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Berbatov’s Late Winner Saves 10-Man United Against Bolton

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Usually I'm not all that enthused about the extended international breaks that occur during the season, because it means that there's a two-week gap between Manchester United matches.

But for once, I say thank goodness for the international break, because at the rate that we're losing defenders this way or that, I'd rather us not have a match this week or weekend.

United Draw Chelsea In Champions League Quarterfinals

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My initial reaction on seeing that we were paired with Chelsea in the Champions League quarterfinals?


Perhaps due to my half-awake state, it hit me harder, but there was an immediate and audible negative reaction. I wasn't disappointed because I felt it was a bad draw, but I was disappointed because this was actually the last draw I wanted United to land, at least for the quarters.

Nani Back As United Meet Marseille In Crunch Champions League Clash

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To say that Manchester United have a right to be in the Champions League quarterfinals might be going a bit too far, but a Champions League quarterfinal draw without United in the hat is an oddity and a rarity.

United are the only side to have reached at least the quarterfinals in each of the previous four seasons, and we've hit that mark in 11 of the last 14, so there's tradition to uphold as we face Marseille tonight at Old Trafford.

Revamped United Down Arsenal, Derby Date Awaits In FA Cup Semis

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Anytime Manchester United defeat Arsenal, it's a reason to have some extra pep in your step the next day and likely for the next day after that.

But Saturday's FA Cup quarterfinal win, in the situation it came in and in the manner in which United claimed the spoils, could be considered our most important win of the season to date.

Is It Panic Time For United After Defeats At Chelsea And Liverpool?

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By now, I think most who frequent Red Rants know that I'm generally a positive person, even when the situation should dictate otherwise.

However, the only positive thing about Sunday's...whatever that that place...against that team was when Phil Dowd mercifully blew his whistle for full time to end it.

Can Manchester United Kill Off Chelsea’s Faint Premier League Title Hopes?

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A quick look at the top three of the Premier League table, and you will see much the same thing you've seen for the better part of the last few months, with Manchester United holding steady at the top and Arsenal and Manchester City battling for second and third.

Still, despite those two being in the nearest distance points-wise, for a while, it appeared that the only team truly capable of preventing United from capturing title #19 is the team that did so last season, a side that currently sits not second, not third, not fourth, but fifth in the table.

Fergie Charged With Improper Conduct And Ivanvic Admits Chelsea Shouldn’t Have Had A Penalty

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Things are generally never quiet around Old Trafford and the last couple of days have been no different. Since the defeat against Chelsea the fallout continues to rain down in the media with Sir Alex Ferguson's comments after the game attracting most attention.

After the loss Sir Alex said "You want a fair referee, or a strong referee anyway and we didn't get that.

Can Manchester United Notch A Vital Victory At Liverpool Without Vidic?

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In 1990, I was making the transition from day care to kindergarten. Everything was cheaper, and the technological age that defines the present day hadn't yet begun in earnest.

In 1990, what's now the Premier League was still the First Division, Alex Ferguson was just Alex Ferguson, and the likes of Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, David Beckham, and the Neville brothers were still very much boys, and Rafael and Fabio da Silva were just making their way into the world.