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PICTURES: Best, Law and Charlton Statue Facing Sir Matt

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Earlier in the week I gave a quick update on the recent developments of the 'Holy Trinity' statue, in honour of Denis Law, George Best and Sir Bobby Charlton. Today the statue has been unveiled, taking price of place opposite the ground, directly in front of Sir Matt Busby's statue. The timing is rather fitting, considering that [.

Giggs: I Turned Up At City Training In Red Shirt

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The banter between United and City fans is something I enjoy immensely. Insults and digs are exchanged between both sets of fans in regards to what has (and hasn't) been won, the players on the pitch and results from the past. Ryan Giggs, a player who most fans find rather inoffensive, is a source of great [.

Incompetent FA Screw Up Again…Alarmingly In Our Favour!

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The FA are an organisation I've been quick to criticise of a number of occasions. Their inconsistency is infuriating, particularly considering it is usually United on the receiving end of their unjust punishments. From Rio Ferdinand's drugs ban to Gary Neville's fine, the FA just love making an example out of United.

Why Queiroz Hasn’t Lost The Plot With Real Rant

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The battle between Real Madrid over Cristiano Ronaldo has probably barely even begun. Every summer the same rumours arise, linking our young Portuguese winger to the club. After a threat of being reported to FIFA, Real Madrid have taken a step back, claiming they are not trouble makers, and will leave Ronaldo alone.

Capello Has His Priorities Straight

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Paul Scholes, one of the most naturally gifted players the English natural team has had the privilege of having play for them, particularly in recent years, retired from international football four years ago. Whilst publicly he put the decision down to his desire to focus on United and his family, it is commonly believed Sven Goran [.

What Are The United Lads Saying To Lampard?

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The England national team take on USA tonight for a friendly match staged at Wembley Stadium. The event will see the reunion of the English United and Chelsea players who battled it out in the European Cup final a week ago today. This meeting could have been extremely painful for our lads if the result hadn't [.

Pique: United Will Always Be In My Heart

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Manchester United sold Gerard Pique back to his former club, Barcelona, this week, ending what was a rather disappointing time at United. Whilst Pique got to share in the joy of winning the league and European Cup double, he did so knowing he hadn't really left his mark on the club this season. He scored a couple [.

Real Madrid Run Scared Over Ronaldo

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After his incredible season, we had to know there was going to be no escaping the transfer rumours linking Cristiano Ronaldo with Real Madrid. Both the club and the player haven't helped to squash the speculation, with both seemingly having something to say about the issue every other day. So yesterday, United decided to take things [.

VIDEO: Reactions To The Chelsea Shoot Out

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United fans are lucky to have several matches to choose from as "the greatest ever". The ones that tend to rank most highly are the ones where we should have been well and truly beaten, but somehow managed to come back and win. In 1999, we saw several games like this, with the games against [...]

Latest Developments On ‘Holy Trinity’ Statue

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Following United's victory against Chelsea in the European Cup final last week, work has begun on the statue to honour George Best, Denis Law and Sir Bobby Charlton, who won the first European Cup with United in 1968. So far, only the stand has been constructed, but later in the week, the final statue is set [.

Evra: Ronaldo Scared Me

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Patrice Evra had played in a Champions League final before last Wednesday, however then was on the losing side. Jose Mourinho's Porto beat Monaco 3-0 and it is a night that has stayed with Evra ever since. Since lifting the trophy last week, Evra has spoken at his great joy about being a European Cup winner, [.

Spineless, Hypocrite Holt Joins Fergie Love Fest

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Oliver Holt, the journalist for The Mirror who has won Sports Writer of the Year on two occasions, is believed to be a bitter blue. The Manchester man started his career at the Liverpool Echo and has spouted rubbish about United ever since. His write ups on United, particularly during the 2005 period, when apparently [.

Ronaldo Miss Was Just What We Needed

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As John Terry walked towards the penalty spot last Wednesday, everything I'd been hoping for the past nine years, particularly this past season, seemed to be rapidly slipping away. Aside from wanting to the win the European Cup for the typical reasons any fan wants to see their team win it, we felt as though we [.

Month Of Madness - What Is Ronaldo Going To Say Today?

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You would think we'd be used to it by now, the rumours that surface every time the transfer window is close to opening, but every year it takes me by surprise. There aren't enough superlatives to describe what a fantastic season Cristiano Ronaldo has just had for us. Including his goal in the European Cup final, [.

