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A Christmas Miracle

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That's the best way to sum up Sunday's result. Despite a game bereft of quality and lacking any sort of finishing prowess, the combination of a William Gallas and some shoddy keeping from David James and it was three points for Arsenal.

Can't comment too much on the game - the holiday season, combined with the fact that the game wasn't easily accessible (ie on FSC) I couldn't watch it.

Aston Villa 2-2 Arsenal

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What a match. I don't know whether to be relieved that we secured a point, mad that we didn't win, or be content that Villa didn't run us off the pitch and back down to London. I can't remember a match with such a flurry of different emotions.

Right from the kickoff I thought it was a done deal.

Villa Preview & Game Thread

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Huge game today, start in about 30 minutes. Another season defining moment in a campaign where little has gone right. Villa sits ahead of us by three points in fourth place - a win today and we'll hop back over them into the top four. As I type this, the top three have already won their respective Boxing Day match.

Merry Christmas from the Arsenal Offside

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Merry Christmas to all from Arsenal Offside. Hope everyone has a great holiday season, thanks for all the lovely feedback. Please keep it coming - lots of chatter in the past week or so. I may or may not have a full preview of Aston Villa tomorrow. To say that it is a big game is an understatement.

Fabregas out four months

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It's crisis time at the Emirates as the worst-case scenario came true. Gone is the hope he would only miss a few weeks and the reality that he will be gone for up to four months is the reality of it. The Spaniard has partially torn his medial ligament and will be on the sidelines between three and four months.

Surprise Surprise

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Another game, another draw. This team can't seem to get its act together and put in a winning performance. Sure, they didn't receive any help from some dodgy refereeing from Howard Webb, but when all is said and done all they could manage was another point at home.

Things started off fairly brightly at the Emirates, and Robin Van Persie's chocolate leg found the back of the net in the 24th minute.

Liverpool Game Thread

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Kickoff is less than an hour and a half away and I won't have time for a lengthy preview. Many people are labelling this as a must-win. And while I can't argue with that, I feel like the last 4 or 5 games have received a similar title. But a game against the leader of the Premier League, with a chance to reduce their lead to 5, and with the knowledge of Villa already winning, it's hard not to think of this as anything but a win.


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The Champions League draw took place today and it's going to be Roma in the first round of the knockout stages. Certainly not an easy draw by any means, and with the way this squad tends to come out and play, it will be a difficult battle. With that said, looking at last season's victory over AC Milan and the players have the potential to get the job done.

All Eyes on Underhill

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Today is a special day for many Arsenal supporters. It marks the return of Eduardo to the reserve side as they take on Pompey reserves at Underhill. While it isn't a full blown recovery - yet - it is a step in the right direction, something that many experts and doctors were not expecting. There was talk about a recovery taking 12-18 months, although a lot of ridiculous numbers were out there.

What to say about ‘Boro

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Another weekend and a familiar result to sting the nostrils this evening. A 1-1 draw that wasn't really much of a surprise, but nonetheless the pain can still be felt. What hurts even more/comes as a relief is that the other members of the big three all managed to draw. So instead of inching our way back into title contention, Aston Villa leapfrogs over us into fourth place, leaving us in position for the UEFA Cup berth.

No More Dropped Points

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Tomorrow is a trip to Middlesbrough and a vital game if this team wants to make a run at a title. I feel like every game from here on out could be labelled as a must-win, and while that may not necessarily be the case, it almost is. What needs to be proved tomorrow is some kind of consistency, especially in the league.

We lost balls where you cannot afford to lose balls

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Is that headline real immature? Ok, it's not as funny as this one, but humor me for a moment. It reads from Arsene Wenger's post game press conference.

Let me apologize for the lack of posting here - my computer died leaving in a void for a few days, and now it doesn't want to connect wirelessly.

Injury Updates

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There's good news and bad news coming from the injury front. Our two longest injury table residents, Eduardo and Tomas Rosicky both have a better idea as to when they will return to action. The good news is that Eduardo has been given a fixture when he will make a return: it'll be December 16th against Portsmouth - that'll be worth keeping an eye on.

Arsenal 1-0 Wigan

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It was ugly, but it was three points. I could stop right there with the match wrap, because after playing that poorly at times it was somewhat of a miracle that we came away with all three points. Wigan should be an easy win, but there was nothing easy about it on Saturday.

Steve Bruce had his charges fired up and ready to be yet another underdog to visit the Emirates and come away with three points.

Friday Rewind

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Apologies for not getting anything up sooner, but my hard drive decided to crash out on me the other day. It does not make for a fun situation when you have an external and yet was too lazy to bother backing up some of my stuff. So here I am, cursing the fact that I didn't back up a year's worth of pictures from living abroad.

Great Job Kid(s)… Now Don’t Get Cocky

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With the sweet memories of the win over Chelsea fading, the mid-week Carling Cup fixture is upon us today. But before that, a few more thoughts from this past weekend. While it is a great result indeed, Arsenal still has much to prove. This is the second win over a "big four" squad this season, but that doesn't subtract the five losses that this team has already suffered - two more than last season.

Chelsea 1-2 Arsenal

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What a lovely, lovely result. Forget that it came with a little luck. Forget that our central defender turned the ball into his own net. And forget what has happened in the past few weeks, and simply enjoy the events of yesterday. It was a sight that I found hard to believe, from the first goal scored by Van Persie, to his second minutes later, to the very end, when a Chelsea team whimpered their way to defeat rather than through everything forward.