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Saha, Giggs and Agents, EVDS and Other Stories

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Morning all from the Red Rants towers er, I don't think I've greeted anyone like this before. Let's quickly settle down to what we do best rounding up the news stories of the day (and yesterday). The Guardian speculates that Sunderland might be keen on securing the services of Louis Saha presumably, to [.

How to Buy a Player From Spurs: A Primer

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1. Employ a Spanish waiter to go to the podium and scream at the top of his voice that he's interested to sign one of their players preferably under the glare of Sky, BBC, ITV or whoever is interested. 2. Wait for their Chairman to go mental and report your club for 'tapping up' / [...]


Scholes & Co. Stomp All Over Sailorboys

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A friendly game that I managed to watch in full the unofficial 39th game everyone was talking about ended in a rather one sided affair. I don't read too much into pre-season fixtures anyway, but it's a welcome distraction from the other transfer rumours that fill football websites in the summer. It's also a [.

Tevez for £32m? Tevez Quotes Denied + Kaizer Chiefs Friendly

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Everyone seems to agree that Manchester United have completed the signing of Carlos Tevez for £32m. Everyone, except the official site, who haven't yet confirmed anything. Just how they managed to get the exact figure remains to be seen, but £32m for Tevez? Really? To be honest I hadn't expected us to have signed him already; [.

Irresponsible Media Stir Up Another Storm

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Various media outlets, including the Guardian, have run up headlines like 'Tevez: Let Ronaldo go to Real' or 'Ronaldo should be allowed to go to Real - Tevez'. Here is what the actual quotes look like, in English (considering these have been translated from Spanish, surely): "It is clear he is a very important player for us [.

Fergie Comes Around On Rooney

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Alex Ferguson, according to a story on the Guardian today, admitted that Rooney's real position is through the middle either upfront or just behind. On first glance it may appear like an admission of past mistakes but it could also mean that he's fairly confident about snaring Berbatov from Spurs. That Rooney's not a wide man [.

Join 08/09 Red Rants Fantasy Football. Win Prizes!

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There have been requests for a fantasy football league to be setup in the comments, so I thought I'd do it. I just wasn't sure if it would keep up the attention span of people for an entire season, but hey, if there are prizes to be won, then I guess that is enough motivation. Anyway, [...]SHARETHIS.

Anyone With Knowledge of Spanish, Kindly Translate

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Every one has been talking about Crissy R's interview to ESPN. Yes, I know, it's impossible to have him out of the news beyond five minutes. One would expect him to echo Fergie's views following the meeting with him in Lisbon that he's a Manchester United player for this coming season. But, suddenly, he [.

On the Kaizer Chiefs Friendly + Rodrigo Possebon

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This will be pretty brief because I couldn't watch much of the friendly between United and the Kaizer Chiefs. It's not that I want to be very hard on the players considering it's pre-season but, from what I saw of the match, I thought the display was disjointed. Wayne Rooney huffed and puffed, and was very [.

Spurs, Levy, Ferguson and Berbatov

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Till yesterday, I thought Fergie's comments, as quoted by the Sun were out of line. And since the quotes were attributed to Fergie, no less, I thought, either they must be true or the Sun ought to have some nerve running that story. So, unless Fergie came out to rubbish them, I had no other [...]SHARETHIS.

Conflicting Reports Cast Cloud Over Fergie-Ronaldo “Meeting”

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Everyone has been going on about Fergie holding talks with Ronaldo over the past few hours. The Guardian, for example, report that Fergie held talks with Ronaldo on Monday as he flew to Lisbon. Here, let me quote: Sir Alex Ferguson has met Cristiano Ronaldo for the first time in six weeks in an attempt to persuade [.

What Happens When A Player Doesn’t Get His Move?

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Three top Premier League clubs Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United have players that have been agitating for (or as they say these days: trying to engineer) a move to another club. With Arsenal it's Adebayor, with Chelsea it's Drogba (and Lampard) and with us it's you know who. In the cases of Adebayor and [.

Who is this Alexis Sanchez Chap?

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Yesterday according to reports, Udinese rejected an offer from United for Chilean winger, Alexis Sanchez. He is a 19 year old winger who had a successful loan spell at River Plate last season and Udinese have slapped a fee of 20m euros. Anyway, since there is little to talk about today, here's a video of [.

