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I turn my camera on

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Let's start today in a semi-strange place -- the corner flag at The Emirates. That's where, as it turned out, a camera was hurled in the direction of Frank Lampard, which is weird because a) why would you throw a digital camera away and b) why was the match official so concerned that he had to run over, pick it up and ferry it over to the fourth official?


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Happy Thanksgiving. As a somewhat patriotic American I feel fairly bad for everyone across Europe that doesn't get to experience the ultimate holiday on the calendar. That said, it's probably a good thing England doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving even if the participants at the first Thanksgiving had trekked from Merry Old to Plymouth Rock, well, not counting Squanto.

Dreams of nine

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If you live on the West Coast of the U.S., is it even possible to tune in for those early a.m. Premier League kickoffs? Do people actually set their alarms for times like 4:30 in the morning (yes, it exists) to watch 22 men in some far off land kick the ball around?It's hard enough for yours truly to simply rise for games that kick off prior to 10 a.

Back in the USSR

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Holy Zombie Jesus, did a lot go down since the last time the Premier League kicked off a fortnight ago. First and foremost, my assumed title chase between Chelsea and Arsenal got thrown a wicked Barry Zito circa-2002 curveball. (Ok, for Brits, a wicked Googly.) Chelsea is going to have to play at least a couple matches -- and almost certainly the Nov.

I don't usually agree with Tommy Smyth ...

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... But Ireland got absolutely robbed in that game against France today. Thierry Henry with the "main d'un dieu" to set up William Gallas's winning goal. Oh, and both players were offside to start the play, too.In all honest, not pull pull a Sir Alex Ferguson, but that was arguably the worst non-call I've ever seen.

Danish doozer

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No ramblings. No preamble. No time. Have to run out for work, so not too much time to marinate on the USMNT/Denmark game. You're getting bullet points. Enjoy. * Danish Tex Mex? Who would have figured? I'm sure salted cod and salsa make an excellent burrito combo. * Missed the first 15-odd minutes watching the ends of the Algeria/Egypt hate-cast and the Ukraine/Greece snooze-fest.

Mmmm Danish

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How about those Danish Van Houtens?What, you're telling me you didn't stick with 'The Simpsons' through season 19?Guess I'd have to call that a cromulent decision. If you read those last three seconds and your brain didn't turn into a puddle of chocolate pudding, you were probably able to deduce that I don't have a whole lot to offer for Wednesday's USMNT friendly against Denmark in Aarhus.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

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Well, turns out Jozy Altidore, Clint Dempsey & Co. have about as much drawing power in Eastern Europe as Anvil. For whatever the reason Friday night I decided to stay up through multiple power outages for the MLS Western Conference Final between the Galaxy and Dynamo. During the match the thought drifted into my head about Saturday's USMNT/Slovakia friendly -- why wouldn't Bob Bradley simply roll

From Slovakia with Love

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For whatever the reason, the term "friendly" can be lumped together with diving (i.e. David Ngog) and the quantum physics intricacies of the offside rule as primary reasons why mainstream media types prefer to mock soccer, as opposed to caring about it. What exactly is a "friendly" anyway? Why not call it an exhibition?

The Good, the Brad and the Ugly

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This morning when I woke up and checked my email, my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets (think the 1:06 mark of this classic clip) when I read the U.S. Soccer Federation missive about the roster for the upcoming USMNT friendly against Slovakia. (Saturday, 10 a.m., FSC)As the old saying goes, don't blog angry, so I took a little time to collect myself and my shock that Edgar Castillo, et al,

Captain Terry-bull Sing Along Post

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It's weird, isn't it, that the same player could be hailed as both "Lionheart" and the "Bionic Woman" in the same breath? Maybe it's not so strange if that player is John Terry. On the one hand, if you're English -- particularly in the media -- you have to love Terry's grit and even if you hate Chelsea, he is sorta the captain of the National Team, after all.

Mod squads

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We could probably spend a day listing all the difference between our traditional North American sports leagues (MLB, NFL and NBA) with the way European soccer clubs are run, or in fact almost all leagues around the world are run, aside from MLS. For me, one of the key differences is roster construction.