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Premier League Preview – Sept. 26-28

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If it's lonely at the top, you wouldn't guess it by watching Chelsea run rampant through the Premier League in the early stages of the 2009-2010 campaign.

With a perfect 18 points in six matches and a +12 goal difference to boot, the Blues aren't letting their recent transfer ban get in the way of a rapid start.

Live from Leeds: United Shine in Carling Cup against Liverpool

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Somewhere between Leeds and Manchester on the M62 I was able to truly digest my four-day jaunt back to my native land for the third round of the Carling Cup. Working in football in the United States is a great privilege, and in Seattle the advent of Seattle Sounders FC has been a revelation for Major League Soccer.

The Future Of Watching Sports On Broadband Is Here

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Now suspend your disbelief for a minute, and imagine the following scenario. What would you say if you had the following service available online?

  • A mix channel where you could watch up to nine games all once on your screen (or you could watch one at a time, or a few at a time your choice),
  • High-quality streaming video compatible on a PC/Mac,
  • HD quality picture (where available),
  • Live game DVR functionality,
  • Live game picture-in-picture,
  • Player tracker,
  • Home and away feeds (where available),
  • Live game radio option (where available),
  • Archived and condensed games,
  • Best of all, all games would be available online (unless you live in the area near the home team in which case, the live Internet streaming would be blacked out), and
  • Last but not least, a very reliable service that would be dependable and would actually work flawlessly.

Rafa Benitez’s £20m Buying Cap – Fact, Fiction, Irrelevant?

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The Independent reported today that  documents have been revealed "which suggest Liverpool's net summer spending will be locked at £20m until 2014″. This is slated to include player pay raises and not just transfer fees. This story has also appeared on Sport.co.uk and in the Daily Mirror.

Premier League Video Highlights Now On Hulu

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Excellent news for US residents who follow the Premier League club: Hulu has added Premier League highlights to its array of online videos and movies it has available on the popular online broadband site.

The availability of goal highlights from the past weekend of matches is made available in conjunction with Fox Soccer Channel.

EPL Talk Podcast: Andy Lyons, When Saturday Comes

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Andy Lyons, co-founder of leading fanzie When Saturday Comes joins host Kartik Krishnaiyer to discuss the following topics

- a detailed look at the history of the magazine
- the circumstances around its beginnings
- The impact of 1980s fan movements on football
- The impact of 1980s Thatcherite politics on football
-Â How the 1990 World Cup success for Sir Bobby Robson's England team brought new fans to the game
- The formation of the Premier League and how it affected the magazine and supporters
-Â Content and columnists in When Saturday Comes
- The football magazine industry currently, and the push for more online content.

Poll: How Much Football Have You Played?

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If you're like me, I watch so much English football on television that I sometimes forget two things. One, how wonderful it is to actually play the game everything from the sound of the ball hitting the back of the net to the emotions you feel when playing the game. And, two, how difficult it actually is to play the game at a high level.

Patrice Evra Showcased In a Nike Computer Game: Video

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Trust Nike to produce one of the most imaginative and innovative commercials to showcase Patrice Evra's career as a footballer, but amazingly they've done it (watch above video).

The video celebrates Evra's career by putting him inside classic 8-bit computer games. Each level of the game is his career at a different football club that he's played for.

ESPN2’s Nielsen Ratings For EPL Games: Aug 15-Sept 19, 2009

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After just one month of the 2009-2010 Premier League season, ESPN2 has generated an average viewing audience of 274,128 according to Nielsen Ratings.

The ratings are impressive thus far given the fact that no two heavyweight teams have faced each other on ESPN2 as of yet. The first massive match-up to be aired on ESPN2 will be the October 31st clash between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur.

Why Do So Few Supporters Tweet At Football Grounds?

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When I launched EPL Talk in 2005, my initial vision for the site was that it would be highly interactive and would embrace technology to bring English football supporters closer together. The main feature at that time was an online chat that would be hosted every weekend so that website visitors could chat at the same time they were watching Premier League matches, no matter where they lived in the world.

Devils Done? Can Utd win with this defense?

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Gary Neville thinking to himself about how crap and old he is

This time last year Manchester United were starting to put together one of the finest stretches of defensive football ever scene in the English Premier League. But one year later, with a similar defensive cast, they seem exposed, shaky and generally lacking around their own goal.

Adventures Of A Premier League Fan Near Harvard University

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The missus and I were in Boston this past Saturday afternoon with some time to kill, so I thought we'd try and find a place to catch the West Ham v Liverpool match. Our journey began in Cambridge, around Harvard Square. Perhaps it's because the kids at that institution are too busy planning winter break ski vacations in Austria or copying MySpace to make millions or splitting the atom or whatnot, but there aren't too many bars in the yard.

Where Does Sporting Hatred Come From?

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I don't really hate anybody in my immediate world (except, of course, my old landlord, Dick Dumont yeah: he knows what he did). But it's easy enough to drop the word hate into conversation. "Oh, I hate that" and "Don't you just hate him/her?"Â We do it all the time, but do we truly hate the thing or person?

Manchester Derby – Two Days On: Deconstructing the Wreckage

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For "Collymore closing in..." in 1996, you can read "It's Michael Owen..." in 2009. Both games were littered with brilliant goals, pathetic defending and some of the most exciting football the Premier League has seen. Now though, two days on from "The Greatest Manchester Derby in the History of Anything Anytime Ever", it is surely the time to look back on it with a more tactical eye.

