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Ronaldo: Team Comes First

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Cristiano Ronaldo played a very different game for Manchester United last night, in the match that saw us book a place in the European Cup final. He was certainly dedicated to the cause but when about the match in an extremely mature way. He produced the quality skill when required, but spent the majority of [.

Show Your Colours: Players Backing For Better Than Nou Camp Atmosphere

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Ahead of United's crucial semi-final against Barcelona this evening, I am joining the manager and players in getting well behind the "Show Your Colours" campaign, in which United fans are all encouraged to bring scarves and flags with them tonight, singing as loudly as possible. United fans travelling to Spain weren't happy to be place in [.

Lack Of Familiarity Costing United Glory?

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Last season, United played more or less our first XI for the majority of the season. Whilst both Gary Neville and Nemanja Vidic spent lengthy periods on the sidelines, for most of the season our team was VDS – Neville – Rio – Vidic – Evra – Ronaldo – Scholes – Carrick – Giggs – [...

Ronnie: Viva Ronaldo Makes Me Very Proud

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"Viva Ronaldo" is the latest favourite chant at Old Trafford, with it being sung loudly and proudly by both our home and away fans. Ronaldo, who already has a couple of songs dedicated to him, has revealed how happy it makes him to hear our fans singing his song. "I've heard the song a few times [...

REDS United: It’s Down To Us Tonight

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United are encouraging a "Show Your Colours" campaign for tomorrow night, where all those going to the ground should bring our flags and scarves with us. Following on from great European atmospheres in the past, such as Porto '77, Barca '84, and Inter '99, all reds attending are asked to sing loud and proud, with scarves [.

Barcelona Tonight: Predictions From The Stars

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Sir Alex Ferguson "The first thing is I trust these players," he said. "I'm happy for them to represent Manchester United in any shape or form, in any game. I think I'm a lucky manager to have such good lads. Character-wise, they're fantastic. You saw that in the second half against Chelsea when they were absolutely [.

PICTURES: United vs Chelsea Groundstaff

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    "PICTURES: United vs Chelsea Groundstaff" was originally published at The Republik of Mancunia.

Handbags or Racism? What Happened After Chelsea Game?

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On a day where everything seemed to be falling apart, with a penalty in the final moments of Stamford Bridge and Rio Ferdinand kicking off, the last thing we needed to hear was a selection of our players had been in a fight with the rent boy groundstaff. The pictures showed a beefy Chelsea worker swinging for [.

United’s Post Match Brawl With Chelsea

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Patrice Evra is carrying a yellow in the Champions League, meaning another booking against Barcelona on Tuesday would see him miss the final. It therefore made sense to see Mikael Silvestre line up against the rent boys today, giving him some match time against difficult opposition ahead of the semi final.

Chelsea vs United: Stats Don’t Bode Well

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When looking at our results versus Chelsea in the Roman era, United fans may have reason to worry about our away trip to Stamford Bridge tomorrow. Chelsea currently hold an 80 league game unbeaten run at home and with a title to fight for, certainly won't be rolling over for us. Six years ago, almost to [.

Mourinho: Destiny In United’s Hands

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Chelsea fans still cry in to their pillow at the thought of Jose Mourinho, the man that guided them to their first title in 50 years, as well as winning both domestic cups. Only a couple of years before they were on the brink of bankruptcy, but for three years they got to see a [...]

Post Barca Player Rection - Tactically Spot On?

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Cristiano Ronaldo "Well it was a tough game," he said. "They keep the ball a lot I think we defended well, we play well and you know 0-0 away is a good result. I didn't score - no problem. But now I will score in Manchester. 0-0 is a good result now we play at home [...]

Styles Dropped After Costing United Points At Blackburn

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Rob Styles didn't win himself any United mates after his failings as a referee cost United crucial points last weekend. United were denied two penalties, after Rooney was fouled in the box in the first half by Reid (his late reaction to the foul swaying the ref) and a blatant handball from Emerton, blocking Carrick's [.

United or Barca? Who’s Your Money On?

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Sir Alex Ferguson "We have to score. If we do, that means we have a good chance as the atmosphere at Old Trafford (next Tuesday) will be electric," he told MUTV. "On so many occasions over the years, I've referred to the fans as the 12th man. We want to make sure it's a real sea [...]

Premiership or Primera División? Fergie and Xavi Battle It Out

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The Premiership is now widely regarded as the best league in the World, which is supported by the fact three English teams have made it to the semi-finals of the European Cup for the past two seasons. Whilst great skill and ability is required, there is added physical pressure which is all but absent in [.