1968 - 1999 - 2008

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7 Reasons Liverpool Were Trophyless Again

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1. Cristiano Ronaldo, 2. Petr Cech, 3. Rio Ferdinand, 4. Nemanja Vidic, 5. John Terry, 6. Michael Essien, 7. Nicolas Anelka Manchester United won the European Cup for a third time last week, the second under Sir Alex Ferguson's management. Liverpool fans sing of their "five times", however it is United who have the bragging rights [.

Without Killing Anyone

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"We've won it three times, we've won it three times, without killing anyone, we've won it three times" "Without Killing Anyone" was originally published at The Republik of Mancunia.

Viva John Terry

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"Viva John Terry, viva John Terry, could have won the Cup, but he fucked it up, Viva John Terry" Now available at "Viva John Terry" was originally published at The Republik of Mancunia.

Let’s All Laugh At Terry

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UEFA officials have confirmed today that they will be reviewing the John Terry spitting incident. Video replay suggests Terry spat on Tevez following the sending off of Didier Drogba. Maybe better lip readers could put me straight and let me know that he didn't say "You fucking Argie cunt" whilst doing so.

Intense joy, complete contentment, happiness unmeasurable - We’re Champions of Europe

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Ahead of last night's Champions League final, I wasn't half as nervous as I expected I'd be. Of course, there were some nerves, and the hour leading up to kick off felt like the longest of my life, but I was far more excited than I was scared. It was written in the stars, the [...]

VIDEO: “Honest Man” John Terry Spits At Tevez

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Frank Lampard is full to the brim with bitterness following United's victory in the Champions League final last night, but has backed his team mate and captain, John Terry, to bounce back from the defeat. If John Terry had scored his penalty, Chelsea would have been crowned Champions of Europe. However, the Chelsea skipper lost his [.

Bitter, Fat, Rent Boy: Chelsea Deserved To Win

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A penalty shoot out decided that Manchester United are the Champions of Europe. After completely dominated play in the first 45 minutes, with chances that should have seen us go in 3-1 up at half time, Chelsea had the better display in the second half. Their goal came in the flukiest of circumstances, with the [.

We Want Four! We Want Four!

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Manchester United won their third European Cup last night, beating Chelsea on penalties. Since the start of the season, I, like many other reds, have claimed this would be our year, believing strongly in the fated conditions this season brought with it. 40 years since our first European Cup, 50 years since our Busby Babes [.

VIDEO: Last Night’s Penalty Shoot Out

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On repeat. All day. Man. United v Chelsea: Champions League Final Penalties "VIDEO: Last Night's Penalty Shoot Out" was originally published at The Republik of Mancunia.

Rooney: Attack, attack, attack!

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Manchester United have proven they are better than their rivals both offensively and defensively this season, however, it is our attacking football that we pride ourselves on. This dates back to the Busby Babes in the 50's and is fully part of the United tradition. However, on a couple of occasions this season in Europe, United [.

Kanchelskis: Let’s Stuff Chelsea Again

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Andrei Kanchelskis was a top quality United player, bombing down the wing long before the days of David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo. With the cuff of his shirt in his hand, he provided goals for the likes of Eric Cantona and Mark Hughes. He was also capable of scoring the odd goal or two for [...]

A Taste Of 99

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Any excuse... Highlights of the last 3 minutes Celebrating with the crowd after the match "A Taste Of 99" was originally published at The Republik of Mancunia.

Paul Scholes Opens Our Season…Ryan Giggs Closes It

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After a goalless home draw against Reading on the opening day of the Premiership season, it was Paul Scholes who scored our first goal of the campaign, finding the back of the net with just 15 minutes played against Portsmouth. After months on the sidelines following an operation, it seems as though Scholesy was saving himself [.

Time To Give Scholesy The Recognition He Deserves

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"You'll be lucky" Ferguson laughed, responding to the journalist who asked whether Paul Scholes would be coming out for an interview. Scholes had just made his 500th game for United, against Liverpool, at Old Trafford, and scored the opening goal. Like so many of my favourite moments for United, it was like something out of [.

Are We Complacent Or Is The Pressure On Chelsea?

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At the beginning of every season, winning the league title is top priority at United. You have to prove you're the best in your own country for any European title to prove anything. Sir Alex Ferguson is eager to win another European Cup, reiterating the point several times that a club of United's size should have [.