Can Diamanti Emulate Di Canio?

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Can Diamanti emulate Di Canio?

Can West Ham United's new Italian talent have the same impact on the Hammers as club legend Paolo Di Canio did between 1999 and 2003? Gianfranco Zola signed Alessandro Diamanti for a fee of around £6 million in the summer. Big money for an untested player especially in light of West Ham's supposed financial handicap.

England Fringe Strikers Scoring For Fun Before World Cup

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Fabio Capello has always been consistent with his selections, and in four of England's last five matches, it has been Manchester United's Wayne Rooney and Aston Villa's Emile Heskey who have been England's starting marksman and both can be considered as shoe-ins for England World Cup squad.

Fantasy League – Valued Players To Buy

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Looking for bargain players below the top price in each position? There are some great valued players to be had if you're looking to free up some cash for that "big" signing. Kevin picks out two from each position and tells you why you should be investing in these great valued players.

Promoted Trio Enjoying Life At The Top

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After such an eventful weekend, it would be easy to lose sight of some of the Premier League's lesser lights but away from the glitz and glamour of the Manchester and London derbies a strange thing happened – all three promoted teams won. Stranger still, it wasn't the first time such an event has happened this season.

FIFA 10 TV Commercial In HD Starring Wayne Rooney

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I Like Craig Bellamy. Really.

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Meet me at the corner flag!

Okay, let's be clear, Craig Bellamy is wild. He is rash, unpredictable, and probably would be a career criminal if he wasn't a footballer. He's got more tattoos than John Mayer's right arm, more baggage than an Airbus landing at Heathrow, more teeth than Mr.

Gary Megson Is Unloved and Unwanted

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Well you've got to hand it to him, Gary Megson must have the thickest skin in professional football. I've seen him barracked by his own fans at 4 different clubs over the years and that's some going, even in the fickle world of the football supporter. At a Nottingham Forest game, I saw fans come to blows trying to get to him, at Leicester I saw a fan throw his season ticket at him in his 3rd game in charge.

Can Ledley King Keep Going?

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The sight of Ledley King pulling up when Didier Drogba was running towards the Tottenham goal in Sunday's London derby left me with a resigned feeling of deja vu. Even on one leg, a training regime of swimming twice a week and the frailties of the midfield formation that wasn't working, King was keeping Drogba quiet.

Legends Of English Football: #9 Fatty Foulkes

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In the annals of English Football, goalkeepers have always held a certain mystique throughout its history. When you think of great English goalkeepers, the names of Gordon Banks, Peter Shilton and Ray Clemence come to mind. Generally, the modern opinion is that you need to be a little mad to be keeper.

Questions Please For Rebecca Lowe

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Rebecca Lowe of ESPN UK will be one of the next guests on the EPL Talk Podcast, the only Premier League interview show on the Internet. And you have a chance to have your questions asked on-air to her. Please post them in the comments section below and the best questions will be asked.

Ben Foster is not the Answer for Manchester United

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Foster has a lot to think about

Ben Foster has been enjoying his recent run as Manchester United's number one, "I've really enjoyed being involved so far it's what I've wanted, when you have a solid run in the team you can look forward to games in advance and settle down a bit more.

Fan Diary #8: Fernando Torres…

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Going into the West Ham match I asked for a brace (minimum) from Fernando Torres and boy did he deliver. This calls for some pondifercating on The Football Genius.

Well, maybe Torres isn't at Genius Status yet. But of all the players playing in England he's got to be among the biggest contenders.

EPL Talk Matchday Six Review Show

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Kartik Krishnaiyer and Laurence McKenna review the weekend that was in the Premier League. Among the topics discussed are:

- Chelsea's continued winning ways
-Â Luck as a factor in the title race
-Â Liverpool's win at West Ham, and Lucas strong play
- Zola looking to leave West Ham?

Going Down Easy is a Skill

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Diving is a skill like any other in football and should be embraced as such.
This might be heresy to some. Certain fans unappreciative of the skill think play-actors are ruining the game with their histrionics. Well, the simple truth is that they are wrong and need to wake up to the fact that diving has always been, has always worked and as such should be viewed as the important, valuable and integral part of the beautiful game.

Who Benefits Most From ESPN2 EPL Coverage?

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Who may have the biggest smile because of ESPN2's Premier League coverage? It's Fox Soccer Channel and Setanta Sports.

With more Americans being introduced to the EPL via the very accessible ESPN2, newly adopted football supporters will be clamoring for more of the quality Premier League football on display.

Craig Bellamy Punches A Man United Fan: Video

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Bellamy & Garrido More amazing video clips are a click away

After one of the most exciting Manchester derbies ended yesterday, tempers flared again after an alleged Manchester United supporter ran on to the pitch and was then tackled by stewards. However, while the stewards held the offender, Manchester City's Craig Bellamy walked over and punched him in the face.

Am I The Only One Who Can’t Win In Fantasy Football?

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Why won't you score?!

Okay, so we are pretty settled into the 2009-2010 season and I am, yet again, having major issues with my fantasy team. What's going on? How can I have 14 points in one weekend? How can Michael Turner do so well for Hull and not for Sunderland? How, in the name of all that is holy, can my captain, Frank Lampard, not have scored a single goal this season?

Man United 4-3 Man City: An Instant Classic

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If there was ever a doubt that the Premier League is the greatest league in the world, then tell the non-believers to watch today's Manchester derby. What a game. What a game!

The match is an instant classic and a brilliant advertisement for football and the Premier League. Played at a blistering pace at times and with plenty of sensational goals, this game had everything.

