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Award Winners - Part II

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Part II of the Award Winners series focuses on South America and its Player Of The Year. Since 1986, Uruguayan newspaper El País has been the official selector of "Rey del Fútbol de América" (America's King Of Football). Even though the award has been around since 1971. The 2 greatest of all time have won [.

Award Winners - Part I

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We are coming up on that time of the year when the next three months we will dress up as someone or something, eat some turkey or some bird till we get fat, and open some presents from our families that we will probably return 2 weeks later. It is also the time when the [...]

African WCQ Final Stage Groups

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  Group A Cameroon Togo Morocco Gabon Group B Nigeria Mozambique Kenya Tunisia Group C Egypt Rwanda Algeria Zambia Group D Ghana Benin Sudan Mali Group E Côte d'Ivoire Malawi Burkina Faso Guinea *Only the winners of each group will advance to South Africa 2010. Games are scheduled to begin in March 2009.

Top 5 - Edition II

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Well another interesting round of WCQ matches have passed and as usual there were some surprises and realities that make The Beautiful Game so compelling.  So with that said, here is the 2nd Edition of the Top 5 Things We Learned From Previous Round of WC Qualifying: The Motherland of New Faces Those seeking new nations to [.

WCQ CONMEBOL - Round 10 Scores

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HOME TEAMS LISTED FIRST Bolivia 2 - 2 Uruguay BOL: Martins (15′ & 41′). URU: Bueno (64′), Abreu (88′) Paraguay 1 - 0 Peru PAR: Benitez (82′) Chile 1 - 0 Argentina CHI: Orellana (35′) Venezuela 3 - 1 Ecuador VEN: Maldonado (48′), Moreno (56′), Arango (67′).

Key Upcoming WC Qualifying Matches - Part I

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This weekend, qualifying for The Great Tournament resumes with matches all over the planet. Injuries and intrigue surround various matches with some outcomes determining whose dream of playing in South Africa in 2010 will become a closer reality or a nightmare in the failure to advance.  Therefore let's breakdown some of the key matches in [.

WCB Rankings

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FIFA is an esteemed organization whose policies and activities usually meet with a 90+ percent approval rating but there is one FIFA activity that usually makes me scratch the itchy scalp benenath my baby fro.  That one thing is the FIFA Ranking Table.  Teams are ranked ahead of other teams that have no reason to be.