Road To Moscow In Pictures

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Group stages: Sporting Lisbon Lisbon 0 United 1 Cristiano Ronaldo scores the only goal of the game, a header against his former club. Group stages: United 1 Roma 0 Rooney scores with 20 minutes to go after we were promised revenge following the 7-1 thrashing at Old Trafford Group stages: Dynamo Kiev 2 United 4 Rio opens the scoring for [.

Gill: Ronaldo Is Happy So We Won’t Sell

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Like every summer, there have been several rumours linking Cristiano Ronaldo with a move away from the club, the destination predicted to be Real Madrid. Ronaldo has denied these rumours, claiming he is very happy at the club. United chief executive David Gill has today reinforced these claims, saying that Ronaldo's relationship with the club and [.

Vidic Proud To Be A Red

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United flew out to Moscow today ahead of our Champions League final on Wednesday against Chelsea. Spirits are high after the title win just over a week ago and thanks to our superior goalscoring and defending record this season, are favourites going in to the game. Nemanja Vidic, who's missed out on several games due to [.

Why Queiroz Has To Be Our Next Manager

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With United favourites to win the European Cup on Wednesday, there has been much debate surrounding whether Sir Alex Ferguson will finally retire. After going back on his decision to do so in 2002, the question of when he will leave us has been brought up time and again. Between 2004 and 2006, many hacks [.

What Does Rooney Know?

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Wayne Rooney is my favourite player at United. He embodies much of what I think the perfect footballer is. Great ability, bags of passion, dedication, commitment, and above all else, he loves playing the game. As part of his latest Nike campaign, Rooney has given his opinion on a whole range of topics.

Ronaldo Claims He’s A Big Game Player - Is He Right?

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Cristiano Ronaldo is a man accused of failing to show up in the big games which has been taken on board by United fans. The question of "what constitutes a big game?" has arisen. Your fiercest rivals? Important cup games? Top four opposition? I have heard people respond that every game is a big game when [.

Ronaldo: This Is My Home Now

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The usual rumours linking Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid came out this week, following us winning the title the weekend before. Gabriel YSB Heinze came out claiming that despite his best efforts, Ronaldo was likely to stay at the club for as long as Sir Alex Ferguson was there. Ronaldo leaves himself open to these [.

Anderson: Our Hard Work Will Pay Off

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Anderson has had an impressive first season for United, earning praise and respect from the fans incredibly early. His hard working nature, coupled with his great skill, won us over quickly. He has outplayed Steven Gerrard and Cesc Fabregas in our matches against Liverpool and Arsenal, which has earned him our best chant of the [.

Au Revoir Lads - Here Are Your Best Bits…

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Mikael Silvestre and Louis Saha are both likely to be making a move back to their homeland this summer, with the players today admitting they don't have much of a future at the club. Whilst Saha's club of choice is yet to be confirmed, it appears as though Silvestre is looking for a move to Bordeaux.

I Love The Club So Much…But I’m Leaving

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I've had more time for Louis Saha than a lot of reds I know. Those who sit around me at Old Trafford have called him all the names under the sun in the few appearances he's made for us this season. "You lazy bastard" is the most frequent insult. This season, when he has played, he [...]

European Cup Parade Off Following Rangers Riot

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Yesterday, I wrote of my immense frustration upon hearing that plans to show United's European Cup final on the big screens had been cancelled, following the scenes of violence involving Rangers fans. The Scottish fans travelled to Manchester to watch their UEFA Cup Final which was being held at the Council House.

What Do We Do Now? Guide To Getting Through The Summer

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It's Friday night. A takeaway and early doors at the local followed by semi-drunk dreams of the weekend's game. That has been my weekly routine for the past eight or nine months. Once the weekend's game was played, I'd spend the following week reading up on team news, thinking about the latest injury, contemplating the [.

Oh no! Ronaldo On His Way Out?!? Interview in full

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Scanning a few headlines this morning, it would appear as though Cristiano Ronaldo is ready for a summer transfer to Real Madrid. Despite news story after news story filled with quotes from Ronaldo claiming he is happy at the club, an interview with Sky Sports News today seems to confirm that Ronaldo is looking for [.

Scandalous Rangers Ruin United’s Fun

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You would have thought with 100,000 Scots descending upon Manchester that I wouldn't have been entirely oblivious to the fact the UEFA Cup Final was being held at the Wastelands this week. The difference between the Champions League and UEFA Cup are certainly highlighted by choice of venue for the finals.

