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Injured Captain Continues Wretched Run While Wazza Has Until Lunchtime

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It's now official. Or so it will be, if all these months weren't enough to convince us. The Telegraph confirms some of our worst fears. Captain Gary Neville may not be back until after the New Year. This certainly is a rather sad development. Although for most of us who were subjected to the two [..

United Get the Job Done, Just

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I will be very brief, and apologies for those expecting something elaborate. Pressing issues, setting the house in order are just some of the minor things that need to be addressed in the offline life. So short posts will be the order of the day for the moment, at least. Right. So we move top of [...

Manchester United vs Sporting Lisbon: point to prove for Fergie

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A quick one today, as the Red Ranter has gone to save the world from various evils while I'm too hungover stoned to care whether Saha will re-injure himself tonight or not. So, the highlights: Ronaldo and Nani are both expected to start - Fergie's way of ensuring that United win this game and top their group [.

Cheap Tevez, Brilliant Nani, ‘Mental’ Fergie and the Usual Chatter

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Right. Without waffling around too much, here is bringing you your morning dose of United chatter. There is much talk going on about there being a deal in place to sign Tevez. SAF is visibly pleased with the Argentine's performance and rightly so and says that we will make his move to OT permanent.

Reds Fall Off the Pace as Bolton Grab Win

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1 - 0 So that's what happened: A loss to a club placed at the bottom rung of the table. No doubt, the warning signals were there; they have been unbeaten under Gary Megson and even managed a draw against Bayern Munich. This was a local northwest derby and passions would run high. An away game it was [.

Bolton vs Man Utd: Preview

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The international break is over, and will not return for a while now (as I complete my run around my room like a lunatic), and we very quickly cut to the match today. Man Utd take on Bolton Wanderers, who are now playing under new manager Gary Megson. The Trotters have been unbeaten under their new [.

An Open Letter to England Fans

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Dear England fans, I am sorry for what happened yesterday. I am sure it wouldn't have been easy. Seeing a team, as fancied as yours, getting knocked out of a showpiece event would make your summers quite hard to negotiate. But let's not talk too much about next summer. Let's talk about the present. It must be [.

Super Rooney Returns | Vidic Interview

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Wayne Rooney is back. Well, not quite in the sense that he's match fit. But he's back in training thanks to his superhuman powers of recovery. It seems, he's been called by Steve McClaren to get the team pumped up prior to the Croatia qualifier. I know, desperate times call for desperate measures. Here's hoping [...]

An Interesting Monday Roundup

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It certainly is more interesting than the snorefest that was the last two days. My absence speaks volumes. Nemanja Vidic will not join up with the squad when the international break gets over. Instead, he will stay back to play for Serbia, whose game with Kazakhstan was postponed to next Saturday on account of unplayable conditions [...]

A Television Themed Round-Up

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International week is in full swing, so I will quit whinging about the lull on the club front. But I will actually attempt some self indulgence. I may have that luxury you know. At least I showed up today. So let me entertain you with with a little confession. I am a television junkie. It doesn't [...]

A Word of Caution

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[Editor: One of our sporadic contributors K9 returns with this article. So welcome back to him. The article may appear a little controversial. So read through first and then get your in opinions later.] There are many statements in football that ought to be taken with a pinch of salt. Not all of Fergal's comments have [...]

Win A Free Scarf from Savile Rogue

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Redrants are proud to run a competition in conjunction with our pals at Savile Rogue, purveyors of the world's finest football scarves. Woven in the pure cashmere wool in a traditional Scottish cashmere mill, their scarves are made in the classic, red, black and white bar design. Exclusively available online they arrive packaged in a stylish [...]

On Manchester United’s ‘Greatest Ever’ Squad

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There has been a lot going on these days about United's greatest squad ever. Depending on which paper you read, apart from the bit on Arsene's 'kids', our squad is the most talked up thing these days. All this, of course, started when SAF first said that this squad is his best ever. Perhaps he was [...]

Commenting Policy

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This was in the works for a while now and we had to do it now to regulate things here. Don't get scared by the size of it, but our comments policy is pretty reasonable. We don't limit your opinions on United or football for that matter. You just have to be nice. Well not [...]

