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Wenger Speaks Sense As Platini Loses his Mind

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Is Michel Platini for real? Or is this different from the rather good player that strolled the park many years ago? Yesterday he made a statement backing Real Madrid over the Ronaldo saga. Now, I don't have any problem with UEFA over not taking action against Real; there is hardly any substantial evidence to back [.

The Red Exodus | Rio Sure of Ron | Neville v Brown and Other Tales

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Yesterday it came to everyone's knowledge that 5 players from the United academy were released. A club statement was issued: Midfielders Michael Barnes, Sean Evans and Ritchie Jones and defenders Kieran Lee and Michael Lea are all free to leave Old Trafford as of 30 June. Academy striker Chris Fagan and fellow scholar Conor McCormack have [.

Is Manchester United’s Youth System Redundant?

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[Warning - this is a longer than usual post, since this is too big a topic to cover in a few snappy paragraphs. Still, I think it's an important area, so if you have a few minutes then settle in for a read and a think.] There's no doubt that we have been spoilt in the [...]SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Is Manchester United's Youth System Redundant?

Arshavin Likes Fergie…

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... and Scolari and Wenger. He thinks the Premiership is the best league; he watches the English league in the weekends; and, more importantly, he wants to change clubs. He said all this in an interview to the BBC [audio link -- thanks to a comment from yesterday's post.] So where's the catch? Well, for one, [.

Why Carlos Queiroz is More Important than Ronaldo

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Carlos Queiroz has been linked with the Portugal job since Scolari quit, and for good reason too; he's done a great job at United and won over a lot of fans with time. The man himself has been coy over his future refusing to speak anything, citing the now popular excuse with the Man United [...]SHARETHIS.

It’s Holiday Time at Old Trafford

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Welcome back. Hopefully most of you might be able to read this now that the site is fully functional. As mentioned yesterday, we went through a bit of house cleaning house moving, rather as we shifted servers and made changes to the backend. While we planned an overhaul of the visible part, we [.

Red Rants moving servers

Red Rants at related • 1 view is moving from a crap web server to a kick-ass web server. This will hopefully mean no more outages - no db errors, no 'site down' because of too much traffic, etc etc. The whole process is akin to flipping a switch, but there's a 24 to 48 hour period during which some people [...]

Should United Bet on Ronaldinho?

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I know this question has been posed before, but I think it deserves a separate space of it's own. [Why you ask? Because I think it does!] On a day where the likes of Zizou have jumped in on the Ronaldo should go to Madrid bandwagon I'd rather sidestep Ronaldo talk for a day and talk [...]

United’s Transfer Strategy — Is There More to Their Denial?

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[Warning: Highly speculative article involving yours' truly thinking out loud for most part. Kindly bear and do add your 2 pennies' worth at the end.] Yesterday, following Ronaldo's interview with Guillem Balague Manchester United Football Club, issued a statement on its official site reaffirming what it's been saying all along: that Ronaldo is not for sale.

Portugal Knocked Out But Ronaldo Talks

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I saw this link directly from the Guillem Balague exclusive interview (from his website) with Ronaldo, after writing this article. [thanks Ben from the comments] So I suggest you read that interview before reading my post, because what I wrote doesn't really matter now. So Portugal, after a mini-drama that threatened to spoil my day, [.

Brief Comment on Comments

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I've been meaning to write a set of guidelines to make certain things clear to commenters on this site. Of course, these are in addition to the comments policy on this site. What I am going to say won't be ground-breakingly new but a repeat of things I've been saying all along for about a [...]

Manchester United 08/09 Away Kit Pics

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The Sun has put up pictures of the Manchester United away kit for the 08/09 season. I must say that I'm not really sure what to make of them. My first impressions go something like, "Meh!". I sort of like the collar but the blue doesn't sit too well with me. To be sure, I suppose [...]

The Wayne Rooney Debate

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In an attempt to move on from the Ronaldo saga, I want to go back to the topic that was getting most "blog inches" (if that's a phrase) before we descended into the current quagmire. What's the deal with Wayne Rooney? I've tried to phrase that as openly as possible, because the spectrum of opinion is [.