Are You Happy To See Pique Leave For £3 million?

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Manchester United have been incredibly solid defensively this season, claiming an incredible 21 clean sheets out of the 38 league games, as well as conceding just 22 goals. Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic have had a lot to say in that defensive record, both showing themselves as some of the best, if not the best, [.

Do You Want Giggsy To Start In The Final?

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Ryan Giggs has possibly endured his worst season, in terms of form, in his 17 years of the club, which can be expected considering he turned 34 this year. He has come under fierce criticism from some sections of the support, with Giggsy tired legs not able to cut it on too many occasions. The [...]

Fergie: Rio Is Great Captain and Leader

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Rio Ferdinand has penned a 5-year-deal with United today, which should see him spend the rest of his career at the club. A complete change around in attitude and performance has seen Rio go from an unpopular man to one of the fans' better liked players. After Ronaldo, he is has been our best player this [.

Ole: This Team Can Be Better Than 99

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Five words which make any United fan beam. "...and Solskjaer has won it." Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is the man who "put the ball in the German's net" and who gave us the greatest memory we have as United fans. United were a goal down when the injury time board was held up, showing just three [...]

Bitter Grant Blames The Refs For His Failure… What’s He Talking About??

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All United fans can happily acknowledge that Chelsea have surprised us this season in taking the title to the final day of the season. Whilst we have watched our team play the superior football, Chelsea racked up the points on a weekly basis, and were there to take advantage when we dropped silly points.


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Alves: Perhaps My Time In Spain Is Over

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Manchester United are seeking a long term replacement for Gary Neville after retaining the title again this year. Our captain has been injured all season, not making a single appearance in the league, so United will certainly be looking to strengthen the position. Wes Brown signed a new contract, after several months of confusion, although it [.

Carlsberg Do Scoreboards…

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"Carlsberg Do Scoreboards..." was originally published at The Republik of Mancunia.

United > England, ARGENTINA and Tevez

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I loved hearing the West Ham fans singing England chants during their recent trip to Old Trafford, because it really emphasised how apparent it was to the rest of the country how strong our dislike for England is. The ever patriotic Hammers were keen to get in a wind up, so singing about England seemed [.

Latest Striker Rumour - Who Is He and Why Do We Want Him?

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Manchester United have survived a season without having an out and out striker on the pitch, and thankfully, weren't forced to pay the price. Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and Carlos Tevez all feature in the league's top 11 scorers this season, making up for the lack of goals we probably should have experienced.

What A Difference A Year Makes…Carlos Tevez

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On the final day of last season, I really wanted to see United relegate West Ham, the club that took great pride in denying United titles in the past. With the league wrapped up and an FA Cup final on the way, our players lacked the motivation to go out and get the win. They beat [...]

Answer To Fergie’s Problem: Who Would You Pick?

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Manchester United will be playing in Moscow a week tomorrow in the third European Cup final of the club's history. After securing a 17th league title on Sunday, our players will be eager to claim their place in the history books by adding a European Cup winner's medal to their collection. However, Sir Alex Ferguson has [.

PICTURES: Player Celebration Of Our Title

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"PICTURES: Player Celebration Of Our Title" was originally published at The Republik of Mancunia.

Mikel Has Got To Regret It

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The John Obi Mikel transfer saga was one of the most ridiculous events we've seen in Premiership football. He signed a deal with United, then went missing, came on Sky Sports News saying he'd been forced to sign (despite being all smiles in a United shirt at the press conference) and wanted to play for [.

United And Liverpool’s Spending The Same…But Success So Different

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£34 million. That's the difference in spending between Manchester United and Liverpool over the past ten years, averaging out at little more than £3 million a season. Whilst United have spent £298 million in the transfer market, an average of £29-£30 million a year, the dippers have spent £264 million, an average of £26-£27 million [.

Giggs, Rooney, Ronaldo & Carrick: This Feels Great!

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Manchester United claimed their 10th title in 16 years yesterday, the 17th in the clubs' history. Whilst most United fans had previously been confident of retraining the title earlier than the last day, the excitement, nerves and satisfaction that came with winning it after the final game of the season certainly made up for it.