Arsenal v West Ham, 1975-76: Video Flashback

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Northampton v Man United, 1970: Video Flashback

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How Important Has Foreign Influence Been On The English Premiership?

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The influence of foreigners on football in England cannot be underestimated. While Coach Fabio Capello has guided England through the qualifiers and instilled a winning mentality amongst the players, the skills of English players such as Wayne Rooney and the presence of leaders like John Terry must also be credited with the change in England's fortunes.

Worrying Days For Liverpool FC Despite Victory At West Ham

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There are a lot of things that worry me about Liverpool FC's team this season. The match against West Ham United was a perfect example where they were fortunate to win after West Ham United played them off the park for large portions of the match.

To me, Liverpool were blessed by individual performances at Upton Park that smoothed over a couple of weaknesses:

  1. Jamie Carragher had a poor game compared to his typical performances, but there's no hiding the fact that both of Liverpool's centre backs were unable to deal with the pace of the opposition.

Hungary v England, 1988: Video Flashback

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The latest video flashback takes us back to 1988 when England was a terrible football team despite finding glory just two years later in the 1990 World Cup.

This video features Brian Clough and Brian Moore. Cloughie makes a flub in the beginning of the analysis but doesn't seem to care, which is followed by commentary from the legendary Brian Moore and Trevor Francis in this match which ended 0-0.

Man United v Man City, 1974: Video Flashback

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Do UEFA’s Financial Reforms Unfairly Target Manchester City?

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In an exclusive interview for the Guardian, Manchester City chairman Khaldoon al-Mubarak criticized Michel Platini's planned control of football club expenditure. He has a point.

Platini wants new financial rules by 2012. Under those guidelines, Clubs would spend within their soccer-generated income.

Umbro’s Brilliant Collection Of Football Boot Designs

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The above football kit designs were created by football supporters around the world as part of Umbro's Speciali competition. View more brilliant designs here.

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Google Launches Fixtures Calendar For Premier League Clubs

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Google has added a new feature to its Calendar product that allows registered users to subscribe to a free list of upcoming fixtures for any of the 20 Premier League clubs. That's great news for football supporters, but it may be a thorn in the side for the Premier League and another issue that will add considerable strain to the relationship between the league and the technology company (the Premier League sued YouTube, now owned by Google, in May 2007).

Leeds United v Liverpool; Two English Giants Reunite in Carling Cup

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Much has been made of the demise of Leeds United AFC. We are all familiar with the tale of gross overspending, Ridsdale's goldfish, and a descent into the third tier of English football. Football supporters have little sympathy for a club that reached the quarterfinals of the Champions League in 2001 and are now playing in League One due to its own negligence.

The Most Important Manchester Derby?

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Mancunians divided, Feb. 10, 2008

(While we all catch our breath from the Champions League,...)

Sunday, the 20th of September, 2009 marks (by my estimation) the 154th Manchester Derby. Also by my estimation, this weekend's match is quite possibly one of, if not the most important match the 2 clubs have ever played against each other.

Premier League Preview – Sept. 19-20

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It's time for another edition of the Manchester Derby, and City must already be lamenting its bad luck.

With Emmanuel Adebayor suspended, Robinho and Roque Santa Cruz definitely out with injury and Carlos Tevez a serious doubt with a knee injury, the upstarts may be hurting for strike options in Sunday's clash.

Russian Football Now Podcast, Episode #4: The Wake of UCL Disappointment

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Russian champions Rubin Kazan disappointed in Kiev

In partnership with Russian Football Now, EPL Talk presents the third episode of RNF's podcast.

Though defending champions Rubin Kazan continue to roll through the Russian Premier League, the club hit a major stumbling block in Kiev when they lost their Champions League opener to Dyanmo.

Fan Diary #7: Liverpool v Debrecen

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Before yesterday I knew about as much about Debreceni VSC as I know about the Faint Object Spectograph on the Hubble Telescope. They are among the "new kids" in the Champions League and not knowing anything about their club (or their league) forced me to underestimate them greatly. I assumed this would be an easy win for Liverpool.

Is Tim White The Worst Football Commentator Ever?

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Tim White is a name that most of us were unfamiliar with before this week, but in the span of 24 hours we now know his name all too painfully well.

If you don't know who Tim White is, he's a football commentator. This week, he gave a woeful commentary for the UEFA feed of the Besiktas versus Manchester United match.

Updates From Fox Soccer Channel, GolTV and ESPN2

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Here are several important updates for subscribers to Fox Soccer Channel, GolTV and ESPN2:

  • The ratings for last Saturday's Liverpool against Burnley match on ESPN2 (10am ET kickoff) were a 0.2, according to Nielsen. The game was watched in 196,041 households for a total viewing audience of 253,779,
  • Fox Soccer Channel will offer a free preview of its network on the following cable networks in areas of the country between September 14-20: Comcast Denver, Comcast Fort Wayne, Comcast Indianapolis, Comcast Portland, Comcast Salt Lake City, Comcast Seattle, Cox Phoenix, Cox Tucson, Time Warner Columbus and Time Warner Kansas City,
  • GolTV has acquired the TV rights to many of the Europa League matches.

How HDTV Attracts Higher TV Ratings For Soccer Games

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Given the choice between watching a match in high-definition television or watching a game in standard definition, which one would you choose? What if the choice was, like last weekend, Liverpool against Burnley in HD on ESPN2 or Manchester City versus Arsenal in standard definition on Setanta Sports?

