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This weekend's soccer TV Schedule

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9:30am- GolTV- Hertha Berlin vs. Bayern Munich. With the big Champions League match against Real Madrid looming later this week will Bayern be focused against Hertha?

10am- FSC- Middlesbrough at Newcastle United. Oguchi Onyewu gets tested by a Middlesbrough squad that has played well in recent weeks.

Jon Busch speaks his mind

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Long-time Crew goalkeeper Jon Busch didn't mince words about Crew coach Sigi Schmid after being waived by Schmid on Thursday. Here's the story from the Columbus Dispatch.

Here's the thing about Busch. He was on top of the world in 2005, even earning a place on the national team bench but the knee injury that sidelined him is still affecting him and as a player who relies on his explosiveness, you wonder how good his it at this point.

The Red Bulls didn't waive anybody

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The Red Bulls did not waive anybody on Thursday, a source within the league confirmed on Thursday. I'm still not sure how they fit all those players into 18 senior slots but it appears that they are now cap and roster compliant without having to cut anybody. That doesn't mean someone won't be cut before the start of the season, particularly if Ansu Toure continues to impress.

MSG closing in on TV deal with Red Bulls

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The race to score the Red Bulls TV deal appears to be down to one candidate, MSG. According to a source with knowledge of the situation, SNY has pulled out or has fallen out of the race, leaving MSG as the only game in town. The sides are still negotiating and the little amount of time before the start of the season can't bode well for the Red Bulls getting a good deal with MSG.

Red Bulls observations, roster news and analysis

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Wednesday was the last day of training at the Giants stadium bubble before the Red Bulls head for California. It wasn't quite as intense as previous days but it was still interesting.

Here is the news of the day from Wednesday as well a complete analysis of many of the team's new players and players with question marks surrounding them:

I asked Jeff Agoos if the club had sufficient cap room to add a second designated player without having to make any cuts from the current roster.

Your questions answered (Part Two)

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Correction regarding the MLS the transfer window

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I posted earlier that the transfer window closed on March 31st. That was the old MLS transfer window. It changed to April 15th this year. Will the extra two weeks really make a difference? I doubt it but I need to make the correction. Sorry for any confusion.

Red Bulls observations

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After spending two days at training recently I have managed to gather some information on the players currently in camp. Here's a rundown:

Markus Schopp- Here's a guy who has shown this winter that he really is worth the big bucks. I haven't seen him train but my sources are saying good things about the Austrian winger.

Q&A Part Two coming tomorrow

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Sorry folks but with all the Red Bulls stuff I didn't find time to finish the second half of the Question & Answer session. I promise to have it posted in the morning.

Clarifying the Red Bulls roster situation

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I just got back from the Giants Stadium practice bubble and will post my observations on that shortly but first I must provide some clarifications on the upcoming deadline for teams to be salary cap and roster compliant.

The March 1st deadline is simply a deadline by which teams must have 28 or fewer players under contract, including draft picks, and must be under the salary cap.

Robbie Rogers leaving Heerenveen

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According to Yanks Abroad, U.S. Under-20 national team standout Robbie Rogers is leaving Heerenveen. Rogers is planning on coming to MLS. The speculation is well under way on where he'll wind up. Columbus could definitely use him. Then again, who couldn't?

My Tuesday column in the Herald News

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For those of you who don't check out the rest of this website, or who have trouble finding my stuff, here is my column in today's Herald News. No real news in it, just my take on the lack of skill players in MLS. The column doesn't really have anything to do with a lack of "Fan Excitement" but hey, I don't write the headlines unfortunately.

Your questions answered (Part 1 of 2)

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Here is the first half of your questions answered. The rest will be posted later this afternoon. Enjoy:

PUHE- Do you think Magee will return to the team after recovering from his latest injury? Or are his metro days over?

IVES- He's far too young and talented to just toss on the scrap heap because of a knee injury that can be repaired.

Q&A Coming Tuesday Morning

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Sorry to make you wait another day but I just had too many stories to knock out today so I couldn't finish the Q&A in time. I will knock it out tonight and have it ready for the morning.

Stay tuned...

