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RIP MLS Rumors

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After a week of vacation, I returned to my post here at the MLS Offside to find absolutely terrible news: MLS Rumors has closed. This website needed no introduction: was, bar none, the spiciest, edgiest, and, often, most accurate source for anything pertaining to Major League Soccer.

Comings and Goings

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While nothing continues to go on in MLS per se, there remains a bit of an offseason shuffle for loans and trades. There's been talk of some pretty huge names going across the pond, be it for a trade or a loan, and regardless of whether the rumors have any actual merit. That said, we could see some big moves in the near future.

Gotta Love Barca

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I guess that one advantage of having a schedule that doesn't match any other league's in the world is that, while MLS teams take a brake over the winter, competitions in Europe are just starting to heat up. And just as even the most faithful husband can't help but notice a pretty girl, it definitely isn't treason (or Eurosnobbery, for that matter) for an MLS fan to enjoy a match between European teams.

Re- Entry Draft- Izzle

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What do most MLS fans and Snoop Dogg have in common? They both probably don't care at tall about the 2011 MLS Re- Entry Draft, which will take place tomorrow. Added in the 2010 Collective Bargaining Agreement between the players' union and the league as a way to ensure job security, the Draft is now it its second year.