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Buying English: Glen Johnson’s Price Tag Hiked For Quota?

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I'm still shocked at Glen Johnson's £17.5m price tag. Bumping up Liverpool's record defensive transfer fee by some £10m is a lot to take. It's only a year since they paid around £7m for Andreas Dossena. It's only 18 months since they paid £6m for Martin Skrtel, the Liverpool defensive record before Dossena's move.

Your Summer Guide To The Best Football Books

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I realized this past weekend that we're so spoiled as soccer fans. We have access to practically anything that a English football fan desires. Live radio via the Internet, gazillion football matches on TV, blogs galore, English football magazines and even British tabloids at your local Barnes & Noble bookstore.

ESPN Announces Plans For World Cup 2010 TV Coverage

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On the heels of successful coverage of the Confederations Cup, ESPN has announced more details regarding its coverage of the 2010 World Cup.

The 2010 World Cup kicks off in South Africa on June 11 and ends on July 11.

Here's what we can expect:

  • ESPN will present all of its 2010 World Cup coverage from on-site in South Africa, totaling more than 65 hours of original content.

England Under 21’s Should Be Proud Win Or Lose Tonight

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Fresh from giving England fans palpitations after Fridays semi-final win against host nation Sweden, England's young lions have a chance to win some silverware for the junior lions for the first time since 1993. England Under 18's triumphed that year, riding a week long wave of growing optimism and support to beat Turkey 1-0 in front of 25,000 fans in Nottingham.

Dempsey, Howard And USA Put Up A Great Fight In 3-2 Loss To Brazil

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Q: Why did he mention Dempsey and Howard in the title?

A: It's a sneaky writer's trick. He name-dropped Americans who play in the Premier League to justify writing about USA v Brazil for EPLTalk.com.

Q: Is that why he posted that hastily sketched drawing of Dempsey's mug as well?

Eto’o and Tevez Potentially Agree To Join Manchester City

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Well, two days are left until the transfer window opens again and Manchester City look like they've signed two strikers to help Mark Hughes drag them up the table. I suppose they need some good news down at Eastlands after the ground flooded on Saturday due to flash floods. With both signings, City could have an incredible 12 strikers on their books at the last count, but that number will fall by one on July 1st as young prospect Daniel Sturridge has agreed to join Chelsea.

Martinez Will Need Time At Wigan

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Living in an age where people demand everything instantaneously is not always a good thing. Sure it has given us super fast computers, the iPhone, the Playstation3 plus hundreds of other gizmos. But not everything can be made faster and certain aspects of life take time before they bear the fruits of success.

What Premier League Club Should You Support?

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ESPN columnist Bill Simmons wrote a now famous article a couple of years ago entitled "Choosing My EPL Team." At the time, it caused quite a stir. Many Brits were shocked and surprised to learn that there were people out there picking a Premier League team for the first time. But, for many people newly introduced to the sport and league, how else was someone supposed to choose a team?

Are City Finally Starting To Attract The Big Names?

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For a very, very long time Manchester City have been dwarfed by their local rivals Manchester United. When it comes to winning trophies there are no comparisons, United are in a league of their own when it comes to success. That's the way it will be in the future to, City will never be bigger than United while the Red Devils keep their firm grip on all the glory.

Tottenham Hotspur Face New Kit Backlash

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The build up had been going on for weeks, with the first teasers of the new kit advertised on the hoardings surrounding the pitch during Spurs' final home League game against Manchester City. "Glory Comes In Three Colours" read the tagline, and Spurs fans collectively shrugged at the thought of having another 3 kits for the fourth season in a row.

Giuseppe Rossi to Manchester United

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Will Rossi be back in Manchester?

One positive to come out of Italy's disastrous Confederations Cup adventure was the emergence of Giuseppe Rossi. Having been on the fringes of the Azzurri squad for some months, he finally made his breakthrough against the nation of his birth, putting himself firmly in the shop window this summer.

What Does The Dream Of Total Football Mean Today?

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Yesterday, I looked at the expectations we often place on international football. This got me thinking about the Dutch and their legendary Total Football era in the 70s. What does this mean to us today? Does Cruyff's legacy still influence world football?

What do we want from our football?