Win Free Tickets to the Manchester Derby This Weekend

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This weekend's match between Manchester United and Manchester City has the potential to be the most explosive match of the season so far. There are so many storylines and the game hasn't kicked off yet.

Fortunately, we've got two pairs of tickets to give away, courtesy of Betfair.

All Credit To Burnley

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Before the season started, I knew little about this Burnley side. I like to see former top-flight stalwarts come up and Burnley one of the orginal 12 sides in the Football League haven't been up in 33 years. But apart from that, I knew no reason why they shouldn't be on track to follow Derby County and West Bromwich Albion straight back down.

EPL Talk Podcast: Georgie Bingham

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Georgie Bingham of ESPN US, ESPN International, and ESPN Socccernet.com joins us on the show. Hear Georgie discuss:

- Her background in football

- How she became an Ipswich Town Supporter

- Her memories of Sir. Bobby Robson

- How she began covering the sport

- Her move to the United States

- More about the ESPN Soccernet Sportscenter

- ESPN's Coverage of the Premier League for the 2009-10 season in the US

- The culture and acceptance of football at ESPN HQ in Bristol, CT, USA.

Wayne Rooney Has A Temper Tantrum Against Besiktas

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Mix2nd Half UCL Besiktas V Man Utd 09 15 09 720p HD Skpd Funny bloopers are a click away

Every once in a while, the Wayne Rooney we remember from Everton and his early days at Manchester United reveals himself. The lad with the uncontrollable temper who would lash out at opposing players and be a liability to the team he was playing for.

What Electronics Do You Use To Experience Your Premier League?

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Something suddenly dawned on me last night. With hundreds of thousands of football supporters visiting this site on a monthly basis, many of us support different clubs and despise our archenemies. But while there are lots of differences between us, there are a few things in common. We all love football that goes without saying.

The Tale of Two Chelseas

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That is, one with Didier Drogba and one without Didier Drogba. I, like many others have stated before, have always had this sort-of idea that Chelsea were a completely different team when Drogba wasn't playing. During tonight's match versus Porto, this idea culminated into a thesis that was entirely tangible and defensible.

My Big Problem With Liverpool’s New Sponsorship Deal…

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I have a big problem with Liverpool's new sponsor. While I'm glad to see a deal that will provide the club with £80m over the next four years, and while the hope that new stadium plans and healthier transfer budgets will emerge gets me giddy... it's Standard Chartered Bank... I can't drink it during matchtime.

Will Carlos Queiroz be back at Old Trafford Soon?

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How long does he have left?

With Portugal on the verge of non-qualification for the World Cup in 2010, manager Carlos Queiroz is under extreme pressure and has the very real possibility of unemployment looming over him. Given this threat, and inevitability that this will occur, I ask you.

Questions Please About FoxSoccer.tv and FoxSoccer.com

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The world of broadband rights for Premier League, Champions League and other football competitions and tournaments can be very confusing and frustrating at times. So with the recent relaunch of FoxSoccer.tv, Fox Soccer Channel's broadband package, we thought it would be wise to interview a key executive at Fox regarding the new platform.

City Odds Tumble As Arsenal Come Unstuck Again

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Somewhere in amongst the furore that surrounded Emmanuel Adebayor's Saturday afternoon, a football match took place.

I know it's difficult to spot and you may have to search through a pile of seething Arsenal supporters and endless reams of video evidence to find it but I assure you, it did take place.

Must Watch: Besiktas vs Manchester United

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I had to laugh this past weekend when the commentator described the City of Manchester Stadium as a "cauldron." To me, it's a bowl. A bowl that removes the crowd from the game. Instead, a better analogy of a cauldron would be a particular stadium in Istanbul for tonight's must-watch match between Besiktas and Manchester United.

Reversal Of Eduardo’s Ban Raises More Questions

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After what sounds like an absolutely epic appeal by Arsenal worthy of a Hague courtroom, UEFA has overturned Eduardo's two-match ban for diving. How you feel about the decision likely has a lot to do with your thoughts on whether such punishments are truly effective deterrents to such nefarious acts.

Fan Diary #6: Yossi Benayoun And My Football Ulcer

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I was a little concerned coming into the last fixture. It wasn't because Burnley has already beaten United and Everton. It wasn't because Burnley aren't afraid to attack. I saw these things as healthy signs for Liverpool. Â Liverpool usually do well against attacking sides.

When Will Paul Scholes Learn to Tackle?

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Sent off against Spurs

Manchester United finished up 3-1 victors over Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane, but the victory was somewhat spoiled by the sending off of Paul Scholes, who was made to walk after two yellow card offences. Did the punishment fit the crime or is it about time the ‘Ginger Prince' mastered the art of tackling?

I saw something other than Adebayor on Saturday…

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Saturday's Manchester City v. Arsenal match was exciting for many reasons: six goals, fast, fluid play, a fun atmosphere, two players playing against their former team, fans throwing all sorts of things at one certain player... All of this made for a great match. While I'll only mention Adebayor's celebration just this once, we can all agree it provoked emotion from both sides, which is ultimately why we watch football.

Premier League Misses The Mark With Intro Video

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There's something about the new Premier League intro that plays before each game that bothers me. If you haven't seen it, take a minute to watch it first (click the video above). It's definitely a feel good video that illustrates the global appeal of the Premier League from Africa to Asia and other continents.

