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The Coolest Thing Ever?

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When I went to watch the Columbus vs Colorado Wild Card Play In, which MLS kindly streamed for free on their website, I noticed a tab that read "Score Predictor" Check it out; you'll be glad you did. This Castrol Score predictor analyzes (or at least claims to analyze) every minute of play from the past 35-someodd weeks, and gives a prediction of who's favored in each match.


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Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to rumble? After 34 weeks of ups, down, shots, goals, and more Adrian Healey than most can handle, we have finally arrived at the promised land of American soccer: the 2011 MLS Cup Playoffs.

This year will, as I'm sure you know, be different from those past.

I Officially Support Opening A Second Team In New York

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For all of Don Garber's finer points, he sure doesn't know much about subtlety. Take expansion rumors. Does the Commish juice up the mystery, pointing fans in every which way, and keeping us guessing. Nope. He goes out and says "If we can build the stadium, we will have the 20th team in New York City.

Interview With Chivas USA’s Michael Lahoud

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It hasn't been an ideal year for Chivas USA, and Michael Lahoud has been there for all of it. Having played with the club since 2009, the Sierra-Leonean middie has seen his fair share of ups and downs, including the addition of Juan Pablo Angel in 2011. Off the field, Mr. Lahoud is known for his charitable work, having been named MLS's Humanitarian of the Year for his work against HIV and continued effort to build schools in his home nation.

Is The Shield Cursed?

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Since LA clinched the Supporters' Shield, there's been a lot of chatter about the "Curse of the Shield". Namely, that teams who finish the season with the best record and are poised to take the MLS Cup don't. The stats speak toward this being true:only one third (5/15) of our league's past Shield winners have gone on to win a second piece of hardware in the same season.

The Week of “Jeez”

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Sorry I've been keeping you waiting, I still really need help writing the MLS Offside. If you or anyone you know is interested, email me at Please.

It was a week of events that just make you go "Jeez". But not in a bad way; this is more of a raised- inflection, lean back when you say it "jeez", as opposed to the head-shaking, disappointing one we're used to.


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No, this is not just an excuse to make up for my blatant lack of articles. I promise. Oh, come on, I've been busy.

Look, I promise an article by the weekend, okay?

Here's some junk I liked to tide you over:

- MLS fans have taken a big liking to the FIFA 12 Creation Center, as can be seen in the creation of regional "national teams" throughout America.