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Halfway home

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A couple months ago I had a conversation how soccer games rarely end 2-2. Was there any science behind this statement? Obviously not. A lot of this theory likely has to do is when a team goes ahead either 2-1 or 2-0, depending on the time, the opponent usually tends to mail in the rest of the match.

Put 'em in a box

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Bear with me, typing this roundup/rambling at work with a belly full of Christmas cookies... What a crazy Friday morning. First of all it offered Premier League soccer, which is always a good thing, even if it leaves this morning pretty barren. Admittedly, I couldn't get up early enough for the Manchester United win over Stoke.

Ho yeah

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Credit to the unstoppable Ace Cowboy for tipping me off to the incredible goal dance celebration between Sunderland's Kenwyne Jones and Djibril Cisse. After do some research via the Black Cats message boards and video sites, it turns out it was inspired by Dance Hall music. Go figure. If my photo-shopping skills were better I'd have been Santa Claus hats on them, either way hope it sets up up

Outta the park

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"Chicks dig the long ball" -- various. Consider that my feeble attempt as a lead-in to Sunday's feisty 1-1 draw between Arsenal and Liverpool at the Emirates Stadium. Get it? Both goals came on long balls played over the top. Perhaps you wouldn't call Samir Nasri's pass to Robin Van Persie a "long ball" considering the Dutchman's sublime first touch and finish right in front of the defense of

Lost and ...

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In a notebook somewhere I have some names scribbled down under the heading, "What the hell happened?" Mainly its pop culture figures who've faded away from the spot light, like Reginald Vel Johnson, aka Carl Winslow on 'Family Matters'. (Guess those Urkel residuals are paying the rent.) Anyways, why not apply the concept to the Premier League since every clubs seems to have a couple players

Fit and tied.

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Johnny Carson fans out there? Yeah, me neither. Through osmosis I've picked up that his 'Carnac' bit on late-night DVDs offers and other parodies. So let me try my hand at the Carnac-bit. * How Lord Humungus stayed so ripped in the Wasteland? * Who actually listens and enjoys Britney Spears music?

Cleaning out the drawer

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A couple things that have been on my mind in relation to the world of soccer lately... * The Champions League, or, how do you spell excitement? Does anyone remember a final day of the Group Stage lacking any drama whatsoever. Tuesday and Wednesday this week there was pretty much nothing at stake -- aside from those 10 minutes where Chelsea looked slightly in danger against CFR Cluj.

Save the last kick

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Thank you Ashley Young. No, not for jackin' it on a webcam. (Yeah, George Michael just called and he wants to duet.) The thank you goes out for that trilling finish at the absolute death to give your Aston Villa a 3-2 away win against Everton at Ewood Park. Up until that point there wasn't a whole not noteworthy to talk about from the weekend slate of games.

Tag Sale (You're It)

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Let's channel my inner Jim Cramer and play "Buy buy buy" or "sellsellsellsell" with the 20 clubs in the Premier League a month ahead of the January transfer window. The wintry economic climate obviously will impact this a lot, but if we've learned one thing, it's that Premier League clubs no matter what never issue any financial restraint.


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"It was a big win. In the last 20 minutes we showed a lot of character and discipline so the whole team deserve a big compliment." -- Robin Van Persie to Sky Sports after his two goals down Chelsea for Arsenal Sunday. "We have beaten Man United, we have beaten Chelsea away and I believe that shows we have potential, we have character, fantastic character in this side.