Someone is going to die

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It's getting ridiculous by the day. Times Online, for whom I have lost respect this summer, have published another report without any quotes whatsoever claiming Cristiano Ronaldo will hand in a transfer request. It's one thing when the likes of The Sun indulge in such crap, but when the likes of the Guardian and the Times [.

08/09 Fixtures Announced

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So we have something worth talking about. This will be the shortest of my posts but nonetheless, the fixtures are out for the 08/09 season. I must say, we have a tough start. We also do have a tricky end to the season with Arsenal being the penultimate game. Here's the first five: First Five Fixtures Sat Aug [.

It’s Still All About Ronaldo, Love

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If you draw a timeline of transfer related headlines concerning Ronaldo, since the Champions' League final which we won, by the way and list them all, you will see that there hasn't been anything concrete, till date, for someone to conclusively predict where Ronaldo will ply his trade next season.

Manchester United Make Two Signings

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After a long, quiet summer so far, only troubled by Ronaldo's interviews or rather, a lack of them United finally make two signings. Of course they aren't much to get excited about. First, Patrice Evra was signed for a further four years a very important signing, if you ask me. And the [...]

Short Thursday Roundup

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Will be short today; some work to take care of and precious little to write about so I'll leave you with links to read and I'll try to pop in and update this as and when I get the time. Megson wants to sign Saha [The Sun] Wenger After Roque? [] Still Supporting Portugal [Republik of Mancunia] More links [.

Playing Devil’s Advocate on Ronaldo

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By that, I mean Ronaldo's advocate. I don't view him as the Devil, but some of you do so I thought you'd like the connection. A lot has been written on this blog alone over the last couple of weeks about the Ronaldo situation, culminating in Red Ranter's superbly passionate piece. I have stayed out of [.

Edwin’s Dutch Delight, King Cantona and The Ronaldo Daily

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Let me first say that I've always loved watching Cantona speak. So, yesterday, I was watching his interview to the BBC and, true to type, he didn't disappoint. [Those who've missed it, you can still watch it here.] He's been a showman [and now literally, because of his involvement in films], but when he speaks [.

Speculation Continues in an Otherwise Quiet Day

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Yes. Speculation over Ronaldo will continue for the rest of the tournament because the Great One has said that he'll make a decision only after the tournament. So we will bow down to His wishes and wait till the end of the tournament with bated breath. After all, that's what he meant when he said [..

Euro 2008 and Unsubstantiated Transfer Rumours

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Since a lot of readers have requested more focus on the Euros I'll add a few lines of comment on the ongoing championships myself. However, thanks to the tournament clashing with my work timings, I wouldn't be able to comment on a large chunk of the group stages. That shouldn't stop you from adding your [.

Breaking the Silence on Ronaldo

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[Warning: Long article.] It's been one hell of a week. I finally get to break my self-imposed silence on Ronaldo. So I'll start without too much of an elaborate prologue. The story so far Ever since the Champions' League final Ronaldo has been constantly linked with Real Madrid, and the link, which last season was tenuous, at best, [.

Why Fergie Is So Precious to United

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Talk about longevity; talk about loyalty; talk about a man who values the club and you have the knight from Govan. Yesterday I managed to finally get my hands on Sir Alex Ferguson's full length interview with Sir David Frost [for those who haven't seen it yet, here's the Megaupload link. Download it before it [.

Do United Need Another Left Back?

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Yesterday's major point of debate was on right backs; at least that was the idea. There was a point raised in the comments that rang true to me when I read it, so I decided to put it up for debate. United were indebted to the lung busting runs of Patrice Evra who has [...]

Mystery Man Advised Not to Leave United | SAF’s Big Interview | Right Backs, Anyone?

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A mystery United player, who will not be named till the end of the week on this site by the author, has been advised by an Armani underwear David Beckham to stay put at United, saying United is the best place for said mystery player. End of report. The author is not open for any [...]

Ronaldo Resolution, Benzema, Rio Ferdinand

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All papers are awash with news that Ronaldo is going to decide his future in about 'two days'. There's no need for me to provide a link; just head off to any decent football website and you will see the report. Now let me tell you this: I have resolved to steer clear of Ronaldo [...]