Contest Giveaway: Win A Chelsea Jersey And Prize Pack

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This summer, Chelsea FC will be traveling around the United States to play in a series of high-profile friendlies as part of the World Football Challenge. John Terry, Frank Lampard, Michael Ballack, Didier Drogba, Michael Essien and the crew along with new manager Carlo Ancelotti will be playing games on both coasts as well as in the heart of Texas in front of massive crowds (the game against Seattle Sounders has already sold more than 60,000 tickets).

Fabregas Reveals The Frustration Of Every Arsenal Fan

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They always say the truth will come out in the end and after nearly a year of being coy about how he feels it seems like Cesc Fabregas has finally given us his true opinion on matters at Arsenal. The Gunners skipper has said he is angry at the club for their failure to win a trophy in four years and more worryingly admitted that he could still leave the club.

Man City To Launch New Home Shirt With Rock Concert

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Manchester City are scheduled to announce on Friday a one-of-a-kind concert to coincide with the launch of their new home football kit for the 2009-2010 season, according to an insider.

The event will be organized in conjunction with Umbro and is entitled "Live From City." The concert will feature headliner Doves, while the opening acts will be Mike Pickering (doing a DJ set), Twisted Wheel, Kid British and The Answering Machine.

Man United Home Football Kit For 09/10 Season: Picture Gallery

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After months of rumors and leaked pictures, Manchester United has officially unveiled its new football kit for the 2009-2010 season.

Designed and manufactured by Nike, the new home Man United football kit celebrates 100 years of Old Trafford history. The players will wear the kit for the first time during their pre-season tour of Asia next month.

Do We Ask Too Much Of Our International Sides?

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Yesterday, I asked the question of implementing live video review in football. Today's question is: are our expectations too high for international football? I enjoyed your responses to yesterday's article. Please weigh in with your feelings on international football in the comment section below.

Steven Wells: RIP

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It's with great sadness to report that Steven Wells, one of the most remarkable and creative writers in the football business, died yesterday of cancer.

Wells, nicknamed Swells, was best known for his work in The Guardian where he wrote countless classic articles on sensitive football-related topics that most writers wouldn't touch.

Premier League Could Become More Popular In States Without Setanta

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In its years of broadcasting in North America, Setanta has been both a godsend and a detriment to the success of the Premier League in the United States. It's been a godsend because, in combination with Fox Soccer Channel, die-hard followers of the league have been able to watch almost every single Premier League for several years.

Chelsea Unveil New Away Football Kit For 09/10 Season

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Chelsea today officially unveiled their new away football kit for the 2009-2010 season.

The new adidas kit will be worn for the first time when Chelsea face AC Milan on 24 July during the pre-season tour. The away kit for 2009/10 uses a tonal hoop in dark navy and new navy with a neon yellow highlight for the adidas three stripes, and tipping on the collar and sleeves.

Tottenham Hotspur Home, Away And Third Football Kits For 09/10 Season: Official Photos

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After a ton of suspense, hundreds of blog posts and plenty of heated debates over whether the photographs leaked a few weeks ago were really the new Tottenham Hotspur football kits or not, we now know the truth after Tottenham Hotspur officially revealed their new kits for the 2009-2010 season today.

Spain’s EPL Stars Shut Out In South Africa

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Wednesday's Confederations Cup semifinal between the United States and Spain had David v. Goliath written all over it. Coasting to the semis with three wins out of three, it looked like Spain was about to teach the US a lesson in tiki-taka.

With the US advancing to the semis after shipping six goals to Italy and Brazil, the drawbacks of a two group, eight team tournament were pretty clear.

Should FIFA Use Live Video Review?

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Yesterday, I considered the question of the name of our sport, football vs soccer. Today I jump on another question regarding the purity of the beautiful game: should we implement live video review? Please use the comment section to weigh in on this issue.

If I ever got dragged to a birthday party for FIFA President Sepp Blatter and was forced to stand up and say something nice about the guest of honor, the best I could probably muster is:

He's got the coolest name in football after Titi Camara.

Portsmouth Home And Away Football Jerseys 09/10 Season Revealed

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Artistic drawings of Portsmouth's new home and away football jerseys for the 2009-2010 season have been revealed showing what the shirts will look like that are designed by Canterbury, the shirt's manufacturer.

The Portsmouth home shirt in the classic Pompey blue features an aerodynamic design that looks very modern with a dark blue trim that's accentuated with white flecks.

