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Hammers Beat United As Champions Squander The Advantage

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West Ham 2-1 Man Utd There are days when you will have to hand it to the opposition. As much as I hate to say it, I would be forced to concede that West Ham were the better team yesterday. They outplayed, out scored, out ran and outnumbered (in midfield) us right through the game. And [...]

West Ham v Man Utd: Preview

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A former cult-hero, in Carlos Tevez, returns as the Reds visit Upton Park to take on the Hammers in their last clash of 2007. Manchester United will be looking to keep their winning run intact and maintain their lead over Arsenal. Clive Tyldesley on the Telegraph assures us that Tevez will be welcomed by Hammers fans.

Manchester United and the Champions’ League

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Well I'm going to start by admitting that like most fans on this site I was extremely disappointed that we drew against Lyon as we could have had a much easier ride to the last eight. But I am delighted with the teams Arsenal and Liverpool got, which were Milan and Inter respectively. However, when [.

United Stroll Past Sunderland And Go Clear At The Top

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Yesterday was not a pretty sight. Not from Reds' legend Roy Keane's perspective that is. His side were simply no match for United's superiority. It was so easy that it was cruel. I've seen Korean sides on our far-east pre-season tours show more resistance. After yesterday, you'd have to feel for Roy Keane and his [.

Sunderland vs Man Utd

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Right. It's boxing day, and we play Roy Keane's boys. The Gaffer has mentioned making changes, but "one or two" at the most. Among those changes would be the return of Rio to the centre of defence and Hargreaves to midfield. As you would see this is Boxing day, with tons of football going around, [.

Ronaldo to the Rescue… Again

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That boy Ronaldo showed nerves of steel to send United up, and within a point of leaders Arsenal. For our most fortuitous of wins, we have to thank the Portuguese lad - and Steven Pienaar's moment of indiscretion - as a resolute Everton team made a result look highly unlikely, till that point. We dominated possession [.

Man Utd v Everton: Preview

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I had a good Saturday which was only tempered by that good-for-nothing Robbie Keane who couldn't score a penalty past Almunia. But today is a new day and one hopes we put several past the other Scouse team to make it a good Sunday. In team news, we should expect Rio, Tevez and Brown to start; apparently [.

Reds’ New Signing | United Rich For Real? | Lyon Draw

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Well, well, well. We have lot's to talk about, don't we? So let's get started on our daily waffle. So it's not a wind-up. We have, in fact, signed Mateus Alberto Contreiras Goncalves Manucho, for those finding his full name a mouthful from an Angolan club. He is the top scorer in his country's [.

On Drunk Orgies and Transfer Speculation

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Another good morning, all. Not much happening around. There was the Carling Cup where Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea and some other team, that I am unable to recall, managed to progress. But who cares about the Carling Cup anyway! There was some off-the-field incident involving the club and that is something we would touch on today.

Dream on…

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First things first, Ha ha ha ha in the face of the 'dippers. They really, really need to rethink their gameplan. Benitez was hoping for a 1:0 before halftime so that he could sit out the second half in the trenches. Sadly, he underestimated the United backline and overestimated his own ageing one. Now, onto other [.

Transfer Talk: Lahm and Benzema | Evra’s Contract

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So the festive season is well and truly on. The Anfield win just makes things feel a lot more special. However, the busy period has just begun and we will be stupid if we thought the title has been all but wrapped up. We have another Scouse team to deal with in the form [...]

Tevez Nets One As Another False Dawn Envelopes Anfield

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Liverpool 1-0 Man Utd United continue their dominance over Liverpool as another 1-0 win pushed the 'dippers further away from the title race. A joyful day for us reds, which would have been better had it not been for some toothless display from Chelsea, it was in the words of Fergie "a typical encounter" [.

Some More Thoughts Ahead of the Scouse Trip

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Aaah! My head hurts! But it's good to be back, nonetheless. Ahmed shared some thoughts on how to beat Liverpool. Of course, it attracted some hyper-active scouse bastards on here to spew their venom. We didn't find any of those comments remotely courteous/balanced enough to be approved. So needless to say, we duly banned them.

A Simple Guide To Kicking Liverpool Ass

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Let's get down to business, shall we? It's us against the 5-times, 5-times squad on Sunday, and there's been plenty of banter from both sides. Scott reckons that beating Liverpool is a bigger deal than slapping Arsenal around - I disagree but perhaps that's because of our different histories and geographical locations.

Roma vs Man Utd: Preview

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There may not be enough time for me to do a Roma preview tomorrow so I'd rather do it today. For the discerning ones, who are curious to know the reason behind my reduced involvement in the affairs of this blog, let me assure you that things will be back to normal for sure. The [...]

Reds Warm Up for Anfield, With Derby Win

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4 - 1 So as expected, United comfortably saw off Derby County on their way to a 4-1 win. Giggs opened the scoring, Tevez added two and Ronaldo capped it off at the death, converting a penalty. To be honest, Derby would consider themselves a little fortunate, as they could have faced us on better days.

Man Utd vs Derby County: Preview

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It's been quite a week for me, so it should come as some sort of relief to be back finally. Much thanks to Ahmed for chipping in as usual and preventing the site from rotting away. Of course, a more than cursory nod is in order for the readers who kept dropping by while participating [...]

Manchester United’s Munich trubute on 6 Feb 2008

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Manchester United have announced plans to mark the 50th anniversary of the Munich air disaster on 6 February 2008. The highlights: * United players to wear a retro 1950s-style kit against Manchester City on 10 February * Permanent, free exhibition telling the story of the Busby Babes * South Stand tunnel to be renamed the Munich Tunnel * Memorial service [.

Liverpool’s ‘Match-Fixing’, and the FA Cup Cockup

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The Red Ranter is splitting his time between blowing smoke rings out of his ears and gorging on Gummy Haggis and I'm working on my registration form for Soccerex Dubai (while blowing smoke rings from my ears), so time is short. Liverpool + Match Fixing = WTF? On the face of it, Liverpool's 8-0 thrashing of Besiktas [.

United’s £100k+ Christmas party, useless Shorey, Arsenal will stumble and of course, Rooney is better than Kaka

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A quick round up of the top United news of today (and yesterday). As Marco reports, the Manchester United players are preparing to spend over £100k on their Christmas party. I'm pretty sure that Arsenal players will be getting together for another evening playing flutes and dancing to Brazilian table drums (with the highlight of the [.

Who is your Manchester United’s Player Of The Month for November?

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Red Ranter is away saving his mistress from the evil that is anti-abortion evangelism - in his time of need, I'll be filling in at Red Rants for the next couple of days. Feel free to send those abusive emails my way. Personally, I think November wasn't a great month for United - we slipped in [...]

United vs Fulham: Preview

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We face Fulham in a late kick off on a Monday. I know, it can be frustrating if your team is not playing in the weekend. But that's the way it is, and with the extra day that the lads got to rest you have to think that it should serve them well. In case you [...]