John Arrrrrne Riise, ooh ahh…

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Never will I be Chelsea's greatest fan, but I may have been confused as one when watching John Arne Riise put the ball in to the back of his own net this evening. As the clock reached the 94th minute, Chelsea, who had been dominated for much of the match, broke in to the Liverpool [...]

Does Giggsy Deserve All The Stick?

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Ryan Giggs has cemented himself in the history books, not just for United, but English football. He currently holds the record for the most English league titles won by a player, with 9 winners medals, and it will be some time until that is beaten. Paul Scholes is the only player who stands to threaten [.

City Really Are A Massive Club - Ronaldinho To Manchester

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Peter Kenyon, the man who claimed he was a red before jumping ship as soon as Roman's money came to Chelsea, is despised by United fans. He is a slimy rat who'd shag his own gran, scouser style, for a few bob, and sold his soul when he joined Chelsea. Two months before he left, Kenyon [...]

Longsight Lad Signs

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Wes Brown has finally put pen to paper on a deal that sees him at the club until 2012, following months of speculation regarding his future. Talks broke down after Brown felt he wasn't being offered a salary that was in line with his contribution to the club, particularly in comparison to the wages of [.

VIDEO: From The Stands vs Blackburn - Earns Player Praise

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Michael Carrick has today dished out some well deserved praise to the travelling fans at Ewood Park on Saturday. The United end sung non-stop throughout the 1-1 draw against Blackburn, singing out the regular songs as well as the new favourites, "Viva Ronaldo" and "Taking over Barcelona". Being a goal behind for the majority of the [.

Violence Overspills at Ewood Park

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Manchester United secured a vital point at Ewood Park against Blackburn on Saturday, after Carlos Tevez scored the equaliser two minutes from time. United dominated the game, but on a day where they saw their shots come back off the woodwork and Rob Styles deny blatant penalties, were relieved to leave with something.

Rooney: We’re Ready To Beat Chelsea At The Bridge

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The one highlight of the demoralising 3-0 defeat at Stamford Bridge the year before last, which saw Chelsea lift the Premiership trophy at the final whistle, was the look on John Terry and Frank Lampard's faces when Rooney lay in agony on the pitch. The game was already over at this point and I was [.

Just For A Laugh - Messi and Kaka To Big Club Chelsea

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When news broke that Jose Mourinho had left Chelsea, I was over the moon. Despite having a poor start to the season, it was clear what effect Mourinho had on the confidence of his players, and that is not the kind of man you want in charge of the opposition. I often wonder how those fans, [...]

Ronald: Wigan’s Chelsea Result Was Fantastic

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Chelsea travel to Goodison Park this evening for a ridiculously scheduled league game which was shifted so it could be shown on the telly, knowing that they must win. United fans can sit back and relax, cheering on Everton for two reason. Firstly, to take points off Chelsea to leave us with the opportunity of [.

Stevie Me Takes Ronaldo’s Diving Crown…But You Wouldn’t Know It

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Cristiano Ronaldo's incredible form has left even his haters lost for words, nobody able the challenge his status as currently the greatest player in the sport. If ever there is a case of "mud sticks", then it is ever present for Ronaldo in relation to his twinkle toes past. Gracing the Premiership stage aged just [.

Anderson-son-son Is Wrong About “Cup Final” Against Barcelona

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Manchester United are set to take on Barcelona in the semi-finals of the European Cup, which has mouth watering prospects for the viewers. Both clubs are advocates of the game, playing football as it should be played, but plenty of emphasis on attacking and skills. Ronaldo, Messi, Rooney, Henry, Tevez, Deco, Scholes and Ronaldinho are players who'd [.

Angry Ronaldo: My Future Is With United

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Cristiano Ronaldo has been flying high this season, scoring almost a goal for every game he has played in. He has come along way from the skinny 18-year-old lad who joined us from Sporting Lisbon, and looks set to take a clean sweep of the individual awards this season. There was been plenty of talk of [.

Capello: Rooney Is Good At Everything And WILL Be Captain

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The talk concerning United's future captain has been rife this season, with Gary Neville at times looking as though his career was over and Ryan Giggs, the vice-captain, not getting any younger. Rio Ferdinand is the obvious replacement, taking the armband whenever both these players aren't on the field.

Campbell: I Wouldn’t Forgive Myself For Leaving United

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At the start of the season, many United fans were concerned over our lack of firing power in the squad. Both Rossi and Alan Smith had been sold on and we'd still yet to buy a replacement for the goal machine, Ruud van Nistelrooy. We'd all seen enough of Dong to realize he wasn't going [...]

For Old Time’s Sake, eh Bruce?

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United extended their lead at the top of the table to six points yesterday evening, after coming back from a goal behind to beat Arsenal 2-1. With Chelsea playing Wigan tonight, we could certainly do with more breathing room than just the three points that it would become with a Chelsea victory. With a trip [.