Robbie Down Under

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As the EPL and the rest of Europe completes the first month of the domestic season, it is interesting to look at the travels of perhaps the EPL's greatest finisher: one Robbie Fowler. Having been discarded by Blackburn amidst the outing of old friend Paul Ince, many wondered what Fowler's next move would be.

Should Adebayor Be Banned for Life?

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Emmanuel Adebayor has committed the ultimate sin. Leaving a big four club for a side with ambition to join the elite clubs in England. For this, and his actions on the pitch in Saturday's 4-2 City win at Eastlands, he must be banned for life from English football. Â Arsenal fans deserve justice.

EPL Talk Podcast: Matchday Five Review

EPL Talk at related • 2 views

Laurence McKenna and Kartik Krishnaiyer bat around a variety of topics on today's show including:

  • Chelsea's Transfer Ban: Are English clubs being unfairly targeted
  • England's 5-1 victory over Croatia
  • John Toshack's Wales side gives Russia a game
  • Argentina's continued failures
  • Liverpool back on track
  • Emmanuel Adebayor, victim or villain?

Arsenal Fans Can Have No Excuses And Scholes’ Indian Summers

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Arsenal Fans Can Have No Excuses

Emmanuel Adebayor is Public Enemy Number One at the moment, partly for his stamp on Robin Van Persie, and mostly because of his goal celebration in front of the Arsenal fans. "Inciting a riot". Of course it was ill-advised he must have Ashley Cole's Public Relations officer but it still should not defend the embarrassing actions of the Arsenal fans present, causing unnecessary injury to a steward.

Emmanuel Adebayor: The Sprint of Self-Deception

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It's a feature of human nature that we are quick, in the heat of the moment, to see our point of view over another's. However, the mature person is able to see, after some introspection, the extent to which he is culpable.

Professional athletes often lack this maturity.

The lore of Emmanuel Adebayor includes tales of playing football barefoot on dirt fields as a youth in his homeland of Togo.

1993-94: Blackburn v Man United: Video Flashback

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The latest video flashback takes us back to the second season of the Premier League for a massive match between Blackburn Rovers and Manchester United.

The video features the opening to Match Of The Day (MOTD) featuring presenter Des Lynam and pundits Alan Hansen and Trevor Brooking.

Adebayor Nearly Starts Riot In Arsenal Grudge Match

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Emmanuel Adebayor answered his critics in spectacular fashion Saturday afternoon in one of his best performances ever on any football pitch during Manchester City's incredible 4-2 win against Arsenal.

Adebayor had a lot to prove to Arsenal supporters after he left on bad terms this summer.

Emmanuel Adebayor Lectures Arsenal Fans on Loyalty

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Before playing Arsenal, former Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor said Arsenal supporters are "not real fans."

"What is good at City is the fans. They love you. Arsenal have a lot of fans who are not fans," Adebayor said. "Arsenal have fans from America and Jamaica.

Match Notes: Stoke 1:2 Chelsea

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Delap: Stoke City's Wild Card

Stoke City vs Chelsea FC at the Britannia Stadium, Stoke-on-Trent, 3pm local time. Conditions: pitch good, weather fine.


Chelsea: Cech, A Cole, Terry, Ivanovic, Bosingwa, Ballack, Malouda, Kalou, Mikel, Lampard, Drogba

Stoke City: Sorenson (Simonsen), Faye, Collins, Huth, Higginbotham, Delap, Shawcross, Etherington, Whelan, Kitson (Tuncay), Beattie (Fuller)

1st Half

Stoke, playing five at the back, begin marking the ball closely.

The Most Expensive Transfer in Premier League History is…Carlos Tevez?

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Paul Doyle of The Guardian once described Carlos Tevez as "the rich man's Dirk Kuyt." That man may be far more rich than we thought.

Carlos Tevez left Manchester United for Manchester City, in a deal that reportedly paid Tevez' handlers £25.5m. According to a new report in The Times, Tevez' fee may really be £47m, nearly twice the initial figure.

New Skills In FIFA 10 Revealed: Video

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The hype for the October release of FIFA 10 is building, and it's no wonder when you see video like this (see above) featuring some of the amazing new skills and graphics.

The video is beautifully created by 16-year-old Norwegian Marius Hjerpseth. In it, the whiz kid shows actual game footage and then shows video from FIFA 10 and includes instructions on how to make the new moves.

Premier League Preview – Sept. 12-13

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The international break is over and it's time to separate the men from the boys.

Can Spurs keep up their blistering start? Check back after their date at White Hart Lane with Manchester United.

Can City keep up in its race to crack the top four? A home game with Arsenal might provide some early answers.

International Football: Please Don’t Injure My League Heroes…

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Lennon's cross arcs over the box. It hones in on Steven Gerrard who waits just outside the crowd. He jumps, coils his neck and smashes the ball toward goal. His header flies down into the net. 2-0 to England.

I'm an American, but I still get chills when Gerrard scores for his country.

Are foreign imports stunting English growth?

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The shock transfer ban recently imposed on Chelsea for their "inducing" of young French player Gael Kakuta has again raised the argument of English clubs scouting for and developing too many foreign players within their youth systems. Why?

It's a simple numbers game.

Football is a global sport, so it would make very little sense for a club to ignore the wealth of upcoming talent outside of their own back yard.

Russian Football Now Podcast: World Cup Qualifying Review

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Brazil legend, former CSKA manager Zico faired much worse this week than the Russian National Team

In partnership with Russian Football Now, EPL Talk presents the third episode of RNF's podcast.