A look back at Futbol De Calle

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So I started writing a running diary on last night's soccer tricks event sponsored by the Red Bulls, Futbol Del Calle, but an Internet Explorer crash succeded in erasing what I had written. Since I don't have the time or energy to write a diary again, here are some quick hits from the night:

I wasn't originally going to go the event but I couldn't resist seeing some soccer ball trick masters doing their thing, so I braved the looming snow storm and can honestly say it was worth the drive to Webster Hall in NYC.

My take on the Zidane situation

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Here's my ESPN column on the Zinedine Zidane rumors and the possibility of him coming to MLS. It looks like the French magician won't be coming to MLS any time soon. If he winds up signing with some MLS team this week I'll gladly eat crow if it means getting to see him play in the league. Don't hold your breathe on that one.

Monday Morning Centerback

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I went to Red Bull New York's Futbol de Calle event at Webster Hall in New York City on Sunday and was pleasantly surprised by some of the soccer skills I saw. For those of you unfamiliar with it, Futbol De Calle is essentially a competition of soccer tricks, with some of the best ball trick specialists in North American doing battle.

I have every intention of filling you in on my experience of the event but I was completely buried by stories I needed to finish last night, and i'm on snow shoveling detail this morning, so it is on the backburner.

A good story on Chivas USA's new Cuban signing

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I know some of you might not care about a Chivas USA player but this was a pretty good story about new Chivas USA signing Maykel Galindo.

One thing that has become clear in Chivas USA land is that they have done away with the whole Mexican-Only approach of parent club Chivas de Guadalajara. With Galindo and Honduran playmaker Amado Guevara, Chivas USA will have good mixture of CONCACAF talent with its best players being non-Mexicans now that Juan Pablo Garcia and Paco Palencia have departed.

Agustin Delgado was Red Bulls' DP target

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According to various sources within Major League Soccer, Ecuadorian striker Agustin Delgado was, in fact, the player the Red Bulls were preparing to sign as a second designated player before FIFA agreed to impose a worldwide suspension on Delgado for his role in a post-match fight in the Ecuadorian league.

Delgado was chosen by the Red Bulls as an ideal target forward in Bruce Arena's attack but FIFA's decision has left the club with little time to seek a reasonable alternative.

Rimando trade made official

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The Red Bulls' trade with Real Salt Lake has been made official, with RSL sending the Red Bulls a fourth round draft pick in the 2008 draft along with the fourth-round supplemental draft pick the Red Bulls gave them for Rimando in a trade just two weeks ago. There's a joke there but I can't think of it right now.

This weekend's Soccer TV Schedule

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Here it is folks, this weekend's European Soccer action on TV:


9:30am- GolTV- Bayern Munich vs. Wolfsburg. Yes, Claudio Pizarro is playing, but this is way too early for me. Thank you TIVO.

10am- FSC- Charlton vs. West Ham. The Alan Pardew Derby pits the coach against the team who fired him earlier in the season.

Schopp out 2-4 weeks with groin and hip flexor injuries

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Austrian winger Markus Schopp will miss two to four weeks with groin and hip flexor injuries. The groin injury will not require surgery. The length of his absence could put his availability for the season opener in doubt. Then again, as well as Dane Richards is playing the Red Bulls might not miss Schopp immediately.

Change of plans: Red Bulls WON'T be using DP slot

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Just two days after Bruce Arena said a signing of a designated player was likely, the Red Bulls coach revealed today that the club has had some major setbacks in their quest to add an impact player and that the team likely will not sign anybody before the start of the season.

Stay tuned for more details. I will update this post shortly.

Red Bulls trade Nick Rimando back to RSL

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So much for the Red Bulls' goalkeeping glut. Bruce Arena revealed today that the club has dealt away Nick Rimando. Arena would not reveal the team the Red Bulls sent him to but a source has confirmed that the team is Real Salt Lake. The trade isn't official yet but it's just a matter of paperwork being filed at this point.

The deal means Jon Conway is going to stay put.