Poyet Rubbishes Move - Giggsy’s College Degree - No Berbatov Yet - South Africa

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This is the problem with lazy journalism. One paper reports something, quoting "unnamed sources" and the entire press corps take it up citing "other reports". I was never expecting Gus Poyet coming into United, just about six months into his Spurs job. Plus Ramos is building something substantial at Tottenham and it appears that Poyet [.

Ronaldo’s Alligator Adventure + Cannavaro - Zola - Eriksson - Pele - Banks - Ferdinand

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The Sun runs a story today that Rio Ferdinand could face a four match ban. It's only the Sun at the moment that carries this 'exclusive' (that's why they call it an exclusive, don't they?), but one wonders why it's taken them this long. Ferdinand lashed out after the Chelsea game, which seems like aeons [.

Aberdeen 0-2 Man Utd: The Away Kit is Terrible

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There has been plenty written about the Aberdeen game already. I managed to take in about an hour of the game before I had to take off for a day out with my mates. (The subsequent day out led to a late morning hence the late post today.) But I'll quickly put up some brief [...]SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Aberdeen 0-2 Man Utd: The Away Kit is Terrible", url: "http://redrants.

Who Is Your Choice For United’s Number 2?

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Carlos Queiroz's second stint at United ended yesterday officially as he took up the top job as Portugal's coach. It remains to be seen, however, if United are looking to get a replacement manager from abroad or just looking to promote personnel from within the club's coaching hierarchy. So let's spend a little while talking on [.

United Return to Action From Saturday As Queiroz Departs

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Amidst the supposed gloom and transfer kerfuffle, Manchester United, as if like an afterthought, return to playing action against Aberdeen tomorrow. So much has one man taken the wind out of any success or pre-season, that so little is being talked about our forthcoming clash against a side with a rich history.

Ronaldo’s Not Worth United’s Principled Stance

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I don't want to write another tiresome article on Ronaldo. But the lad seems to have a knack of staying in the news. I'll keep it short to save you the trouble. For the others, I'd recommend poring over the comments from yesterday, if you want to see people displaying hurt sentiments. I personally stopped caring many [.

Sepptic Blabbermouth Opens Gob + Roundup

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Not very long ago I mentioned something about the UEFA president losing his mind. Yesterday it was the turn of the FIFA president; true to type, he didn't disappoint. This is what the great man had to say, read on: "The important thing is, we should also protect the player. If the player wants to play [.

Fletch For Everton? Pako for a ‘Thrilled’ Queiroz?

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... and pigs flying? Too many questions. So little time. Well there is plenty of time but, you see, I have to run off on an errand or two after this so I'll get right into this straight away without much waffling. There have been stories that Darren Fletcher has caught David Moyes' fancy. I think [..

Three Questions for Manchester United

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This was written several hours before the time indicated against the article so there is a chance that one of my questions could already have been answered by the time you are reading this. So bear with me. Let's play a game folks. It's not a game really, but still, humour me on this one. Not [...]SHARETHIS.

Manchester United 08/09 Third Kit: It Really Is Better…

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... than the away kit (which was a horror show, to be honest). Anyway here are the pics, after the fold. SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Manchester United 08/09 Third Kit: It Really Is Better...", url: "" });

The Battle of Ankles Deep and the Dark Forces of Madrid

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J. R. R. Tolkien was a great dreamer. Which was perhaps why the Lord of the Rings was a rather good fantasy novel. It had all those elements one would ask for in a well written fantasy: the good, pure evil, adventure, perils, the good getting lured by the evil. So forgive me if I spend [...]SHARETHIS.

Who Should Be United’s Captain Next Season?

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Three days have passed since the Euros got over. We haven't signed anyone. Doom, gloom and hearts stopping left, right and centre. People are dying. Wayne Rooney is partying in Vegas with his newly married wife with the likes of Le Bron James in tow. Fergie's giving interviews over a game of golf. Ronaldo is [.

Ferguson Speaks as he Returns to Old Trafford

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Sir Alex returned to Old Trafford and regular work as he spoke to the press. He said that whilst he'd be looking to start actively scouring the transfer market, he would really be looking to buy one or two players at the most. Now some people may be worried about the apparent lack of ambition [...]SHARETHIS.