Russia's Mens National team made it through the international break unscathed.

Capello Lays The Groundwork For Future England Managers

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What a difference two years make. In November, 2007, England succumbed to Croatia at Wembley by a scoreline of 2-3 and thus surrendered their qualifying for Euro 2008. Cue the images of a fumbling Steve McClaren and an England team with so little confidence. Croatia, meanwhile, looked like world beaters.

Scoorey’s FIFA 10 gameplay impressions

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Australia's 5 time FIWC champion, Stephen Coorey, was lucky enough to play the latest Fifa 10 build at EA headquarters today. Here are his impressions of the new game...

Today was the day I have been waiting for since the FIWC final in Barcelona in May my first look at Fifa 10.

Liverpool Supporter Pardoned After Four Years In Prison

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In 2005, Michael Shields was convicted by a Bulgarian court for the attempted murder of a barman after Liverpool's Champions League victory in Istanbul. Between a jail in Bulgaria and Thorn Cross prison in Chesire, England, Shields, now 22, has spent the last four years behind bars. But, today, his 15 year sentance has been lifted.

Top 5 Firefox Add-Ons For Soccer Fans

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In the latest browser wars, the browser usage statistics show that Firefox has almost 50% of the market share. Other than how easier it is to use and how fast it is, one of the reasons web users love Firefox is because of their massive library of add-ons. So since we're all soccer fans, I thought I'd share five favorite Firefox add-ons and they're all free.

The Ghost Of Ronaldo Scores For United vs Arsenal

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Sky has released a simple but effective advertisement to promote the benefits of watching its channel in HD, and Cristiano Ronaldo is the star of it. Well, not exactly.

Take a look at the above commercial (Arsenal fans may want to look away).

Source: 101 Great Goals.

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Is this a Workable Solution to the Gaël Kakuta Conundrum?

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I won't go into a great deal of prologue on the Gael Kakuta / Chelsea transfer ban situation - see here and here for related stories.

Am I alone in thinking the solution proposed by Football (with a big F) stinks? They're talking about banning the movement of players under the age of 18.

Everton, United, England: What’s With The Star Trek Kits?

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Admiral Capello strides onto the bridge. "Status report, Lieutenant Rooney!" he shouts.

Rooney is grim. "The Croatians have boarded the ship, Sir," he says. "They've already scored two goals."

"I see," says Capello. He turns to his chief defensive officer.

Football’s. Transfer. System. Is. Flawed.

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Isn't it amazing how long it takes Fifa to put put five words together and then act upon them. Football's transfer system is flawed and everybody knows it, so why is it only now that constructive action is being taken?

The biggest problem faced by the current system is the widespread tapping-up of players and the lack of either a deterrent or preventative measures.

Exclusive Interview With Barney Ronay

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Barney Ronay of The Guardian is the latest guest on the EPL Talk Podcast to discuss his newest book, The Manager: The Absurd Ascent Of The Most Important Man In Football.

Ronay is best known for his appearances on the The Guardian's Football Weekly Podcast as well as the top writers at the newspaper.

Legends Of English Football: #8 Brian Clough

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Brian Clough's managerial career has been well documented, but it often completely overshadows the success Clough had as a player. Whilst he was often accused of nepotism towards his son Nigel whilst he was the manager of Nottingham Forest, it wasn't hard to see where the younger player got his footballing talent from.

Rooney’s Fall; It’s Only A Friendly; Do We Need Extra Officials?

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Before Saturday, I remained undecided on whether or not FIFA should add two more officials to the mix. But since England won the surreal penalty against Slovenia, I find myself tipping in the direction of adding the extra officials.

In one of the more eye-popping Did-That-Really-Just-Happen moments I've seen in a while, Wayne Rooney managed to win a penalty after tugging on his Slovenian marker's shirt, losing his balance and falling to the ground.

Leeds United v Man United, 1968-69: Video Flashback

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Today's video flashback is from the late 1960s when two quality teams, Leeds United and Manchester United, faced each other at Elland Road.

The video footage is interesting for several different seasons. It's in black and white. Plus you get to watch the opening of the show for a program that's simply titled "Football" with its title music that sounds like it's going to be the Match Of The Day theme but quickly transpires into a different song.

Why Can’t David Healy Score In The Premiership

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If you were your country's top scorer with a healthy 35 goals in 73 appearances, chances are you'd be an established top league player in most countries in Europe. Add to that record a career that has seen you start out at Manchester United and take in spells at Leeds United, Sunderland and Fulham, you'd expect a pretty good record.

McFadden’s Wonder Goal Raises Scottish Hopes

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I settled down yesterday afternoon ready for one of those great footballing days that come along every now and again. I had the prospect of 4 matches in a row to keep me entertained (including Charlton v Brentford!) and to see if Scotland could get a win against Macedonia. It was an opportunity to run the rule over a few players who have returned to regular football in the Premiership and see just what Scotland could do.

Defoe Continues To Shine For Club And Country

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Jermain Defoe has had a fantastic start to the new season, with goals for England and Spurs; including his 50th for the club in the 2-1 win at West Ham. His hat trick and all round performance against Hull City was clearly his best performance in a Spurs shirt in either spell. When he rejoined Spurs in January this year, he was welcomed back with open arms as a disastrous season began to show the green shoots of recovery under Harry Redknapp.

Hooliganism: Did It Ever Go Away? Who Foots The Bill?

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Is football hooliganism in the U.K. more prevalent than ever?