Why Ronaldo Won’t Ever Be The Next David Beckham

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Every time the transfer window opens, United are linked to "the next *insert great player's name here*", with youngsters tipped to fill boots they probably never will come close to filling. Since David Beckham left United at the end of our Championship winning season in 2003, there have been several people hailed as "the next David [.

You Cheating F**kin Bastards

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After all the whinging that has resonated from the Emirates in the last week or so, over referees costing them their title bid and place in the European Cup, I am over the moon to see those twats have their season ended at Old Trafford today, despite their cheating ways. Adebayor's goal was scored down at [.

Fergie: Three Games Away From Champions

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Manchester United take on Arsenal this afternoon, knowing a victory strengthens our title bid and finishes Arsenal's season. In contrast, a defeat would blow the title race wide open. Sir Alex Ferguson, who has been in this situation time and again in his trophy filled career with the club, is confident that the title will be [.

Fergie Reveals His Summer Spending Plans

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Last season, United claimed the Premiership title despite not having the depth of squad Jose Mourinho had at Chelsea. Both teams suffered injury and United struggled particularly at the back, with injuries to the likes of Gary Neville and Nemanja Vidic. In the crucial Premiership victory against Everton at Goodison Park last season, United came [.

Worry For United - Arsenal Team Spirit High

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Manchester United take on their old title rivals Arsenal this Sunday, in a game which could, temporarily at least, give United a six point lead at the top and end Arsenal's fading title hopes, or leave United in a precarious situation, awaiting Chelsea's result against Wigan, with Arsenal closing the gap on us.

Another Arsenal Thrashing On The Cards?

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The Arsenal game was the highlight of our season for many years. The build up in the weeks preceding, with Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson battling it out in the press, only heightened the expectations. The games were usually high drama and the winner would usually have a crucial advantage in the title race.

Is United’s Player of the Season a Forgone Conclusion?

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Even fans with a venomously passionate anti-United stance would struggle to argue against Cristiano Ronaldo being hailed as the best player in the World right now, with the winger scoring an incredible 37 goals for United this season, plus a further 2 goals for Portugal in the 3 Euro qualifiers he's played in.

Embarrassed Nev Thanks Fans

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With Gary Neville's comeback date postponed time and again, whilst talk of his retirement was rife, I had a 'I'll believe it when I see it' attitude to whether he would play for the first team again. As he approached the touchline last night, ready to be subbed on against Roma, I was made up. The [..

Henry Taunts United - They Won’t Be Able To Surprise Us

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Thierry Henry is a player who United fans will ever be fond of, due to his affiliations with our former rivals. The Arsenal hero, who left the club in the summer just gone for Barcelona, has failed to make much of an impact on the Spanish giants, who booked their place in the semi-finals of [...]

Is Rio Vital To Our CL and League Success?

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The disappointing result against Middlesbrough was soon put to the back of our minds when news broke that Rio Ferdinand returned to the team bus with his foot in a protective case. In the age where metatarsal breaks are the new craze, the thought that Ferdinand could have broken his foot was pretty unbearable.

History To Repeat Itself? April 7th 2007

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It was just "one of those days". Manchester United saw their six point lead at the top of the table cut to three after losing to Portsmouth on April 7th 2007. We had travelled to Roma for the European Cup quarter final midweek, Rooney scoring what was thought to be a crucial away goal, but [...]

Respect The Ref? Explain This One Riley

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Middlesbrough committed 22 fouls today yet received 3 yellow cards. How does that add up? Good to see that Ferguson's rant about the incompetency of Keith Hacket's band of referees has been taken on board. Or not. Less than a minute played, Aliadiere fouls Evra. With two minutes played United won their second free kick after [.

Rafa Won’t Do Us Any Favours

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Had United been drawn an English side at this stage in the competition, I'd easily have been able to find the positives. There is a great familiarity with English teams, so if you have confidence in your manager getting the tactics right, then progression should be achievable. However, with United being drawn Roma in the [.

Chelsea’s Chances Decline With Pantomime Dames In Charge

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"It's just not fair," seemed to be the biggest criticism a United fan could fling in to the face of a Chelsea fan on the attack, and it felt pitiful and weak. The press told us United were in decline whilst Chelsea were playing arguably the most efficient football the Premiership had ever seen. The [.

Liverpool Fans Attack Neville

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"Gary Neville is a red, he hates scousers" goes the popular chant at Old Trafford. Whilst Neville is a legend at Old Trafford, he's a hate figure at Anfield, something which no doubt makes the United skipper very proud. His brother, Phil, who could have had a long term career at United had Roy Keane left [.