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Aalborg v Man Utd: Preview

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Fergie was in particularly non-cooperative mood with the press, basically telling the English media to fuck off. He cites the misquote (that Chelsea were too old for the title) in South Africa as a reason why they won't hear from him again. Of course he had to attend the pre-match conference according to UEFA rules, [.

Man Utd 2-0 Bolton: Ref Reprieve Earns Win

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No, it wasn't a penalty; everyone by now would testify. I'm not sure if Ronaldo dived, as lot of pundits would claim though, I think he could have stood his ground. But it was the sort of break you needed in the game to come away with a win. As usual I've taken longer [...]

Man Utd v Bolton: Preview

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A quiet few days later, United return to a Premier League game that's at home. The start has been gruelling for us with the injuries and the fixture list, among a few reasons, but if Fergie's prophecy that we'll be fine by October is to ring true, today would be a game we [...]

The Effects of the Injury Crisis

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Our sluggish start to the season has been much discussed and much lamented. All sorts of reasons have been offered up for this, many individual players have had their reputations torn apart. I think that a lot of people can't see the wood for the trees, and are missing either the main reason why we're [.

The Belated Match Report + Boro Preview

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Ok, so here's the report that I got down to pen. Let me cut to it right away without much fuss. Read on after the jump. Manchester United went to Stamford Bridge with far greater desire than they could muster at Anfield the week before. All the pre-match prattle, Fergie's mood etc, pointed towards a desire to [.

Chelsea 1-1 Man Utd: One Point Won, But Two Points Lost

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I had a draft of the game ready but somehow lost it. I will rewrite the match report during the day, hopefully. Till then feel free to continue your discussion. In short, I'll say this: it's a point earned at the Bridge, but it's also a case of what might have been had we held on [...]

Chelsea v Man Utd: Preview

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The magnitude of the situation has been spelled out by pundits and fans alike. SAF recognises the importance of not falling nine points behind Chelsea. Win today and we'll be three points behind with a game in hand. Lose and we'll be you guessed it nine points behind; not a situation one might [.

John Terry, AIG and Fergie’s Rant on Hackett

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We all, by now, are aware that John Terry's red card has been rescinded. The word, I can't seem to find the link, goes that his punishment (i.e., the one match ban) has been 'reduced' rather than his red card being revoked. This in itself strikes me as strange, because I would imagine a red [...]

Man Utd 0-0 Villarreal: Ronaldo Returns

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I couldn't get to see the entire match because of work commitments so I'd suggest readers to look over yesterday's comments to get varied opinions on the game. But, by and large, despite the result, I wouldn't be too concerned about the result and I would take positives out of the game. Also from Ferguson's [.

Man Utd v Villarreal: Preview

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We return to Old Trafford after the misadventure in Anfield to meet the Yellow Submarines (as they are called) with several points to prove. It's a strange thing having to prove points that is when we are the defending English and European champions. But let that not mask the fact that whilst we [.

Berba, Heskey, Ronaldo and a Wet Hen

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Berba, Heskey, Ronaldo and a wet hen - quite a motley collection, but wrapped up in this riddle are two important lessons. First, a trap that United need to avoid to make best use of Berbatov; and second, the only thing our beloved Cristiano needs to do to improve on last season's performance. The Heskey Trap Back [.

Liverpool 2-1 Man Utd: Questions Galore for Fergie

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I don't want to go over the actual happenings on the first Anfield defeat in God-knows-how-many-years but there are a few words (or shall we say phrases?) that can sum up our defeat quite well: (relative) lack of hunger, schoolboy defending and an injured midfielder. I will seek to address some of my observations from the [.

Liverpool v Manchester United: Preview

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At long last we get to some real footballing action. United travel to Anfield with a rather good record in recent times. In pre-match trash talk, the Spanish waiter had a little dig at our club's spending although, for some reason, it seems to escape his attention that he himself has spent about £200m since [.

Some Waffle Ahead of Liverpool Game

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Late post today, but better late than never. Cristiano Ronaldo is inching closer to a return to the side and feels frustrated at not being involved in United's current campaign. "I hope I'll be back to playing football soon. I already count the days to my return and the recovery process is going perfectly.

Benitez Smokescreen Over Duo | United’s Champions’ League Squad Announced

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Rafa Benitez is still hopeful over his star duo Gerrard and Torres returning for our trip to Anfield. This comes in the face of Gerrard ruling himself out and Torres being out with a hamstring injury. I would think a hamstring injury takes about two to four weeks to heal and even if [...]

Wayne Rooney Interviews Capello

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I am extremely bored to the point of pulling my hair out. Couldn't think of anything to write about today. So in my search for stuff remotely concerning United, I came upon the latest edition of I'm on Setanta Sports where Wayne Rooney interviews 'Cabbage Man' Capello. It's not their best episode, but then, I [.

Gill on City and Ronaldo

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There's been a lot of nonsense circulating in the media lately regarding David Gill's comments on the reported £135m offer from Man City for Ronaldo. Leave all those reports alone. I suggest you listen to what David Gill had to say exactly and make up your own minds about it. Here's the link to the interview [.

Brief International Roundup + Berbatov’s Fitness Regime

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Zzzzzz... So have you ever seen such a boring period of absolutely no football? Well, I know the answer to that is yes; all international breaks are like that. But when we went through a nerve wracking 24-hour period as the transfer window shut, any period of no club football would seem terribly empty.

Some More BerbaTalk

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Yes, I've coined that word and have applied for a copyright. Today we'll indulge in a little more BerbaTalk©®, as I've never really penned my thoughts on the Bulgarian, post-transfer. Reports yesterday suggested that we've indulged in some underhanded dealing with regards to Dimitar Berbatov.

What Did We Learn from Deadline Day Transfers

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Paying over the odds to Tottenham (yet again) for the signature of Dimitar Berbatov: £30.74 million. Citeh paying over the odds to Real Madrid to prise Robinho from under the noses of Chelsea: £32.5 million. The look on the faces of Peter "I fucked it up again" Kenyon and (some) eager Chelsea fans: Priceless.

Deadline Day Looms…

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We lost the Super Cup to Zenit. Chelsea proved they are still shit by dropping points. Liverpool drew to Villa, sussing out early season optimism and, more importantly, both Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres are extremely doubtful for our Anfield visit. We have no news on Berbatov, yet. Either way we'll get to know it [.