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Perez would ‘welcome’ Ronaldo — that’ll be £70m, thank you.

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Prior to the Champions' League final Ronaldo went on a PR crusade doing interviews affirming his decision to stay on at United. "Manchester is my home", he would say. He even did a spoof interview, where he interviews himself with a choice selection of canned questions that journalists are wont to ask.

United Sleepwalk to Defeat

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There's been this nagging feeling at the back of my head; the press had built up United to be a monster that would just walk all over Barcelona. Even many fans were disturbingly over confident over our chances. Surprisingly, a good number of English non-United fans were also fairly confident of United's chances.

United Barca Preview

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This is the big one. Win this and we become a part of history lose this, and while some of the shine will be lost, there won't be too much of a grudge losing to a side that has been awesome for most part of this season.

There has been plenty of talk about how United are favourites going into this game.

O’Shea deserves his place in the spotlight

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Before Sir Alex hands over his team-sheet to UEFA officials on Wednesday evening, you can't be quite sure on the exact eleven that will take to the field in Rome. Will Carlos Tevez be afforded his United swansong? Will Rio win his fitness battle? Will Giggs or Scholes be given the nod?

Jumping Ahead of Hull and onto Barca

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So forgive me, if for once, I choose to not talk about Hull and rather focus the gist of my piece on Barcelona instead.

I received an email from Craig Murray (if you haven't heard of Craig Murray, here's his Wikipedia page), who sent me a link to a disturbing image and article centered around Barcelona a club, he purports, supports a fascist dictatorship.

Wayne Rooney - The only option left?!

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It's been quite a regular occurrence of late hasn't it? No I'm not talking about Ronaldo whinging or even a Carlos Tevez transfer story. I'm specifically referring to Wayne Rooney, his versatility and this endearing quality he possesses to play left wing.

Ok so it's not the biggest revelation since the discovery of electricity as it has been tried and tested before.

18 Titles, Champions of England — and those are actually facts

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There was a side show an Arsenal game, which threatened, briefly, to become a party pooper that ended 0-0. On an ideal day we would have wanted to win the game, but a draw is the next best option. The relief on the United players faces were palpable by what ended up being a case of holding on for the last minutes.

Manchester United vs Arsenal Live - Time to celebrate?

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The champagne is on ice and one more point against Arsenal will hand Sir Alex his eleventh Premier League title.

Join me on Saturday from 12:15PM (BST) to follow all the action from Old Trafford and hopefully we can celebrate lifting the Premier League trophy for the third successive season!

Vote for us…

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... if you want to. EPL Talk have been gracious enough to nominate us in the best club blog category. To be honest, I feel a bit sheepish asking for votes when there are other stalwarts in the mix. As of now, RoM are well in the lead, and fair play to them, Scott's a top blogger, probably got the most widely updated, read, well-written blog around and plus, it's a Manchester United blog to boot.

Arsenal Preview: Will United do it?

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Arsenal visit OT after a run of brutally demoralising results against us and a Chelsea side that was gutted only three days prior.

United play Arsenal with the knowledge that they don't need to win, but this current side, with the awareness of making things easier, by winning it today and cooling their heels against Hull, drilled into them by the manager would know better than to relax today.

Old Trafford expansion just the ticket? Not a chance!

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When the suits at the FA decided to build the new Wembley they probably envisaged, or at least hoped, that they would possess a stadium capable of eclipsing that of any other in the country. I imagine the conversation ran something like this: ‘Well Old Trafford stands at around 60,000, let's make Wembley 90,000, just to be on the safe side.

United 2-0 City: Two goals, and two statements

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Derby day came and went, United need another four points for the title. A banner that read 33 years was unfurled. Ronaldo scored through another freekick and, with United's domination of proceedings, the match was effectively over by the end of the first half.

A limp, unimaginative City side also contributed partly to the one sided nature of the first half.

Derby Day Preview

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There's the temptation of opening today's post with a mention of Tevez's recent comments and I have very strong opinions on it but for the sake of a much more pressing event today, I will bring it up another day.

The richest team in the world ® arrive at Old Trafford on the back of, I think, four wins.

Champions League Re-cap: Our Journey to Rome…

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The dust has just about settled following our magnificent victory over Arsenal that has booked us a place in Rome to face Barcelona in the Champions League final.

I wouldn't say I'm relieved to be playing the Catalans but having lost the trophy in the manner that Chelsea did last season, revenge would have been very much on the agenda for Terry et al so in a way I'm glad we're avoiding them.

Ref shocker sees Barca through

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I haven't yet penned my thoughts on the United game, thanks to a crazy week. I don't think I can find time yet to write a proper post on this because I will be busy till the end of the week. So apologies.

I decided however, for the benefit of commenters on the previous post, that I must have a new thread here to prevent that page from crashing.

Arsenal v Manchester United Live - Champions League Semi Final

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Rewind a week and one of the unlikeliest of heroes took the plaudits as John O'Shea smashed home to give us a one goal advantage going into the second leg at the Emirates.

Join me from around 19:15 (BST) tonight for Live Blog coverage of the match as we look to book our place in Rome for the Champions League final!

Arsenal Away: Champions’ League Preview

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It's hard to talk about other things without getting the obvious rumour out of the way. The Guardian broke the news of United making an offer of £63m for Franck Ribery. Now before we get ahead of ourselves, let it be known that we just made an offer assuming the story is true. (Raphael Honigstein did the exclusive, and although he's one of the better journalists around and among the nicer chaps based on my sources you never know with so much time between now and the transfer window.

Is it really time up for Nani at Old Trafford?

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It doesn't look good does it? Brought off at half-time whilst trailing at home to Tottenham which rather ironically then helps spark that tremendous comeback. I can understand why he wouldn't be desperate to stay behind and encourage his teammates but it was hardly the wisest of choices to make and it's difficult to defend a quite childish, sulky and rather petty reaction to yet another below-par individual performance.

Boro v Man Utd: Preview

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Boro are a mad team. They are capable of the atrocious, like their current league position demonstrates. Yet, they have had their fair share of big team scalps.

And that's all I can say about them, really. An away game at the Riverside can always be tricky, would be the other cliche I could trot out.