Your chance to see Mexico's prodigies

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Their names are Giovanni Dos Santos and Carlos Vela and if you haven't heard of them by now you're missing something. Dos Santos is an attacking midfielder and a star in the making for Barcelona while Vela is a goal-scoring machine and property of Arsenal who is currently lighting up Spain's second division on loan. Both are playing for the Mexican Under-20 national team as it attempts to qualify for this summer's Under-20 World Cup.

It's Q&A Time

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It has been two weeks since the last Question and Answer session so it is time to do it again. send your questions my way and I will look to post answers by Monday. Try not to get too elaborate with your questions. What do I mean? If your question is longer than one paragraph chances are you're getting way too deep.

Fire away folks....

No Red Bulls observations today

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I'm sorry to report that I didn't make it to Red Bulls practice today and will therefore not be filing any observations today from practice. I will be there on Friday though and I'll try to post observations right after practice some time tomorrow afternoon.

ESPN Champions League Highlights airing Friday

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For those of you who haven't seen highlights from this week's Champions League action ESPN has a quality highlights show that will air Friday at 3pm on ESPN2. I would suggest adding it to your Season Pass if you have DirecTV or set the VCR if you're still in the Flinstone era. There was some can't-miss stuff this week so definitely check it out.

Observations from Day 1 at Red Bulls practice

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I must confess, I didn't make it to the Red Bulls' practice on Wednesday until it had just finished. Since it was the first day I didn't think I would learn much by watching them so I showed up just in time for the interview session. There was still enough time for some observations. Here are a few:

Hugh McDonald is a big kid.

Guess who needs a goalkeeper?

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So Real Salt Lake was so happy with the acquisition of stud prospect goalkeeper Chris Seitz in the draft that it dealt away Nick Rimando to the Red Bulls just two weeks ago. Guess who needs a keeper now? Yes, RSL. Steve Goff is reporting on his blog that Scott Garlick is going to retire, which suddenly puts Real Salt Lake in a serious jam because Seitz is set to miss major time with the U-20s this summer.

Galaxy to sell shirt sponsorship for $49 million

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According to Mark Ziegler at the San Diego Union Tribune, the Los Angeles Galaxy are considering bids for its shirt sponsorship, with a bid of $49 million for 10 years apparently on the table.

That definitely deserves a wow and makes you wonder what the Red Bulls could sell their shirt sponsorship for if the energy drink folks weren't already committed to using the Red Bulls jersey as a billboard for their product.

Red Bulls to announce second DP signing within a week

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Those of you wondering if and when the Red Bulls would use their second designated player slot can rest easy. Red Bulls coach Bruce Arena told reporters at practice on Wednesday that the team is planning on announcing a signing either this week or next

Champions League Preview (Matchday Eight)

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After an eventful Matchday Seven, which included a controversial ending in the Man U/Lille match and PSV's upset of Arsenal, Matchday Eight has even better match-ups and should be even more entertaining.

Here's a breakdown of the four ma

Watching Arsenal-PSV

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It's Matchday seven and since ESPN decided against showing Barca-Liverpool live (or were outbid) I'm watching PSV-Arsenal. It's still the Champions League knockout round so it is still exciting. Who am I rooting for? If Jefferson Farfan wer

USA to bid on hosting 2018 World Cup

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The Washington Post is reporting that the US Soccer Federation is preparing to bid on the 2018 World Cup. The move could also put the United States in position to host the 2014 World Cup if Brazil fails in its preparations to host the event.


Champions League Preview (Matchday Seven)

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Today's marks the start of the UEFA Champions League knockout stages and I thought you might want a primer on the competition. Here's a breakdown of the pre-quarterfinal match-ups:

Manchester United vs. Lille

Bob Bradley still the interim US coach

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Contrary to some rumors making the rounds, Bob Bradley is not about to have the interim label removed as US national team coach.

Nothing to see here. Move along.....

