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So, Uh, You Busy Next Year?

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So now we enter into that long, dark, cold, lonely time that the more cavalier among us call the "offseason". Basically, we won't be seeing any real MLS action until March. Granted, there's the Superdraft and some other small events in between, but for the most part we're now adrift in an MLS-less winter.


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Sorry this took so long. This week had a lot of unexpected turns, and, as always, I could really use some help here. Still, let's begin.

Winning the Cup last week did a number of things for the Galaxy, including topping off a magnificent season and giving David Beckham serious reason to consider staying.

MLS Cup Eve

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Ladies, gentlemen, we have now entered the last 24 hours of the 2011 MLS Season. It's been a good one, perhaps one of the best, and, as we prepare for the final in LA, I'm sure we all have our bets on which team will take the cup. But first, let's catch up on the results of MLS's annual awards.

Round Up Round Up

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In further efforts to kill time before the MLS Final this Sunday, I'll now be doing a general round up of stuff going on with the league, and with American soccer as a whole. There's actually been a fair amount of stuff going on.

US FRIENDLIES: In the past week, the US met with France and Slovenia, coming out of the two matches with a win and a loss.

I recently received an email from a Houston Dynamo fan, who informed me of a lit

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I recently received an email from a Houston Dynamo fan, who informed me of a little predicament regarding partial owner Oscar De La Hoya. I recommend you read this one for yourself:

As the MLS Cup approaches, there remains a large segment of dedicated Dynamo supporters who have worked hard over the season to support the team but are not able to cover travel expenses to LA.

My Award Predictions

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Yes, I know it's been a week since I wrote. Sorry, school comes first. Here's something to tide you lovely people over till I can write a proper article. Keep in mind that my offer to help contribute to the MLS offside stands, and that if you're interested you should email me at kaufmb@d-e.

Mmmmm, Tasty Attendance Graphs

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Yeah, my power's been out. Curse you, October blizzard.

Remember when I said attendance was good this year? I was wrong. It was great. Record shattering, in fact. Enough to surpass the NBA and NHL, in fact. Seriously. After sixteen years, we have beaten not only our own record set in 1996, but those of other leagues against whom we're compared.