Carrick Loves Berba | United to Fight ‘Pool for Garay

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A sad day for those who've been there all those years past. I wasn't even born then, so I couldn't possibly say much on John Doherty. But he was a part of a very special team, that of Sir Matt Busby. He was aged 72. There is a link to the page on where [...]

A Quiet Little Tuesday Roundup

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It's Tuesday and just two days into the international week. And things have gone very quiet. There is deathly silence all round. No news to feast upon. None at all really. So I'll just keep talking like this, get through the motions and end the post. You see, that is the key to a successful [...]

Rooney-less United Make It Look Easy

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So the warning signs that were mentioned prior to the match were, after all, unnecessary. Or so it seems. Rooney's injury had indeed caused such a scare among much of us fans that we did fail to see that we are not as much dependent on one or two individuals in particular as we think [...]

Man Utd vs Blackburn: Preview

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Hit by, what we have now come to learn as, a 'freak injury' to Wayne Rooney, we take on a very good Blackburn side who are riding a wave of success. Sparky's team have done a very good job nicking points off three of the big four and would hope to continue their habit of [...]

So, Should We Still Have This Berbatov Discussion?

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I haven't been in a habit of putting up images in my posts, lately. Although something and some common sense tells me that this site would look a whole lot better with a few pics here and there. So I thought I'd get the Berbatov pic in. And I hope I do manage [...]

Rooney Out For A Month

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I usually don't come out with these updatey kind of posts but I'll make an exception. Rooney is out. Ankle Injury in Training. One Month. Four Weeks. Plenty of Games. Here's the news confirming that. And yes, you guessed it. I am gutted for him. Very much. And these are the games he'll most likely miss. Sunday, 11 November [...]

United Stroll Past Kyiv; They Also Hit Four Goals

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Here's a post that has now become irrelevant given its delay in appearing earlier. Plenty has already been said about it but I will do the needful and get the report out of the way. But honestly, it won't be too long drawn. United played Dynamo Kyiv (Kiev, depending on which broadsheet you have been reading) [...]

Man Utd vs Dynamo Kyiv: Preview

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I will keep this post short. I really have to. It's been a tight little day, work-wise, although that shouldn't prevent me from watching the match today. Anyway, let's quickly go over the preview of today's game and some other random bits and bobs worth pondering about. Louis Saha is expected to be in the 16 today [...]

Fergie, The Raging Bull | Terrified Vidic | More Quotes from Hargreaves

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Today we start off with some quotes from the boss, who has now rediscovered his rage of old. We all know his tirade against Howard Webb, which we thought was a tad unfair. But now he's also had opinions on some other issues that dog the footballing world, and the Premier League in particular, voiced [...]

Hargreaves Stirs Up Some Debate | Saha Could Start (Wow!) | Some New Signing

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Now that the "Greatest Game in the World. Ever." (™ ® © Skysports) is over and well talked about, it is time to bask in the deathly silence that has followed. Yes, dear friends, it's that time when there isn't really anything newsworthy to talk about. But as it is necessary we will go about [...]

Gallas Bundles It Over As Wenger’s Kids Go Wild

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There is a reason why I take a while before posting a match report. It certainly is belated as I am sure, by now, reams of papers might have been written discussing the happenings on the pitch yesterday in the top of the table clash. It's all simple, really. Had I written this yesterday I might [...]

Arsenal vs Man Utd: Preview

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A very good morning to you all, depending on where you are reading this from. Today, Arsenal host Man Utd at the Emirates Stadium in a lunch time kick off. I know, this lunch time thing is not quite so popular with many fans in the UK. But again, with a game like this there [...]

The Arsenal View: Blog Chat With Arseblogger

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Morning all. Another day goes as we build up towards the clash against Arsenal. Today we thought we could let in an Arsenal fan's view about his team and thoughts ahead of the match. So I happened to catch up with Arseblogger of Arseblog, who is among the who's who as far as Arsenal blogs [...]

Neville Returns (Hopefully) | An Unnecessary Friendly At Saudi Arabia

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In the build up to the Arsenal game there remains, in the midst of all the heated discussions we've had,m a few key components of our team. So today is about them. Well, Carrick has been discussed by many of you, fellow readers, but it is still worth mentioning on the site, once more. Anyway, today [...]