The first casualty of that absurd David Beckham figure

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So you're one of those people who thought there was nothing wrong with the Los Angeles Galaxy floating around that ficticious salary figure of $250 million for David Beckham? Listen to this one. According to the Washington Post's Steven Goff, Zinedine

Monday Morning Centerback (a closer look at the US-Mexico match)

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So I finally got arorund to sitting down and re-watching the U.S. National team 2-0 victory against Mexico and at the top of my things to watch was the performance of Jonathan Bornstein, who has received mixed reviews for his performance. Some people

Champions League matches on ESPN2

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Here are the Champions League matches that ESPN2 will be showing this week:

  • Tuesday- 2;30pm- Arsenal vs. PSV Eindhoven
  • Wednesday- 2:30pm- Chelsea vs. Porto

So here's my question. How in the world don't you show Barce

Don't bet on Philipakos

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Red Bull trialist Peter Philipakos arrived in camp with a pedigree that included time with Greek champions Olympiakos but hasn't done much to make the club eager to sign the left winger. As you might imagine, Philipakos doesn't plan on playing for che

Zidane to Chicago, legit or not?

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While I was away last week this whole Zidane to the Chicago Fire story took on a life of its own as Steve Goff reported on his blog that Chicago was in talks with the French star. Luis Arroyave of the Chicago Tribune countered the report with his own

SBI back in full effect on Monday morning

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Now that I have had a chance to get back into the flow of things I will be able to get the blog rolling even better than before my vacation.

With the number of readers increasing every week I think it's time to start incorporating some sort o

Why the US A team won't be at Copa America (part two)

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It's clear that many fans want the US team to send its best possible team to Copa America but I have heard from some sources in the know that this just isn't a possibility. I appreciate folks tossing out FIFA regs for me but I think we have already es

Ronaldo scores two in AC Milan debut

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Those of you who thought Ronaldo was washed up and didn't want him in MLS, here's one for you. The Brazilian striker scored two goals on Saturday in his debut for AC Milan, which defeated Siena 4-3.

Not bad for someone who was supposed to be w

This weekend's European Soccer on TV

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Here it is, the weekend's Soccer TV Schedule for European action:

7:30 am- FSC- FA Cup, Arsenal vs. Blackburn

9:30am- GolTV: Wolfsburg vs. Schalke 04

10am- FSC: FA Cup, Chelsea vs. Norwich

11:30am- GolTV: Cagliari vs. I

CONCACAF Gold Cup field set

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The 12-team field for the CONCACAF GOld Cup has been set. Here it is:

  • USA
  • Mexico
  • Trinidad & Tobago
  • Costa Rica
  • Honduras
  • Panama
  • Guatemala
  • Canada
  • El Salvador

Why the US will send a stronger team to the Gold Cup than Copa America

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Folks, there's no question that the competition in Copa America is tougher, with Brazil and Argentina leading the way, but some of you need to relax with trashing the Gold Cup.

The reality is that Bob Bradley doesn't have much of a choice when

A look back at the news I missed

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I guess it shouldn't come as a big surprise that the week I decide to take a vacation there has to be a ton of soccer news. It never really fails. Since I missed these things on the first go-round I figured I could take a look back and offer my take o

Red Bulls looking good

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So after having some conversations with sources down in Florida it appears that Bruce Arena's Red Bulls are rounding into a nice little team. Here's a starting lineup being projected with the pieces currently in place:


Guess Who's Back?

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Yes folks, I have made it back from my trip to the Dominican Republic in one piece and I'm ready to get the blog ball rolling again. I probably won't be fully loaded again until Monday but I'll be ready with some new posts on Friday (tomorrow). I won'

Your questions answered

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Here they are folks, all of your questions answered. Apologies for any technical difficulties that may arise from the text but I didn't have time to fix it and figured most of you would rather read it in messy form than not at all.

I won't be

Greetings from Santo Domingo

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Hello all, I'm in the Dominican Republic for a vacation and some family time (my wife is Dominican). I just won a few bucks playing a rather twisted form of Texas Hold Em at a local casino and I had some blog withdrawal so I hooked the laptop up to a

Taking a vacation

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Sorry to tell you folks but I will be going on vacation for the next week starting today (Friday), which means I won't be posting as frequently for the next six days. I know many of you don't read up during the weekends so I will see if I can drop a f

Red Bulls Update

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Here's an update on everybody's favorite energy drink merchants:

Augustin Delgado will happen within the week, assuming the Ecuadorian Soccer Federation doesn't hold up the transfer because of his club suspension for last year's ugly brawl. Co

Hugo Sanchez and Tom Jones, seperated at birth?

