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Have a break, have a Premier League title

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While Red Ranter drowns his sorrows in a skanky C-list celebrity (his excuse), Stephen Darwin, who hosts the Soccerlens podcast and the Manchester United podcast for Football FanCast steps, into the breach with a look at what Manchester United's finest did during the international break. An international break tends to frustrate me something chronic.

Oh Well, Let’s Throw the Kitchen Sink at United

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My twitter followers may have been aware, but I was away for the weekend on an important trip, which resulted in me being cut off entirely from the telly, as well as having only brief shots at the internets. The upside from all that was I got to sidestep another rubbish result that somehow contrived [.

Porto it is then…

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United perhaps have the better draw than some of the other big favorites for the Champions' League. They've drawn with Porto, who are a far cry from the side that sneaked past us last time round, whilst, we get to face either Villarreal or Arsenal in the semis. The other end of the draw makes [...]

On Vidic’s red card

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This is not going to be about Saturday's game, per se. I won't dwell on the performance beyond what I've already written about yesterday. But I forgot to touch on one aspect that stuck out for me. I can't help but shake the sense of confusion that's descended, and hence, consider this to be a [...]

Is Fabio too good for the reserves?

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Rafael da Silva, one of the Brazilian twins United signed has given an excellent account of himself this season. His tenacity, ability to dribble and pace belies his tender years and has caught many eyes world over. But the much touted of the two, however, was Fabio. He captained the Brazilian U-17 team and was [.

Lessons learned from Inter and Liverpool.

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[Note to Liverpool fans stumbling onto this site through Newsnow: You lot are among the best fans ever and you will win the treble this season. Now go away and leave us in peace.] Saturday was a terrible day. It's been a while since I've felt this bad after a game. Even Chelsea away in the [...]

Man Utd v Inter: Preview

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Lot of trash talk has happened over the past few days. Mourinho, as always, deflects attention from his players to himself. Despite his side's patched up injury situation, nothing can be ruled out of today's fixture. But on this one occasion, I am convinced I have cause to feel optimistic. Before we move on, some reading [.

Mourinho, Shut it!

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There is only so much delusions of grandeur a human being can take in a day. In reference to this from the 'Special One': "If you want me to rule out ever being Manchester United manager I can't. "Special clubs need special managers so in theory it could work, but nobody knows what the future is [...

For Your Reading Pleasure…

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It's Friday, and I am looking to spread link love (link blog for the uninitiated) so here are some United related links worthy of, well, linking. The Taylor-Ronaldo tussle was about the most remarkable incident to have come out of the Newcastle game. While there were reports on what transpired in the tunnel, Taylor came out [.

Newcastle Preview and Ronaldo’s Contract

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Another midweek game, another game I'm sure to miss thanks to work. Living stateside, midweek games are tough on the fan. I guess I'd have to rely on the next best thing; the recorded game. Yesterday, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea all won. And for all Arsenal's troubles and Villa's current position in the league, I [.

Man Utd v Tottenham: Carling Cup Final Preview

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Roman Pavlyuchenko made some very strange remarks. Very, very strangely timed remarks indeed. Either the import of his remarks may have been lost in translation (the quotes attributed to him clearly seem from someone with a reasonable command of the Queen's language), or he needs to be coached on the benefits of good PR.