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Extra stuffing

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Anyone like that old chestnut -- what day is it in England on the Fourth of July? Well, apply that to Thanksgiving. Let that be my ultra-lame excuse for no witty lead-in to the game guesses this weekend. At least Sunday features a double-header of must-watch games. Ok, one little kernel...does Tim Howard invite his Everton teammates over for a big roasted turkey?

Pretty tied up

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If you're an astute listener of early 1990s pop-metal, than you'll recognize today's post title as a song from 1991's "Use Your Illusion II" from Guns 'N Roses. It's oddly appropriate since Sunday the followup to that album -- Chinese Democracy was finally released after years of madness from Axl Rose.

Calling all U.S. Internationals

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Considering Thanksgiving is less than a week away, maybe I ought to serve myself a nice piece of pie. No, get your minds out of the gutter all you old WWF fans of The Rock. The pie on the menu today is humble pie. ( can taste the nutmeg.) This morning most of the 2009 fixture list for the U.

Yanking around

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It should come as no surprise that when I finally received my December issue of 'FourFourTwo' rating the mag's top 100 players in the world, there was nary an American to be seen. I'd wager a safe bet that aside from Aston Villa keeper Brad Freidel there wasn't a Yank within sniffing distance. Maybe that will change when Landon Donovan sets the Bundesliga on fire with his receding hairline,

Cooper Troopers

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USA 2, Guatemala 0 That was ... fun, I guess. Would have been nice to see it end up in the 4-0 range, but why split hairs on a night Freddy Adu scored his first senior international goal. And what a nice goal it was. Hopefully that picture perfect free kick from the edge of the penalty area finds its way into ESPN rotation.

Go for it

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Hey, anyone want to offer any thoughts on this upcoming USMNT/Guatemala scenario Wednesday night? (8 p.m., ESPN Classic) Sorry about saying scenario. Even though he sold out and went to Sirius radio I can't get the Mad Dog Russo nomenclature out of my mind. Saying things like, "a bad job by me" or "big spot" roll off the tongue like a James Hetfield bark.

No bull

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Sorry this was a little later than usual this week. Extremely busy Sunday left my head spinning and not in the right mind to write. Later is better than nothing, so where do we want to start? The latest Arsenal yo-yo? The return of Ronaldo? The New York Red Bulls playing in the MLS Cup Final? Actually let's take a second to look at our own American top flight competition.

Back from the wastes

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So, yeah, I finally beat "Fallout 3", which was all-consuming my day-to-day activities. As my friend Doyle allegedly said, if the game was a drug "grind it up and smoke it." In its wake something is going to have to fill my addictions, hopefully it'll be the wide world of soccer. As luck would have it, I'll probably have to cover a high school soccer state championship Saturday morning instead

Parity party

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"Pose, patience, penetration" -- Martin Tyler on Samir Nasri's second goal in Arsenal's 2-1 victory at the Emirates over Manchester United. Okay, let's get the joke out of the way right away -- that's what she said. Feel better? Me too. Actually, that's a lie. For what seems the umpteenth weekend I'm sitting here Sunday night trying to find some semblance of order in the Premier League.

Endurance challenge

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Consider this question, which would take more of a toll on your body over the long haul: a) Running into a brick wall once a week for four months? b) Running a marathon once a week for 11 months of the year? Naturally, neither are that tempting a proposition. You'd think the marathon option would be more appealing, but not when your factor in the idea of joint pain and that occasional heart

Cutting corners

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No way to sugar coat this one truthers. Due to a couple of weekend committments -- namely a college football game and a playoff softball game -- there was no way to curl up on the couch and dig into the Premier League this weekend. Damn. Sounds like I missed some serious goings-on -- including a Hayley's Comet-like Michael Carrick goal.