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There Is Hope For DC United.

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DC United is the single most successful club in the history of Major League Soccer. It is a short history, and their dwindling attendance and inability to procure plans for a stadium reflect a growing irrelevance in the DC area, but with four MLS Cups and an equal number of Supporters' Shields, the club has the strongest history in the league.

On the Criminally Overlooked 2010 Supporters Summit.

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To my knowledge, no other league in the world has anything like MLS's annual Supporters Summit. The yearly meeting always proves to be an insightful Q and A session between fans and league officials, allowing supporters to voice their opinions and discuss the future of MLS with those who control it.

A Toast to the Champions!

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I awoke Monday morning to heavy snow, icy roads and the realization that the Colorado Rapids really were the champions of Major League Soccer.  Emotions ran high on Sunday night, and judging by various Dallas message boards they continue to do so. Yet, having seen nearly every Colorado match for the past 3 years, I have to say that no club was more deserving of hoisting the trophy in 2010.

Arsene, You’ve Said It All.

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Apparently, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger knows a thing or two about MLS. Check out his Cup prediction here:

So, who do you predict will wake up Monday as Champions of Major League Soccer? Will it be Conor Casey and his Colorado Rapids or David Ferreira and FC Dallas? You've heard Wenger's side, now give us your own.

Recapping a Crazy-Busy MLS Week

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In a brilliant marketing move, the Kansas City Wizards have now become Sporting KC.  While my hope was that they would become KC Masterpiece, I think this is a solid move that is sure to generate more profit from the sale of jerseys and memorabilia. See Ben's post at mls.theoffside for more info.

Adios Wizards: MLS, Say Hello to Sporting Kansas City.

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After months of rumors, the now ex- Kansas City Wizards have shed the title which they wore so proudly since 1996, emerging anew as Sporting Kansas City. The new club, which President Robb Heineman has stated, "will be more than just a soccer team" looks to forge a new relationship between fan and franchise, where, as Heinman said,"there are no more fans now, we are all members of the club".

Somebody Check on Don Garber!

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In a dark, back corner of a Fifth Avenue coffee shop in New York sits an unshaven man huddle over a cup of black java. He looks like he's been up all night. An untouched copy of the NY Times lies in front of him as he stares straight ahead; his unpleasant thoughts are somewhere far, far away. If one dares get close enough to him they can perhaps here his mumbling.

Is LA Really a Garauntee in the Western Conference Final?

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The Los Angeles Galaxy were dominant in the 2010 season. With a lineup including David Beckham, Landon Donovan, Edson Buddle, and Donovan Ricketts, its no wonder they took the Supporters' Shield and went undefeated in their first twelve games. Yet, as much as they are arguably one of MLS's best teams ever, could Dallas bring their dream season to a screeching halt in tonights Western Conference Final?

Does the MLS Awards Committee Hate New York?

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Controversy is a guarantee in the announcement of MLS's annual awards. Fans have always felt, and will probably always feel, that certain players were robbed of titles while others were given awards they didn't deserve. Welcome to fandom. Yet, while most of this is just supporters being angry that a player from a team other than their own won whatever award is in question, recent calls of foul from Red Bulls supporters have gotten more and more true as each victor has been announced.

Not Very Bold Prediction on the MLS Cup Final

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Where would we be without the sports cliché? "Taking it to the next level", "giving 110%", "taking it one game at a time" are benchmark phrases that can be adapted to any game. I remember a cliché my college coach always used and that actually turned out to be true. He would remind the team that "it is nearly impossible to beat a team 3 times in a single season.

Everybody Hurts: A Message To The Fans of 2010’s Fallen Goliaths.

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Underdog stories are fun. Except when you're the loser. In that case, they kind of suck. Just ask fans of New York, Salt Lake, or Columbus, who were each knocked out of the first round of the playoffs to teams they thought would guarantee them a spot in the semifinals. Despite strong records throughout the season, a spirited fan base behind them, and, in the case of Salt Lake, last year's Cup in hand, each of these teams went down early amid high expectations.

6 Minutes, 3 Goals, 1 Upset

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The numbers are shocking...sort of.

Leading up to this season there have been 28 Conference Semifinal series' that use the current home and home format. Of the 28 first leg matches, 9 have ended in a draw. That means that in the other 19 a winner emerged with a lead going into the second match.

Notes, Thoughts, and Predictions on the 2010 MLS Awards Finalists.

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After a weekend of playoff action we feel the time has come to comment on the finalists for MLS's annual awards, released last Wednesday. Here we have nominees, predictions, and comments.

Goalkeeper of the Year:
Kevin Hartman (FC Dallas)
Donovan Ricketts (LA Galaxy)
Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)
Crystal Ball Says: Ricketts all the way.