Top 10 Setanta UK Commentators and Presenters Looking For Work

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The fallout from the demise of Setanta UK is set to start with the Scottish Premier League, Football Association and Blue Square Premier League in turmoil after missing out on millions of dollars of cash and the worry of finding a new suitor to step in to rescue the organizations.

But it's not just the leagues and associations that are impacted by the collapse of Setanta UK.

EPL Talk Podcast: Setanta Sports Update

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Setanta Sports Shane O'Rourke joins host Kartik Krishnaiyer to discuss the status of the network in North America on the day Setanta UK went into administration and stopped broadcasting.

Can Manchester City qualify for the Champions League?

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After another summer of big money spending - and who believes they are anywhere near finished! - the pressure is on Manchester City boss Mark Hughes to achieve an absolute minimum of qualification for the UEFA Champions League during the 2009-10 campaign. Although many will feel that City should be looking to challenge for the title, with a number of strong teams in their way, it may prove a bridge too far for what will essentially be a new team.

FA Releases Statement About Setanta

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The English Football Association (FA) has released a statement regarding Setanta UK going into administration.

"The FA will now consider options to find the best platform to broadcast those fixtures contracted to Setanta," said FA Chief Executive Ian Watmore. "These include England home friendly matches, FA Cup ties, England U21 games and the FA Community Shield.

Setanta UK Goes Into Administration

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Breaking news. Setanta UK has gone into administration this morning after failing to make payments to the Premier League and losing the Premier League TV rights in the UK for the 2009-2013 seasons.

The administrator Deloitte said that it would shortly cease broadcasting to customers in Great Britain but would continue to operate elsewhere.

Football or Soccer?

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After the 2006 World Cup I launched a one-man campaign to change the name of American Football to All-American Pig-Pile. It was time this country embraced the sport's true name, I thought. I received many chuckles but few converts. One who went along with it was my friend George from Manchester, England.

What Will Happen To Setanta US?

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With Setanta UK on the verge of going into administration after losing the TV rights to the Premier League through 2013 in the UK as well as losing the TV rights to the Scottish Premier League, the demise of Setanta UK looks certain. It may be days or hours before the plug is pulled.

The big question is what will happen to Setanta US?

Man United Home Football Kit For 09/10 Season Revealed

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A new photograph of Manchester United's home football kit for the 2009-2010 season has been revealed by Kitbag, the football shirt distributor.

The picture is so dark, on purpose, that it's difficult to ascertain its features, but the shirt does appear to have the black V sign on the chest.

The Damned United Coming To U.S. Movie Theaters

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Well, I didn't think it would happen, but thankfully it has. Sony Pictures has decided to bring The Damned United to U.S. movie screens.

The adaptation of the controversial novel by author David Peace about the 44 day period that Brian Clough spent as manager of Leeds United will be released this Fall.

ESPN Acquires UK Premier League TV Rights From Setanta

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Breaking news. ESPN has acquired all 46 live matches for the 2009-10 season on U.K. TV from the Premier League. The rights were previously held by Setanta Sports up until Friday, but when Setanta failed to pay the Premier League the money it owed them, the Premier League opened the bidding up to Sky, ESPN and other interested parties.

ESPN Gets La Liga TV Rights In U.S.

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ESPN has made a significant move today by announcing that GolTV has sublicensed some of its U.S. TV rights of La Liga coverage to ESPN.

In March of this year, GolTV announced that it had renewed its rights to La Liga TV coverage in the United States for another three seasons. Now, GolTV has sub-licensed a portion of its La Liga TV coverage to ESPN in a move that compensates for ESPN losing its Champions League TV coverage for the next three years to Fox Soccer Channel.

6 Famous Premier League Footballers On Twitter

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We've searched Twitter to find some of the top players in the Premier League who we recommend you follow on Twitter. After reviewing these, you may think that some of them are fake accounts but we're pretty certain they're all real, or at least the vast majority are.

Here are six famous Premier League footballers on Twitter (in no specific order):

  1. Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) - 15,303 followers - One of the biggest names in English football is on Twitter.

EPL Talk Podcast: Misha Sher

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Episode 119 features an interview with Soccerex Director of Business Development Misha Sher. Hear about Sher's football background as a youth player in the Ukraine (part of the USSR in those days), his college and professional career in the United States at Ohio Wesleyan and in the A League (now USL-1).

