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Man Utd v Tottenham: Carling Cup Final Preview

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Roman Pavlyuchenko made some very strange remarks. Very, very strangely timed remarks indeed. Either the import of his remarks may have been lost in translation (the quotes attributed to him clearly seem from someone with a reasonable command of the Queen's language), or he needs to be coached on the benefits of good PR.

Inter v Man Utd: Preview

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Suddenly we are not 'injury proof'. Rafael has been added to the list that includes Evans, Brown, Neville, O'Shea and, for all practical purposes for the day, Vidic. Mourinho reckons a 'worried' United may be defensive. Fergie brushes that aside with a we-rarely-play-for-draws rebuttal. Ronaldo mumbles something about killing or being killed which, for some reason, [.

New Nike Five Live Advert

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So I've been approached again with some more goodies and video regarding the Nike Five tournament I mentioned earlier. This will actually be telecast during tomorrow's Champions' League although I'd assume only UK viewers can get to view the commercial. The advert features Wayne Rooney and Joe Cole who turn it on for the CCTV [.

Kia confirms Tevez fears as Blackburn visit OT

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Kia Joorabchian, the representative/owner of the rights to Carlos Tevez, reportedly said this to the Daily Star: "Carlos is in the market now that United have not made any move for him. We are now studying other options and interested parties. There is no option left with United any longer." Actual quotes by his owner although, [.

Derby Man Utd: Live!

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Welcome! Follow us live, as we live blog today's FA Cup. Derby v Man Utd "Derby Man Utd: Live!" was originally published at Red Rants - Manchester United Blog.

Evra returns to add impetus to United’s left

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Rio Ferdinand and Jonny Evans can also be added to the list of people returning from injuries, but the big plus will undoubtedly be Patrice Evra's return. With an imposing defence a given, Evra's presence can give that bit of thrust that, at various stages of our campaign, has seemed missing. His tireless running, determination, [.

The League’s Online Hegemony, Nationwide Nike 5-a-side tournament

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So some of you may be busy getting all mushy with your Valentine, trust me to spend Feb 14th with my brand new Bose Headphones and a new DirecTV install. Who cares about a day created strategically between New Year's and Easter to boost consumer spending? Oh the couples in love I guess. Not that [...

Home Grown Quota Could Temporarily Shut Platini Up

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Now let me not completely rubbish the Frenchman; he's got a semblance of sense when he talks about the disproportionate spending of Citeh with respect to its revenue. But beyond that, most of his rants reveal a sense of hatred for the ascendancy of the English Premier League. Now on to the main item, which [.

Ferguson: There is absolutely no patience in the world now

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Yesterday I was thinking aloud on twitter on Scolari's sacking. I'll quote from it for the benefit of those not following my sporadic byte-sized rants on the rather excellent micro-blogging service: So now that Scolari's sacked, what are the odds of tempting Zola? He says he won't be tempted by the offer.

West Ham v Man Utd: Live

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Sorry for the delay, there was some extremely important errand that I had to attend to. But here's the second half: West Ham v Man Utd "West Ham v Man Utd: Live" was originally published at Red Rants - Manchester United Blog.

Busby Babes RIP

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I was searching for some good material covering the Munich disaster. But then there was substantial coverage on here last year marking the 50th anniversary that culminated in Man City's victory over a, possibly overwhelmed, (or overawed) United side. But the best material I found on Munich this time again was in the official United site.

FA Double Standards Come to the fore… again

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This harks back to the Evra-Bethell scuffle at Stamford Bridge. The video evidence provided were scarcely convincing. Evra gets a four match ban slapped on him, more because there was contradiction in witness statements than actual incontrovertible evidence. And an FA official might have as well put his arms around Sam Bethell and gone for [.

Lone Penalty seats United firmly on top

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A ridiculous red card ensured Liverpool gain the upper hand and win (although just barely) against Chelsea, and get a lifeline to hang onto. Meanwhile, a Ronaldo penalty ensured we saw off Everton without much trouble. The game as such wasn't particularly remarkable (we live-blogged it here) and I think the best way to summarize this [.