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Thanks to SBI reader Pete for nailing this lookalike down. Mexico coach Hugo Sanchez and singer Tom Jones. Here they are, let me know if you see the resemblance (I will try to find pictures where they look more alike but trust me, they do):

Goodbye Arizona

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It's 7am local time here in Phoenix and I'm waiting to board my plane. It was definitely an eventful trip as Bob Bradley took a young US team and defeated Mexico's strongest squad. I can only imagine the number of Bradley detractors who were converted

Yes, it's time for one more Question & Answer Session

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Since there is so much to talk about following Wednesday night's match between US and Mexico, and because I am about to go on vacation, I have decided we can do one more Q & A session this week. Post your questions to the bottom of this post and I wil

Mexico shows no class in defeat

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Leave it to Mexico's players to refuse to give the U.S. national team any credit in tonight's 2-0 victory. Here are just some of the quotes from the post-game:

Rafael Marquez:

"They were a little opportunistic and stayed in their

Donovan speaks out about Mexico's lack of sportsmanship

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Landon Donovan, who may rival George Bush as the most hated American in Mexico, didn't mince words when talking about Mexico's lack of sportsmanship:

"It would be nice if more of you guys and the Mexican press talked about it because (t

USA 2, Mexico 0

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Landon Donovan sets up a goal with a corner then seals the match with a great individual effort for a late goal to give the US national team a 2-0 win against Mexico. The shutout victory extends the US team's unbeaten streak against Mexico on home soil

The Lineups for US-Mexico Match (including Mexico's missing player)

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Sorry folks, I accidentally deleted Torrado after a late change. No, Hugo Sanchez isn't playing the U.S. team with 10 men.:




My Prediction for the US-Mexico match

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Okay folks, here's my prediction:

Mexico 2, United States 1

I don't think the Americans will be outclassed but I do think there are too many questions in the American defense to like their chances against a quality Mexican attack. I cou

The Nery Castillo Mystery

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So here is what I have been able to piece together from my friends in the Mexican media regarding the Nery Castillo situation.

Castillo was given a clean bill of health by Mexican doctors both today and yesterday and was slated to start for Me

My Running Diary from the US-Mexico match

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9th minute-Nice job by the ref handing out two cards to calm things down although Bornstein having an early yellow is not good for the Americans.

12th minute-Blanco is so sick on the ball. He is creating all sorts of problems and is going to ge

Bruce Arena is in the house

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I just ran into Bruce Arena, who is here to do the game for ESPN2. Arena had a wry smile on his face as I asked him about his Red Bulls' plans. He wouldn't comment about anything but what I can tell you guys is that the there is truth to the reports th

Live from University of Phoenix Stadium

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Hello all, I'm reporting live from the US-Mexico game and I can tell you that the Mexican fans are already starting to take their seats. There's only a sprinkling of fans in the house at this point but the early projections don't look good for the US f

A look back at Day 2 in Phoenix

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Tuesday was a pretty busy day on the work front as I made trips to Mexican national team practice in the early afternoon and US national team practice in the early evening. Here is a rundow of the day's activities:

Mexico national team

The Mexico starting 11 vs. the U.S. National Team

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No, Hugo Sanchez didn't announce it, but here's the consensus pick to be his starting 11:





What would the US national team's best 11 look like?

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With Mexico fielding its strongest team possible American fans can't help but wonder what its strongest starting 11 would be if all hands were on deck. Here's my starting 11 right now (if everyone is healthy) with players who are playing tonight in bol

The US team's Starting XI vs. Mexico

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No, I wasn't able to uncover the secret of Bob Bradley's starting 11 for tomorrow night's match, but after attending tonight's practice session here is the lineup I believe Bradley will employ:


Marquez is ready and Mexico is fully loaded

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I just came from Mexico's practice at Arizona State and I can say that every one of Mexico's European-based stars has shown up for tomorrow night's match. Rafael Marquez, Pavel Pardo, Carlos Salcido and Ricardo Osorio got in late last night, giving Mex

Red Bulls Schedule Released

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MLS announced its 2007 schedule and here is the Red Bulls 2007 schedule:

1. Sat. April 7 (HDNet) AT Columbus Crew, 7:00 PM ET

2. Sun. April 15 (Telefutura) vs. FC Dallas, 3:00 PM ET

3. Sat. April 21 (Fox Soccer Channel) vs

A look back at Day One in Phoenix

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Here are some observations from Day One in Phoenix, just two days before Wednesday's US-Mexico showdown.