He’s Won It 10 Times - Giggsy and Fergie

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When United won the league last season, I was made up to find a clip on YouTube of the dressing room celebrations from our lads. They soaked each other with champagne and sung the fans' songs, and generally just looked delighted. Sir Bobby Charlton milled around, watching the celebrations. "He's won it nine times, he's won [.


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Manchester United, Premier League Champions again. Whilst in hindsight, United could have drawn 0-0 today, it felt like it was Ryan Giggs' goal that made us Champions today. After the stick he's (rightly) endured over the past few months, it is magical for him to score our second goal. Everything about United feels like it's [.

What Has Anderson Done Wrong?

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Anderson is certainly the brightest prospect on United's books and a fans' favourite after just one season at the club. Yet the past month he has taken a clear backseat in our success. Starting against Chelsea, in a game where Sir Alex Ferguson admitted he played a weakened team to ensure our place in the European [.

Today’s The Day - Can We Do It?

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I write this before leaving for the pub on a glorious Mancunian day. Blue skies, the sun is shining...and I feel sick. A whole season's work comes down to today. All the goals and saves and tackles and passes and fouls come down to this one day. Everything that has gone before, right back to August [.

Ronaldo At United For As Long As Fergie Is

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Cristiano Ronaldo has had a superb season. Looking back over our recent period of general domination, I struggle to think of a player who has been as effective for the team as Ronaldo has been this term. This of course means he is linked with a move away from the club on a fairly regular [...]

United Players Would Sacrifice Anything For The Team

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Manchester United fans can be guilty of having a certain snobbery when it comes to loyalty players from other teams show to their clubs. Recent examples of Ashley Cole stabbing his boyhood club in the back for the money and promise of success at Chelsea, as well as Steven Gerrard handing in two transfer requests [.

Why Are Chelsea Questioning Wigan’s Integrity? Look At Bolton!

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Following a week where so much press attention has focussed on whether Wigan will put up a fight against United on Sunday, Ferguson has fought back. Several Chelsea players have been putting pressure on Wigan to do their job and show up against the Champions in the crucial final game of the season, however today, [.

Winning The League On Goal Difference Takes Away From Success?

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If Manchester United match Chelsea's result this weekend, whether that is win, lose or draw, we will win the league by goal difference alone. We currently have a difference superior by 17 goals, thanks to our great scoring and defensive records. Whilst Ronaldo has stolen most of the headlines this season, there has still be [.

Yet Even More Desperation From Chelsea

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Earlier in the week I looked at how desperate Chelsea players were starting to look as the final day of the season gets closer. United just need to match or better Chelsea's result against Bolton on Sunday to claim the league, so are certainly favourites to win the title. However, Chelsea players are keen to insist [.

You’re Not Special Anymore! The Decline of Jose Mourinho In Full

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I remember distinctly reading the newspaper on the morning of our opening game of the 2004-2005 season and feeling utterly disheartened. For a United fan, the first day of the season had always been one filled with so much hope, regardless of what we'd won the season before. If we hadn't won the league, I'd [.

New United Shirts Revealed

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It's that time of year again. The trophies are dished out, United are linked to every player going, and new kits are "leaked" on the net. Well, no trophies yet, and I'm not getting too excited about our potential targets, so here are pictures of potentially our new away kit next season. Red, white and blue?

Desperate Chelsea Players Put Pressure On Wigan

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A win at the JJB stadium for United this weekend will secure our status and Champions. With Wigan having nothing to play for and being managed by former United captain, Steve Bruce, the nerves are starting to get to Chelsea. John Terry was the first to speak out, attempting to appeal to Wigan's better nature, calling [.

VIDEO: From The Stands vs West Ham including Fergie Speech

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Saturday saw United's land home game of the season, which ended in a 4-1 victory for the reds. Before kick off, I was apprehensive over how we would play. Upon hearing that there were no changes to the team that beat Barcelona to progress to the European Cup final four days before, we could be [...]

Will Rio Lift The Trophy?

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Last season, Gary Neville missed the final couple of months due to an injury he suffered against Bolton. This paved the way for Ryan Giggs to captain us until the end of the season, meaning he lifted the trophy last May with Neville. Whilst the worst seems over for Neville, he has missed all of this [.

Noises From The Chelsea Camp

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Manchester United and Chelsea are battling it out for silverware again this season, just as they were last. United claimed the title, whilst Chelsea beat us in the FA Cup final. There was no contest over who'd had the better season though. This season, we are faced with a similar situation, however the stakes are a [.