In an age of astronomical transfer fees, CCTV, better policing methods, higher ticket prices & all-stadium seating, one would think not. Aren't we always led to believe that football in the U.K. has emerged triumphantly out of the dark ages of the 70's & 80's?

Spurs v West Ham, 1970-71: Video Highlights

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While there's no Premier League matches on until next weekend, here's another video from yesteryear to show how much the game of English football has changed as well as to give us video evidence of some of the legendary players of England.

The video features first half highlights from the London derby between Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United from the 1970-71 season.

England 2-1 Slovenia: Observations

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It was only a friendly, so I got the sense that both the supporters and England footballers were a little more subdued than usual, but in England's 2-1 victory against Slovenia at Wembley on Saturday night there was a lot to worry about.

Despite winning, England looked like they were playing in slow-motion, had difficulty rapidly moving the ball up the field and revealed lots of holes in the back.

Football in Singapore (part 1)

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All over the world tonight, people are cheering on their respective national teams. The Slovenians, the Georgians, the English, the Danes, just to name a few. As a citizen of a country with a lowly rank of 127 on the FIFA World Ranking table, I should probably feel a little bit sorry, a little bit jealous, possibly a little bit angry over the fact that my country has barely moved up the rankings at all over the years.

Lucas Leiva Is Not a Flop, At Least Not Yet

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At age 22, Zinedine Zidane was playing in the Intertoto Cup with Bordeaux. At that same age, Éric Cantona had just got a move from Auxerre to Marseille. Rivaldo had just moved from Corinthians to cross-town rivals Palmeiras in São Paulo.

With the money involved in today's game and globalized scouting networks, such players would already have been with one of the European giants before they had the chance to establish themselves in their local teams.

Ji-sung Park tames Socceroos

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Australia's remarkable run of results has come crashing to a halt at the Seoul World Cup Stadium as Korea downed the Socceroos 3-1  tonight in an International Friendly. With both teams safely through to the World Cup Finals as top of their Asian qualifying groups, this was a chance for both managers to test some new players, and Aussie coach Pim Verbeek rang in the changes in what was a homecoming for him, as he coached South Korea before taking the Australian job.

Upton Park Crowd Trouble In 1975: Video

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I came across this video today which features a West Ham United against Manchester United match from 1975, and an unfortunate incident where parts of the ground were so overcrowded that fans were getting crushed at the front and spilling over the fence on to the pitch.

It demonstrates how packed football grounds were and how the police had a difficult time trying to control crowds.

Leicester City vs Man United, 1976: Video

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Usually during international breaks I find myself having more time to reflect on the Premier League, what it is and where it came from. After crawling around YouTube, I uncovered the above video which I thought would be eye-opening to many readers of EPL Talk, to have a better idea of what English football used to be like as well as how it was produced for television.

Carling Cup Third Round – Ties For The Football Romantic

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I've said elsewhere: there's something about old top flight stalwarts. I'm excited to see Wolves and Burnley up in the top flight again. (Birmingham have come up every other season since I've been watching so that seems too routine to be thrilling.) I'd love to see a club like Nottingham Forest or Crystal Palace or Sheffield Wednesday climb up the Championship table and come back up for old time's sake.

Russian Football Now Podcast: Spalletti, Pavlyuchenko, and WCQ Preview

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Former AS Roma manager Luciano Spalletti has long been linked with Zenit St. Petersburg.

In partnership with Russian Football Now, EPL Talk presents the second episode of RNF's podcast.

An active week in papers sees former AS Roma manager Luciano Spalletti take an additional step toward the long-rumored more to Zenit.

Questions Please For Georgie Bingham

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ESPN presenter Georgie Bingham will be a future guest on the EPL Talk Podcast, and we'd like to hear your suggested questions. The best questions will be asked on-air to Georgie and if we use your question, your name will be mentioned on-air.

Georgie Bingham, born in London in 1977, is a news and sports journalist and English television presenter.

Transfer Ban for United?

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It seems like this is all coming out of nowhere. Any fan of the game knows that the "tapping-up" allegations have always been prominent but rarely has it been so harshly punished. From United's perspective, they were accused of tapping up Dimitar Berbatov and Wayne Rooney in the recent past and accused Real Madrid of tapping-up Ronaldo(the accusing needed not be done, Ronaldo was caught on camera).

Kakutagate – Fact and Fiction

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In the short time since Chelsea were found guilty of inducing Gael Kakuta to breach his contract at RC Lens, and banned from the registration of new players until 1st Sept 2010 i.e. two transfer windows away a lot has been written, blogged, said and alleged some fact, some fiction.

Eduardo And Chelsea: Inconsistent Bans Lack Credibility

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Uefa handed Arsenal's Eduardo a two-match ban for diving against Celtic, a simulation that won the Gunners a penalty. FIFA have now banned Chelsea FC from signing any new players until January 2011 since it's been revealed Chelsea induced Gael Kakuta to break his contract with Lens in 2007.

FIFA Bans Chelsea From Buying Players Until 2011

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It's funny how karma works. Chelsea took an inhumanely stern line with Adrian Mutu, and now FIFA has taken a stern line with them.

The Blues have been found guilty of "inducing" French midfielder Gael Kakuta to break his contract with Lens in 2007. FIFA has forbid them to participate in the next two transfer windows, barring them from signing a player until 2011.

EPL Talk Podcast: Mel Charles

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Welsh legend Mel Charles joins us on the podcast.

