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No Longer Undefeated

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Arsenal's run of undefeated outings (since April 7 vs. West Ham) has ended, as Sevilla have garnered a nice 3-1 defeat of the visiting Londoners.

As noted below, the team is through to the knockout stages as is, and only order of finish is on the line at this point. Nice to see Eduardo get a great early goal, but it proved to not nearly enough.

Half Time: Sevilla 2-1 Arsenal

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Despite Eduardo's 11th-minute goal for the visitors, it's the hosts who are up 2-1 in this Champions League qualifier.

Arsenal are through to the next round either way, but there is still 1/2 an hour left in which to equalise.

Arsenal 2-0 Wigan

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Arsenal have taken three points from Wigan today, but they needed a couple of last-gasp goals from William Gallas and Tomas Rosicky to pull it off. This win is important for obvious reasons, but even more so as Manchester United have lost at Bolton leaving the Gunners all alone at the top of the table.


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Don’t Hate, Participate

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Wow, it's been a pretty boring international week. Not to excited too get to the bottom of the did-Lehmann-give-German-fans-der-finger mystery. But Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, amongst other celebs, saves the day by teaching us that bullying, whether in person or over the Intertubes, is tre uncool.

And knowing is half the battle.

Tom Cruise Finally a Top Gunner

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I guess it was only a matter of time before Tom Cruise left FC Scientology for Arsenal.

That kind of talent is too bright to keep in the minor divisions, of course.

The good news is that Katie Holmes has already trained as a WAG at the foot of the master, Victoria Adams Beckham, better half of LA Galaxian David.

Against all odds, Tom Cruise has a better chance of being on the Arsenal payroll come February than does Jens Lehmann.

Half Time: Reading 0-1 Arsenal

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Courtesy of Mathieu Flamini just before the break. A deserved lead to this point.

UPDATE: 0-2, thanks to a nifty strike from Adebayor, whose goal was made by Fabregas.

UPDATE2: I spoke too soon. 0-3, with the Hlebster getting in on the act. About 12 minutes left.

After the jump, your starting XI:

Racist Chanting Spurs Suit Against Arsenal

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A group of Arsenal supporters are considering suing the club for letting what they allege to be racist chants persist at the Emirates Stadium. Specifically, the group objects to the use of "yids" and "yiddos" in reference to Tottenham Hotspur. The suit would be brought under the Race Relations Act of 1976.

"Yids" is considered by many to be a derogatory, anti-Semitic used to slur Jews.

Full Time: Slavia Prague 0-0 Arsenal

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A not terribly interesting shin kicking match was held in Prague today, with the point enough to earn Arsenal a spot in the knockout rounds.

Plenty of yellow cards, but no goals.

I think the manager was right to let several starters have the night off. No need to prove to anyone that Arsenal can beat Slavia at this point.

Looking at Theo from this evening there, have your opinions of the Europe away kits changed since their unveiling?

Champions League: Slavia Prague

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Tonight's Champions League tilt with Slavia Prague will feature an Arsenal side missing several key players. Boss Wenger has announced that Kolo Toure and Tomas Rosicky will miss due to some small knocks, while Cesc Fabregas and Alex Hleb will be rested as well. It's funny, isn't it, thinking back to last season, that Hleb is one of the players that now gets 'rested' by the gaffer.

And the Whinging Continues

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Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson is surely betraying how pissed he was not to come away with the three points against Arsenal over the weekend. His non-stop crying about being called bad names by the Gooner faithful is rightly being met with little sympathy. His cries of referee bias are being met with a good rolling of the eyes. Now, ManYoo are drawing up a list of "abuses" suffered by God's own, the Manchester United team officials.

The Good News Is

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that William Gallas has scored. The bad news? Wrong net, as Gallas' foot deflects a Wayne Rooney shot into the old onion bag.

It was a fairly even first half, although Arsenal had the better run of play. That's all for naught of course, and sets up a tricky second half for the Gunners.

But Wait!

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Minutes after the re-start, Cesc Fabregas (heard of him?) equalises for the home side.

His eleventh of the season makes it Arsenal 1-1 ManYoo.

UPDATE: About 15 minutes of play left, still 1-1.

UPDATE2: Drats 1-2, courtesy of C. Ronaldo in the 82nd.

Heard of Any Good Games This Weekend?

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Ha ha, just kidding. I'm talking of course about Yeovil Town's trip to Crewe Alexandra. Should be an absolute cracker.

Additionally, Manchester United will be invading the Emirates Stadium this Saturday, and although it's waaaay too early for title talk, a winner will definitely have a leg up on the vanquished. Not to mention a spot all alone at the stop of the table.