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Pooling our resources

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So much going on these days it's nearly impossible to catch you're breath -- and that's just for fans watching from the stands or the comfort of their sofas. There were two matches in the midweek that were massive in shaping the rest of the 2009-10 Premier League season. Monday Chelsea, thanks to a couple fortunate breaks, stopped its immediate skid and retained its spot atop the table.

Cesc mate

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Little different look for a post, mainly because I don't have a lot of time to write. Pretty important weekend, again, in the Premier League. Since Chelsea is really wrapped up in the Christmas Spirit (Joe Cole loves Egg Nog) and remains in the giving mood, the door is now ajar for Manchester United and Arsenal to pounce for the title.


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Tis the season, so let's keep it clean and come out boxing. As much as I'm on record as against the loaded Holiday/Boxing Day fixture list in the Premier League, this year it isn't that big of an issue. The traditional day-after-Christmas games fall on the traditional Saturday/Sunday, setting up a viewing smorgasbord on par with the traditional idea of college bowl games on New Year's Day.

(Another) Untitled Monday Post

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Another weekend, another set of crazy results. The 'Big Four' looked more like the Three Stooges, taking a mere four points. (Liverpool is such a non-factor that they've assumed Curly Joe status. What, too dated a reference? C'mon they're making a movie starring Jim Carrey, Sean Penn and Benicio del Toro.

Hurt lockers

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"What the fuck happened to our Trailer Park." -- Ricky, 'Trailer Park Boys'Look, the better pop culture lead-in for today's Premier League pick scenario would have been referencing the classic 'Seinfeld' episode where George made the bold decision to so everything to the opposite of his natural inclination.

Surreal Saturdee

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"Kings and sons of godTravel allThe way to EarthComing restless mileEasing all of themAll of them for youStrange timesHere." -- "Strange Times", the Black KeysIf I told you that a game involving Chelsea and Everton at Stamford Bridge would finish with six goals, wouldn't you put money toward a 5-1 result in favor of the Blues?

Who are you?

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"Who am I? ... Where am I going." -- Tony Soprano/Kevin Finnerty, Season Six coma-fever dream. (Look, on closer inspection the final season of the show isn't as bad as you remember when it first aired.)As Father Time creeps ever closer to 2010, to me, the biggest issue a soccer club can have is an identity crisis.

First is Given

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If you're not a "Mad Men" watcher, skip the next paragraph or two. Remember the episode this year when Paul Kinsey stayed late to work on the Western Union telegraph campaign? Remember, how with the aid of the helpful janitor, he cooked up the perfect idea? Remember how he woke up the next morning dismayed since he hadn't written said genius idea down?

Sepp Blatter Loves America

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Quick trip down memory lane.It was December 2005. The World Cup Draw? Did anyone in America really even care?Me? I was pissed. Pissed that the U.S. had drawn about as tough a group as possible. Pissed that there wasn't too much, outside creepy message boards, to air my frustrations.So, what did I do?

Pre-draw picks

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Due to a little development in Cape Town Friday morning. (International vintage sailing convention.) I'm rattling off the usual Premier League preview/picks a little earlier so it doesn't get buried. Here are a couple nuggets to hold you over. * Currently slogging through "Soccernomics." Some of it is fascinating, the rest is skippable.

Badly drawn boy

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For whatever the reason, soccer tends to lend itself to conspiracies more than any other sport. Yes, for years we've heard that NBA commish David Stern rigged the 1985 draft lottery so the Knicks would land Patrick Ewing or how writers like Bill Simmons trumpet alleged "fixes" with spotty referring to set up more television palpable matchups.