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Lions, Tigers and Reds...oh my

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Let's play a little scenario game. Let's drop 10,000-to-1 odds on two events. Pretend it's early August and you had to pick just one. A -- TV's Jaleel White (Urkel on 'Family Matters' for non mid-90s TGIF fans) would one day make a comeback and win an Academy Award. B -- After nine rounds in the Barclay's Premier League Chelsea and Hull City would have the equal amount of points.

My own worst enemey

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(Not that Christian Slater NBC show.) Liverpool and Chelsea. Chelsea and Liverpool. Thought it seems like this is the 4,210th time the two storied English clubs have played in the last four years, it's only the 20th time since the 2004-05 season, including in the Champions League each season. Is it as tedious as 'Freddy v.

From the files of YouTube

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How I found this, I have no idea. Gotta love the Champions World Tour at Rentschler Field a few years ago. Bottom line, everyone needs a little Bretos in their life. Premier League picks tomorrow.

Bizness as usual

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So, not as if to say this week's action in the Barclay's Premier League was a trite and predictable as Horatio Caine putting on his sunglasses and spewing out a witty one-liner in 'CSI Miami' but... * Chelsea ran riot, again. * Bald Bull, err, Wayne Rooney ran riot, again. * Arsenal played one miserable half, and the other on full song.

Digi digi

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Please, before anything else, make note of Figure 1 below: So yes, you can conclude that Wednesday I purchased the amazing "FIFA 09" for XBox 360. Use the diagram to help decide if you should make the purchase. Let me just run down the quick game modes you get: 1. Team vs. Team (offline/on line) 2.

Rebel diamonds

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"I'm like a rough diamond that just needs a little polishing, that's all." -- Chris Peterson, Handsome Boy Model So how do you like that, huh? Trinidad & Tobago needs to get a win to keep its World Cup hopes alive and goes out and beats the U.S. 2-1 in Port-of-Spain. Guess the desperation of near 40-year-old former party animals won out over a bunch of fresh faced pups looking to make an

Fresh meat

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Not to sound like an Aesop fable, but sometimes it's best to be careful what you wish for. For years people clamored for a new Indiana Jones movie, and look what happened. (Trey Parker, you are god.) Now reviving an aged adventurer in a fedora and inserting some new players into the U.S. National Team are two different sets of encyclopedias, but you probably get the point.

Capital idea!

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Even Hank Hill found out the hard way -- got to give the people...give the people what they want. A quick little helpful guide to reading this -- I watched the first half in its entirety and then returned home later and DVR-ed through the second half. Weird scenario. That said, even a crumudgeon like myself can't find a single bad thing to say about the USMNT's 6-1 thrashing of Cuba Saturday

Roll it up

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Trying to think of something mildly interesting or original about this weekend's CONCACAF 2010 qualifier between the USMNT and Cuba at RJK in Washington wasn't easy. Record aside, there's not a ton to be overtly positive about. Ditto for the roster selection, more specifically the roster that will likely start Saturday night.

Trading places

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So this idea popped into my head the other night when I was playing the 'FIFA 09' demo on Xbox as Chelsea. Yeah, I know, but it's the only English club available out of the six teams on the demo. Anyways, playing the game for whatever the reason it popped up in my skull -- where is Michael Ballack going to end up after Chelsea.

Monday morning kiddie pool

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Here's a fun little party game -- invent your own AC/DC chorus. It's not hard, just come up with a simple phrase and channel your inner Brian Johnson. (Add the word 'fire' if you please.) For instance, toss out a phrase like -- "Take it all the way" -- and then stretch out to "Taaaaake itttttttttt (pause) alllll the way" and there you have it.

Sanity, for a change

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For once in regard to the USMNT I have very little to say or add. For once Bob Bradley has loosened up the purse strings, as it were, and selected a roster that most U.S. fans are clamoring for. For once, mainly because of the "A-Team", there is reason to be optimistic to watch this team play. Since it's late Friday afternoon I'll leave the focus of this post to the actual roster

Give me a break

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"Give me a break, give me a break ... break me off a piece of that ... applesauce." -- Andy "Drew" Bernard Enjoy your club soccer this weekend, because we're headed for a drought without another international break looming in seven days. Instead of whining about the dreariness of international qualifiers.