautiful about the World Cup. Underdogs, pure athleticism, incredible skill and, last but not least, devastatingly wonderful goals.

Germany v Argentina, World Cup 2010: Open Thread

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Today's match-up between Germany and Argentina isn't simply a World Cup soccer match. It's also part of the Diego Maradona "show," where we get a chance to watch this magnetic character to see what he'll do next either on or off the field.

Watching Argentina, I get a sense that both the players and coaching staff are incredibly proud of their country and are on a mission that is far greater than winning for their club.

Uruguay v Ghana, World Cup 2010: Open Thread

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Today's game between Uruguay and Ghana is an important one for many reasons. For one, it's an unlikely quarter-final. Most pundits before the tournament wouldn't have predicted either team to make it this far. But they have done so and they've thoroughly deserved it. But now's the time for them to shine on the world's stage and to show us what they're made of.

World Cup 2010 Netherlands-Brazil, Uruguay-Ghana: World Cup Buzz Podcast

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The Netherlands have knocked pre-tournament co-favorites Brazil out of the 2010 World Cup, while Uruguay and Ghana upstaged the opening match with a unforgettable, never-should-have-been shootout. To talk about Friday's two quarterfinal matches as well as preview Saturday's I was joined by Kartik Krishnaiyer and Laurance McKenna for this edition of the World Cup Buzz Podcast.

World Cup Results: Day 22

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The Netherlands 2, Brazil 1

For the second World Cup in a row Brazil is headed home after the quarterfinals while the Netherlands continues their run towards a first ever title.

Brazil took the lead after 10 minutes when Robhino took advantage of a rebuilt Dutch defense to beat Maarten Stekelenburg.

Brazil 1-2 Netherlands: In Pictures

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The Netherlands shocked the world Friday when they overcame an early goal by Brazil to beat the South American team 2-1 in regulation. Dutch supporters around the world will be partying long into the night.

After Brazil scored the early goal through Robinho, it seemed as if it was going to be one of those days for Brazil.

Holland v Brazil, World Cup 2010: Open Thread

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It's the game that everyone has been waiting for. Brazil against Holland. But the big question is whether Holland will turn up on the day. Judging by their first half performance, they've been unable to penetrate Brazil's defense.

During and after the game, share your thoughts, observations and opinions in the comment section below.

World Cup 2010 Brazil-Netherlands, Ghana-Uruguay Preview: World Cup Buzz Podcast

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After two days off from the 2010 World Cup, the panel is bad together to preview Friday's matches in South Africa: Brazil versus the Netherlands and Ghana versus Uruguay. Joining me to talk about them is our regular panel, Laurence McKenna and Kartik Krishnaiyer.

Is This The Greatest Brazil Defence Ever?

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The greatest in the world at the moment?

Brazil are the greatest football playing nation on the planet, there are very few who would argue that. They have five World Cups and Eight Copa Americas to their name and the very rarely disappoint their country. Whereas many European nations go through phases of good squads, Brazil have a never ending product line of top quality players and the flair and style of the Brazil side often makes people want to see them above any other team on the planet.

USA v Ghana World Cup Party At Wowies: Videos and Photos

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It's taken me several days to come down from the lows of how depressed I felt after the United States lost against Ghana on Saturday. Bottom line, the performance by the United States that day was simply not enough. They could have done better. Much better. But after some poor tactical decisions, their backs were against the wall against a very talented, athletic and gifted Ghana side.

Top 10 World Cup Moments Thus Far

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19 days and 56 matches later the field of 32 nations has been whittled down to eight. These last couple of days has been a nice reprieve from the constant World Cup action and is an appropriate time to look back on the last three weeks. Below are the top 10 highlights of the World Cup thus far and feel free to leave your own moments in the comments section.

World Cup and EPL Soccer Coverage on SIRIUS XM Radio: Product Review

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Over the past few years, I've become increasingly disillusioned with radio. So much so that the radio that fits in my car dashboard is rarely used except when it's a last resort and I've forgotten to sync my iPod with all of the latest podcasts and audiobooks, and I'm left with the choice of silence or listening to FM stations across the dial.