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Scholes Out for Three Months. Great News?

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So while I saw this earlier in the morning in the Lancashire Evening Post (irony?) I was holding off till I got to hear something more official. Well, here it is now as a spokesperson from confirms the news. As we know his first scan was inconclusive he was sent for a second scan, the [...]

United Equal 100 Year Record As Fans Get Value For Money

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This has to be a great time for United fans. How nice it must feel to be supporting a club that also happens to be playing some outstanding football. Of course, the luckiest of the lot would have to be those who get to see them live in action at the Theatre of Dreams week [...]

Man Utd vs Middlesbrough: Preview

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So our boys play host to Middlesbrough on the back of, what has been, a free scoring run in the past three games. We have put 4 past three teams, consecutively, and if we do repeat that today, we would be smashing a 100 year old record for scoring 4 goals in each of 4 [...]

Great News for United as Players Return from Injury

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Today should be a good news day as we have only good things to tell. So without too much dilly dallying from my side, let me get on with the roundup. Owen Hargreaves looks set to feature in the starting XI against Middlesborough. I know we've heard this plenty of times in the past month or [...]

Why We Love John O’Shea

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I've been trawling through pages randomly when I bumped across this article on the Telegraph. It started off like the usual articles one gets to read on the back of a great performance by United. The usual stuff on this occasion, bringing Rooney's birthday into perspective, as if his day had an astral significance [...]

Dynamo Kyiv vs Manchester United: Preview

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Morning one and all. Today we face Dynamo Kyiv, the Ukranian Champions, in our Champions' League group fixture. Must be exciting, eh? It must be exciting, wouldn't it? All United games have to be exciting. Something about it being the United way and all that. But then we are wasting a little time talking about things [...]

Vidic Returns For Kiev | SAF’s Plan Sounds A Little Dodgy

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I am not sure if I should turn this into a preview post already, given tomorrow is the Champions' League game against Kiev/Kyiv, or retain the roundup nature of your morning weekday posts. But maybe I'll retain this as a roundup and consolidate team news and actual preview for tomorrow. So let's get on with [...]

Aston Villa 1-4 Man United: “Oh That Was So Easy!”

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Pre-match, I had warned about how important this game could be especially coming after the international break. Seems like that was a little premature at least from the look of the score line. Of course, we did fall behind, for the first time in, like, erm... ever. But we bounced back with such force that [...]

Aston Villa vs Man United: Preview

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Finally, we return to some real football. The two week break has looked like two months, and I just can't wait for the action to resume. Prior to the break, we seemed to be getting back in our stride as we brushed Wigan aside in a breathtaking second half display. However, it remains to be [...]

Veloso Rumours Won’t Go | Nani, Ronaldo Shine| Gerrard Continues To Be Media Darling

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Nothing much for the day as international's and the Euro 2008 qualifiers, in particular, grabbed the headlines. So do we have any news concerning United? No, not really. Well, there is one but even that is just a transfer rumour that refuses to die. Other than that we will go on a slight tangent. Rest [...]

Manchester United Player Ratings: The Defence

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This is the final part of our three part series, where we take a look at our players' performances so far this season. For the benefit of those who haven't read the previous two where we profiled the attack and midfield here is Part I and Part II for you. So sit back and [...]

The Scottish Player Returns | Bardsley Next in OT Clearout

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Despite being out of the roundup routine, there is surprising little to talk about today. Unless you are interested in international friendlies. In which case, Ronaldo (and Nani, albeit as a sub) was involved in a 2-0 win for Portugal over Azerbaijan. Ronaldo made his 50th appearance for his country. Patrice Evra earned a start [...]

Manchester United Player Ratings: The Midfield

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This is part two of our three part series, looking back at our season so far. Player ratings are, admittedly, an objective way of looking at things. But with the current break giving us only pointless transfer rumours to chew about, we might as well look back at some of our players who've featured so [...]

Manchester United Player Ratings: The Attack

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Now that the international break is well underway, it could be a fair enough time to look back at the season so far and reflect on the team's performance. Well, it wasn't necessarily electrifying to start with, but things have been picking up and, hopefully, we'll continue in the same vein as we left off [...]