Rio: Rooney Gave Me GoalKeeping Advice

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Had Cristiano Ronaldo not shown himself as the best player in the World this season, Rio Ferdinand certainly would have been our best performing player. His consistancy and strength have been admirable, with him keeping some of the best strikers in the World, from Fernando Torres to Samuel Eto'o, unusually quiet.

A Year On…Is This The Day We Beat Chelsea To The Title Again?

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May 5th 2007 A lacklustre performance at the Wastelands on the Saturday, just three days after being knocked out of the European Cup in Italy against Milan, saw United on the brink of securing our first title since 2003. We had lead the table all season, Jose Mourinho's Chelsea drifting within three points of us on [.

Newcastle Players More Than Happy To Help United

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Chelsea travel to St James Park this afternoon to take on an in form Newcastle side. Over the past 8 games, Newcastle are ranked 4th in the form league, looking a very different side to the one we beat 6-0 at home and 5-1 away. Assuming Chelsea don't score more than 19 goals on the last [...]

Last Day Of Sale

Republik Of Mancunia at related • 1 view has one day left to run on its Spring Sale, where 10% off is offered on all coloured text based Manchester United products. Simply type in SPRINGCOLOUR when given the option of redeeming a voucher. Sale ends at midnight on May 5th. "Last Day Of MancuniaMerchandise.

United Play Football The Right Way…Unlike Chelsea

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Alan Curbishley was put under scrutiny this week when he claimed it would be a travesty if United didn't win the league. Whilst I don't entirely agree he deserved the criticism Avram Grant threw in his direction for what he said, I can agree that the timing of the comments, in the week leading up [..

Micah Richards Could Be Coming - Do You Want Him?

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Micah Richards is one of the increasing numbers of "bling" players in the Premiership, loving the lifestyle, money and women being a professional football player provides you with. Earlier this season, Richards was part of a "roasting" scandal which was revealed by the News of the Screws. With a mate, Richards captured on his mobile the pair [.

Rio: Wes Is Keeping Nev Out Of The Team

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Wes Brown is the defender with the most appearances this season, which is somewhat ironic, considering he has been second choice for much of his United career. Whilst starting consistently during the 05-06 season, in the centre alongside Rio Ferdinand, Wes has struggled to keep a first team place down in his long career with [.

Third Party Ownership Strikes Again - Bosingwa Deal Stalls

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With Gary Neville looking at the end of his career, despite making a substitute appearance against Roma last month, Manchester United are eager to find a replacement for the right back. Porto's Jose Bosingwa has been tipped as the favourite, with United reportedly putting in a £15 million offer for the player.

Relegation Battle - The Results Went United’s Way

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As United fans, we spend the majority of the season checking out the results of the teams towards the top, whilst usually casting a sentimental eye over Sunderland's score. However, today is a day when we should be looking at the teams towards the bottom of the table, as our title hopes could lie in [.

Fergie Slams Grant’s Desperate Attempt At Mind Games

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Manchester United take on West Ham later today, hoping to go three points clear at the top of the table before Chelsea play Newcastle on Monday. It is a crucial game which United have no choice but to win. On paper, you'd imagine this should be no problem, but you only have to look at [...]

Ronaldo: Time To Relax And Win

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Manchester United are embarking on what could be the greatest season since 1999, with three more wins ensuring a league and European Cup double. The glory is painfully close and there are just a few teams standing between us and our goal. We have to take on West Ham at the weekend, who have beaten us [.

Loadsamoney… No, Not Chelsea, UNITED!

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Forbes magazine has today announced that Manchester United are the most valuable football club in the World, with Real Madrid coming some way behind in second. This news contrasts that of years gone by, when all the focus on the Glazers left us with doom and gloom. Now, don't get me wrong, we're not out of the woods [.

See You In Moscow Rentboys! - United’s Glory Chances Boosted

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All I could think when the referee blew his whistle for extra time was "thank fuck this isn't us!" I thought Tuesday night was a painful enough experience, but after Liverpool got their away goal, it was game on. First half of extra time, Michael Essien sees his goal ruled out for offside. A minute later, [.

VIDEO: United’s Amazing Barca Atmosphere From The Stands

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We love United we do He scores goals galore/Moscow We'll Never Die Viva Ronaldo After the final whistle Walking off the field "VIDEO: United's Amazing Barca Atmosphere From The Stands" was originally published at The Republik of Mancunia.