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The full 90, 2007-style

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Everyone loves lists this time of year. They're easy and fun. Plus they create debate. Fun times for all. Maybe cake is served. In lieu of a list, I decided to go through the entire year's worth of posts from 2007 and cook up a year in review that should be enjoyable. Hell, I could easily figure out when 'Halo 3' came up and the decline of posts.


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Like Chris Partlow on the streets of West Baltimore, I'll keep it quick. Let's start with a pleasant thought. There are a lot of parallels you can make between Arsenal's dominance over Tottenham. The one that springs to mind is the relationship between Schillinger and Beecher in the first season of HBO's 'Oz.

Ho ho ho

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Santa Claus, Pier Noel, Saint Nicholas, Sinterklaas... Annual Gift Man, etc. It's that time of year. The year when the English soccer/football fixture lifts go cuckold bananas as they cram as much holiday cheer as they possibly can for the blokes on Boxing Day. (Possibly my favorite commonwealth holiday aside from Picnic Day in Australia's Northern Territory.

MLS quickie

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Funny how things work. In the winter MLS news is as hard to come by as a pro-Republican stand up comic. Yesterday a couple relatively significant items moved across news wires. Admittedly, in the post-12 hours since they moved these items have probably been eaten, digested and processed by the vocarious soccer-sphere.

Two horse race

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Ugh. Before I start taking bows for guessing, stress guessing the correct scoreline in the Manchester United/Liverpool game and noting that William Gallas might score for Arsenal against Chelsea, let's examine an astounding 1-7 performance from the Saturday Premier League Picks. One and seven. Egads.

Showcase showdown

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Got your Plinko chips? Have any spare gigantic wheels lying around? Perhaps you've got Bob Barker on ice. ... Ok, enough references to daytime televised game shows. For fans across the globe of the Premier League, this is a ginormous weekend. Hell, this is the weekend. Sunday gives us Liverpool v.

It had to be

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Well, that was easy. The only question, how in the world do all those Scousers get the money to take a quick jaunts to the South of France? Oh, right. Drug mules. Just like Steven Gerrard, it's always the simplest answer. In closing, looks like Torres paid for himself today.

Pain in the Arse

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Let's go around the globe in under two minutes, shall we? ** There are brain farts and then there are brain farts. Whatever the French equivalent for brain fart is, that's what Arsene Wenger's boys did in a stunning 2-1 away loss at Middlesbrough, ending Arsenal's 15-game unbeaten run to start the season.

Vacuum at the top

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As the calendar creeps toward 2008, a thought occurred to me: which soccer team is the best in the world right now? Who was the best in 2007? The answer: sort of like the 2007 NCAA football season, nobody. Whereas it was easy to identify the year's top players: Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, finding the team of 2007 isn't as simple.

Spurred on

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Memo to the programmers at Fox Soccer Channel -- put Tottenham on each weekend. It's that simple. Every game Spurs play turns into an absolute thrill ride. Sunday we all saw it again in their shocking 3-2 loss at home to Birmingham City, the first game mind you under Alex McLeish for the visitors.