Rooney’s Desire For England | Tevez’s Desire for Boca

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Not too much going on. I will keep this short and return with a more detailed post later in the day to discuss parts of our season so far. So let's get this done with for now. Wayne Rooney believes that it would be nightmarish if England don't qualify for Euro 2008. Honestly, the selfish United [...]

Neville to Play Today | Best Central Defence in Europe | Transfer Rumours | Losing Another Young Talent

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Hello readers - Red Ranter is away (something about a Page 3 photo-shoot), so I'll be filling in today. Be nice and leave a lot of comments Transfer Gossip Let's pick the thread up with the transfer rumours surrounding Manchester United. So far, there's been talk about the usual raft of 'young kids' that Manchester [...]

Ron Writes off Chelsea | Drog Rubbishes Himself | Pique Is Patient | And A Slow Day

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Boring day, I am sure, it's going to be. So is the news. Slow as it could be. I even took a break yesterday from posting anything relevant. But again, I don't think much was missed by the absence of the daily mandatory post of yesterday. Anyway, we have to soldier on. I will probably get [...]

Brazilian Twins Spotted at Old Trafford | Neville to Play Liverpool | Anderson to Porto Fantasies | Keane Tips United Over Arsenal

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So back to another Monday and another longish looking week. In fact, the week looks longer now that there is no real football coming our way. At least not at club level. So we'll have to be prepared for however little news that pops up, now and then, as we try to negotiate the dry spell. [...]

United Storm After the Lull, as Wigan Fall Victim

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It's a very nice period, this. For weeks we have seen some underwhelming - but nonetheless, assured - stuff from United. 1-0 wins were the forte, built on a strong, mean defence and, arguably, a bit of luck at times to get goals while not playing fluent football. It was the proverbial second (or first) [...]

United 4-0 Wigan: The Goals Are Coming!

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Brilliant show from the lads. Has been long time coming. Will get a match report out later, in my own slow pace. Your comments opinions on the game welcome in the meantime.

United vs Wigan: Preview

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So we take on Wigan today in a post-noon kick off. It's one team we've had good results against in recent times. So one would hope that, against a team with such a wretched away record as them, (and us, with such an outstanding home record this season) there could be only one possible result [...]

Luck, Toil and A Bloodied Head as United March On

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There is a hint of ruthlessness in the way United have played this season among piles of misplaced passes, over-hit shots, and sluggish movement. After starting on a blazing note at the beginning of the season, in terms of attacking verve, the lack of goals probably had a lot to do with an alarming drop [...]

United We Rant: Vent Your Spleen

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A lot of you United fans might have certainly heard of United Rant a well written Man United fanzine that a lot of us read often. However, it's mysteriously never been updated; not for the past six months leaving many people wondering what on earth ever happened to the site. While, of course, we wouldn't really [...]

Hargreaves’ Injury History Is Shocking

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I will get the Roma preview out later in the day, hopefully. In the meantime, I will take a little time out and bring up the dreaded question that's been on a lot of our minds: Is Owen Hargreaves Our New Mr Glass? Or, in other words, Have we signed an expensive crock? So what I [...]

Man Utd vs Roma: Preview

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Sorry for the late post. Some late nights burning the midnight oil had me groggy eyed. Although that shouldn't stop me from writing a short preview for the readers of this blog. So here goes... We'll kick it off with some words from the manager, which you can see over here on Sky Sports (video link). [...]

Writing Contest on Soccerlens | Win Amazing Stuff | Really Amazing Stuff

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Yes, you read it right. Ahmed of Soccerlens has asked me to let you people know that he is having a writing contest. Now it's not just any writing contest that will fetch you the customary t-shirt or some mere cash that will wither away with time. Well you do get the t-shirt and cash, but [...]

Totti Mouths Off Prior to Hammering | Happy Tevez | Happy Ron | Happy Vidic

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It's that time of the year again. Just a day away from the Roma game. The Romans will have some scores to settle. And it is highly likely they will begin their mind games, looking to score some points, prior to the game, in order to make up for the hiding of last season. So is [...]