Hear about his book "In The Shadow of a Giant"

Also discussed:

- The 1958 Welsh World Cup Team
- Who was the best attacking player Charles faced
- His brother John's career
- The Cardiff City vs Swansea City rivalry
- Thoughts about John Toshack both as a player and a manager

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Your 1st & 2nd team: An Americans Right to Pick & Choose

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Raise your hand if any of the following criteria apply to you:

- have you been a football supporter for ten years or less?

- have you "picked" a top European club to follow?

- do you currently reside in one of the 50 States that make up this fine country?

If you answered Yes to any or all of these questions, you very well may be eligible to also have a "2nd team".

England on the brink of 2010 World Cup

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South Africa 2010

Almost twenty years ago England went to Poland knowing that a draw would qualify them for Italia 90. A backs-to-the wall performance and the magnificence of Peter Shilton ensured they had their point and the team then went onto reach the semi-finals of the tournament that arguably saved English football from itself and ultimately elevated it to today's dizzy heights.

Israeli Court Ruling Spells Trouble For Premier League

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The Guardian reported last night that the Premier League have been dealt a massive legal blow in its fight against online piracy when an Israeli court threw out an attempt to shut down a pirate website that was showing live matches free of charge.

Some of the observations made by the Israeli court include:

  • it was a case of "fair use" since no profit was made from the broadcasts and that, in Israeli law, breach of "broadcasting" copyright only referred to cable or wireless transmission and not streaming over the internet.

What Are The Biggest Surprises Of The Premier League Season?

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So far this Premier League season, what would you say have been the biggest surprises?

We're only four matches in and there are plenty of talking points. I tend not to get too over-excited during the beginning of the season especially because there's a long way to go. But for me the biggest surprises have been how well Manchester City have started the season.

Proposed Caps to Halt Spending Are Bad for Football

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The inexplicable is often the standard in football. The £14 million pounds Man City paid for Wayne Bridge is inexplicable. Florent Malouda's protean hairstyles are inexplicable. Arsene Wenger's ability to see zero penalties against Arsenal is inexplicable. Yet even bearing this in mind, I could not help but rubbing my eyes to make sure I had read the headline correctly:

Abramovich keen to stop big-spending City

The gist of the article is that Abramovich feels that Manchester City have spent too much and need to be reigned in.

UEFA, You’ve Lost Your Touch

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"Giggs looking to pick out Rooney... who's got there, is that a penalty kick?! What does Mike Dean say?! He says penalty!"

This whole routine is getting a little old, isn't it? Screw diamonds, refereeing mistakes are forever. It's like the referees all convene and decide whose turn it is to make mistake and forbid us from ever forgetting how truly inadequate they are.

What’s Going on With Everton????

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There have been a few surprises after the first couple weeks in the English Premier League 2009-2010 season, such as Tottenham with 12 points after four games, and Manchester United's loss to the newly promoted Burnley.  Another one you can add to the list is Everton's start to the season.

Diving: A Cardinal Sin?

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Much has been said about Arsenal striker Eduardo da Silva's dive against Celtic during last Wednesday's 2nd leg of the Champions League pre-qualifier. One split-second incident has led to questions about Michael Platini's proposed system of 5 referees, TV technology, retrospective charges and just exactly what is it that constitutes a dive.

Heitinga transfers to Everton

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photo: Yiorgos Karahalis | Reuters

Dutch international right back, Johnny Heitinga, has accepted a transfer from Atletico Madrid to Everton, completing a physical just under the transfer window deadline which closed at 5pm yesterday.

It's a loss for Atleti and a serious loss for the Champions League competition (Everton, though, is in the Europa League).

Nielsen Ratings For Chelsea v Burnley ESPN2 Game

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Nielsen have revealed the TV ratings for last Saturday's broadcast of the Chelsea against Burnley game which was televised by ESPN2.

The early Saturday morning kickoff generated a 0.2 rating and was watched in 197,856 households across the United States. The total viewing audience for that game was 253,934.

Mutu’s Multi-Million Dollar Question

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Sacked former Chelsea striker Adrian Mutu is on the verge of bankruptcy and retirement from football after the well-documented verdict of the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

The disgraced darling of Romanian football, currently plying his trade at Serie A club Fiorentina, has been ordered to pay $23.

Mr Wenger’s One-man Fight Against Anti-Football

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I found myself pondering Arsene Wenger's accusations of Sir Alex and United employing "Anti-Football". I've always been bemused by that term. Here are my (somewhat wandering) thoughts on the matter.

What is this "Anti-Football"? Is it the opposite of the legendary Dutch concept of Total Football?

MLS TV Ratings Are Doomed Because Of Euro Football

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TV ratings for Major League Soccer in the United States are doomed. Why? Because most soccer fans such as ourselves have been programmed to watch European football. Let me explain.

On a typical weekend or weekday, European football matches kick off in the morning or mid-afternoon.

Questions Please For The Guardian’s Barney Ronay

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Barney Ronay will be a future guest on the EPL Talk Podcast.

Best known to readers as a writer for The Guardian as well as a regular guest on The Guardian's Football Weekly Podcast, Ronay has written a new book entitled "The Manager." The book takes the reader beyond the well-worn anecdotes, deeper into the stories of football's top men and the world they inhabit.

Why Aren’t English Teams Making Their Dominance Count in the Champions League?

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That the EPL is the best championship in the world is plain for everyone to see. The teams are far and away the strongest, most physical, and quickest. With exceptions to super teams like Barcelona, the four Premier League teams involved in the Champions League can (and do) knock off foreign opposition rather easily.