The U.S. national team trained at tiny Grand Canyon University with a modest media contingent awaiting. Bob Bradley's influence as US coach

Your questions answered (Part three-the final chapter)

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Here are all the rest of the questions from the weekend. Sorry this took so long but it probably wasn't a good idea for me to throw a Q&A out there when I was about to come to Phoenix for the US match. There were some good questions overall and I can t

Bradley speaks (and a new projected lineup vs. Mexico)

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Bob Bradley held a conference call on Monday and played his cards close to the vest as you might expect. Here are some of the tidbits:

Bradley hasn't given up on Eddie Johnson yet because he's young and talented and it would be foolish to give

Your Questions Answered (Part Two)

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Here is part two, with the third and final part to follow after I get through with Bob Bradley's conference call:

DAVID- It's starting to feel like an extremely long winter here in New England (and we've had barely any snow) - NOTHING h

The Eagle has landed

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I have arrived in Phoenix/Glendale and am setting up shop before I get to work. I will post the remaining Q&A shortly and will be reporting on an upcoming Conference Call with Bob Bradley followed by a US national team practice this evening (6pm ET).

Some of your questions answered (Q&A Part One)

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I was really hoping to get all of your questions answered before I got on the plane to Phoenix today but no such luck. It's tough to plow through the questions quickly when there are so many in-depth questions that require lengthy answers. I'm happy t

SBI heading to Arizona for US-Mexico showdown

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The showdown every American soccer fans waits for is almost here. The U.S. national team takes on Mexico at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona on Wednesday. I will be in Arizona for the match starting Monday afternoon, blogging from

A good day for Americans in the EPL

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I know it was going to be a good day to be a fan of American soccer when I woke up to find Setanta offering a free weekend when it just so happened to be showing Oguchi Onyewu's Newcastle debut against Fulham right after Tim Howard's second shutout of

Setanta Sports offering Free Weekend

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For those of you with access to Setanta Sports you should know that the channel is offering a free weekend, meaning you can watch it right now (615 for you DirecTV folks). Talk about good timing. You can now catch the Newcastle-Fulham match and see Ogu

So much for that Beasley to Red Bulls rumor

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Though I never even acknowledged this absurd rumor, I felt it was necessary to post Soccer America's debunking of the DaMarcus Beasley to Red Bulls rumor. I thought the rumor was pretty hilarious because it made absolutely no sense from the beginning.

A breakdown of the US-Mexico rosters

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Now that the United States and Mexico have announced their rosters for next week's friendly in Arizona, we can start to analyse the possibilities.

Here is the Mexico roster:

Goalkeepers: Oswaldo Sánchez (Santos Laguna

Bob Bradley names 20-man roster for US vs. Mexico

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Here is the roster that will take on Mexico on Wednesday. Only four European based players are on the list (Tim Howard, Carlos Bocanegra, Clint Dempsey and Bobby Convey). Oguchi Onyewu was reportly going to be chosen but it appears his recent transfer

It's Question & Answer Time

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It's that time again. With all the stuff going on in the past week, from transfers to the Real Salt Lake debacle, as well as what is coming up next week, like US-Mexico, I think it's time for another Q&A session.

You guys know the routine by no

Red Bulls youth star stays home

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In the midst of all the Gabriel Ferrari talk I thought you Red Bulls fans out there would be interested to know that one of the next stars in the Red Bull Youth talent pipeline has decided to stay home rather than join the U.S. Under-17 Residency Progr

The results are in from the Pick your Squad vs. Mexico survey

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There were 24 different submissions to the "Pick your lineup vs. Mexico" thread and here were the consensus picks: