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Odds, ends, picks

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Before delving into a couple odds-and-ends, let me first issue a major apology. If anyone out there in Inter-nets Land actually takes my Premier League picks to heart and bets them, well, last weekend I'm massively sorry. Going 2-and-8 is frankly, unacceptable. If this were a reality television program, I'd have been asked to take my laptop and go.

FIFA 10 Thoughts

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For better or worse, I am a gamer.There I said it. In fact, video games will probably outgrow me -- maybe a cerebral implant -- before I outgrow them.The following is going to be my thoughts on the latest EA soccer release, "FIFA 10." Maybe you don't game, but I'll go out on a limb and say that "FIFA" has been as important as spreading soccer and ingraining it into Americans sports fans brains as

Everybody Hates Rafa

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Rafa Benitez. Even if you follow the Premier League with the most passing of interests, chances are you have an opinion on the goatee-d Spanish coach of Liverpool, who has seemingly been at the hot seat at Anfield since before the world knew who Hannah Montana was. Just the other night I was chatting with a friend over XBox Live during a game of "FIFA 10" (shameless plug, review/thoughts coming

Rank, file, juice

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Believe it or not, after this weekend we'll be past the quarter post in the 2009-10 Premier League season. With that in mind, I figured it would be time to assess where the 20 clubs stand. While at first glance it might look like a giant glob, there are some mild strains of separation. Again, I'm knowingly cribbing a Bill Simmons popularized trope, so deal with it.

Best news of the year

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Nothing better than when someone, or in this case, a monolith hell-bent on global sports supremacy, learns from it's mistakes. Monday Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch is reporting ESPN has hired Martin Tyler to announce next summer's World Cup for the network. Well, nothing more to say than halle-freaking-llujah.

Some things I know, some things I don' t know

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So yeah, after this weekend slate of action from the Premier League over in England, maybe it's best to stop making bold declarations of any sort. Nothing makes sense anymore. When the one fundamental truth -- Chelsea is a shade better than everybody -- gets shattered, what are we left with? In fact, gun to my head, the only thing we might be able to count on week-to-week is that Arsenal isn't

Friday Uber Quickee

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Not going to waste anybody's time on a preamble, as we ease back toward club season. Crazy day Thursday left me with little time to write. Let me just say, it would be nice for the Premier League to have some consistency in its scheduling. For example, why no noon-ish game on Saturday? Doesn't make sense.

The Bornstein Supremacy

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Well, Costa Rica, you just got owned by Jonathan Bornstein. Marinate on that for the next four years. Maybe that's karmic readjustment for playing your home games at Saprissa on artificial turf. Either way, that is about as sour a result as you could possibly have in the final minute of an intentional soccer game.

Clouds over Costa Rica

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As soon as the final whistle sounds Wednesday night at RFK Stadium, everyone associated with the U.S. national team ought to let out a sigh of relief. There's one way to look at the whole qualifying process. An ordeal. No, it's not as technically from a soccer standpoint as difficult as UEFA, but which other Federation is?

Charlie Davies Downer

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":( :( :( :( :( :( :(" -- Jozy Altidore's Twitter account. Guess in today's day and age, that says it all. In case you hadn't heard, U.S. forward Charlie Davies was involved in a fatal car crash early Tuesday morning, which left one person dead. This is probably the accident. Judging by the photo of the cut-in-half car, Davies is lucky to be in what the USSF deemed "stable condition" during

U.S./Honduras Redux

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So I woke up Sunday morning after this weird dream. Something about the U.S. national team beating Honduras 3-2 mixed with me being chased by Carlo Costly and Carlos Pavon in something straight out of the Michael Jackson 'Thriller' video. Odd. So odd I decided it was worth breaking my 10-month old self-imposed ban from Dunkin' Donuts coffee.

The legend of Casey Conor

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Well, final score: Conor Casey 2, Inter-nets 0. Seriously, how on earth is the one U.S. game that nobody could see was one of the best efforts, and most entertaining soccer games in a recent memory?A more fully composed game break down Sunday morning, but really, wow. The U.S. fell down 1-0, rallied to win 3-2 and punched a ticket to the 2010 World Cup.

Honduras Civic

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If a soccer game falls down in the woods does it make a sound?As outlined earlier in the week, when the U.S. travels to hostile Honduras Saturday night's for the penultimate 2010 CONCACAF World Cup qualifier it will have a nice 1982 vibe to it for the fact that it's only available in select closed circuit establishments.

Closed Circuit Scenario

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"Can't it be that it was all simple then..." -- Wu Tang ClanLately, for whatever the reason I've felt old, well not so much old but out of touch. Not to sound like the old man with knee-high socks yelling at kids to get off his lawn, but the ever increasing world of social networking sites and constant Twitter updates has my heart panging for a simpler time.

Untitled Premier League Monday Post

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Again, apologies up front, my stomach is in a knot as my baseball season meanders into game 162. By Tuesday, one way the other I'll be able to move on with my life. As it stands, the Detroit Tigers are giving me an ulcer. Kind of a mixed bag this weekend in the Premier League. Saturday morning was a strange day.


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So wrapped up in baseball right now, here are a couple random nuggets to chew on for a Friday.* Ruminating on this for a while, logic would say with the influx of foreign players, specifically non-English speakers, that there would be a better decorum between the players in the Premier League and the officials, but it doesn't seem to be the case.