Breaking News: Premier League Terminates Contract With Setanta

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The Premier League have announced that they have terminated their contract with Setanta Sports in the United Kingdom. That means that Setanta has lost the TV rights for the 2009-2010 Premier League season and will sell the rights to the 46 lives games to the highest bidder.

The bidding deadline for the TV rights to those 46 games in England is Monday.

Fulham’s Dempsey And European Classmates Frustrated By Brazil

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After Clint Dempsey moved to Fulham in 2007, his leap in quality was beyond remarkable. This was evidenced in his subsequent call-ups to the US national team. Stronger, defter, more confident. He was a new player. He'd already been a stand-out in Germany 2006, scoring the only non-own-goal for the US, but after his move to the Premier League, his ability, drive and influence on others seemed to escalate drastically in a short amount of time.

ESPN ScoreCenter iPhone App Review: For Soccer Fans

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ESPN recently released a new app for the iPhone entitled ESPN ScoreCenter, which is a must-have app for soccer fans.

The free app features real-time score updates, live game details, schedules, stats, game summaries and more for an exhaustive number of leagues and tournaments, such as:

  • Premier League,
  • Champions League,
  • La Liga,
  • Bundesliga,
  • Serie A,
  • MLS,
  • USL-1,
  • Championship,
  • Confederations Cup,
  • World Cup qualifiers,
  • International friendlies,
  • UEFA Cup,
  • African Nations Cup,
  • AFC Champions League,
  • Copa America,
  • and many many more.

Football Partnerships Interviews EPL Talk

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Recently, the Football Partnerships Podcast interviewed me about EPL Talk and the business of football blogging. It's quite different than the typical EPL Talk interview. Listen to the Football Partnerships interview today.

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • How the idea of EPL Talk was created,
  • How EPL Talk's initial target audience has changed over the years,
  • The business of football blogging and how advertising and partnerships help keep the lights on,
  • My personal favorite EPL Talk Podcast interview of all time,
  • And much more.

The Most Promising Pre-Season Friendlies

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Oh, the Premier League off-season. So brief yet so cruel. One struggles to find ways to survive the addict's withdrawal that comes with having no league matches every week.

The FIFA Federations Cup and World Cup qualifiers have done their part to fill the gap.

Thankfully, the remaining months contain a some mouthwatering friendlies to keep us from getting the shakes.

10 English Football Bloggers You Should Follow On Twitter

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As the popularity of Twitter skyrockets, more football supporters are signing up to stay updated on the latest football news. Trouble is how to know which people to follow on Twitter.

To help, I've compiled a list of the top 10 English football bloggers you should follow on Twitter.

Liverpool Third Shirt For 09-10 Season Leaked

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Liverpool's third jersey for the 2009-2010 season has been revealed, and it's going to be white with red trim according to a leaked photograph (see above).

Liverpool and Adidas have finally got their designs right for this season compared to last season's horrid green third jersey and the uninspiring gray away shirt.

Chelsea’s Punishment Show’s UEFA Is Toothless

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Now I'm certainly not going to start defending Chelsea's players or the reactions of certain fans after the final whistle back on May 6th. Yes, the referee had a nightmare, yes Chelsea should have had two penalties at least and yes to some people it was easy to understand the reactions of some of the players after Tom Henning Ovrebo's performance that night.

Manchester United Change Transfer Tact

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The Guardian today has a very interesting article regarding Manchester United's owners changing the clubs transfer policy to concentrate on signing players under 26. It seems that the Glazer family want the club to only sign players that they can recoup transfer fees on later in their careers.

Manchester United: Summer Transfer Targets

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Who will be in at Old Trafford this summer?

With the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo adding £80 million to Sir Alex Ferguson's usual £25-30 million yearly budget. A summer spending spree is surely on the cards. Looking at the side, it would appear to me a winger and some quality in centre midfield are needed, with possibly, a striker as the icing on the cake.

Liverpool Should Sign Johnson and Keep Arbeloa

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The buzz coming through the ever-dubious transfer wires claims that Liverpool are close to signing Glen Johnson from Portsmouth.

Rumors are homing in on a £17m move which includes the £7m Pompey still owe the Reds for Peter Crouch. Johnson is a fine player, full of skill, energy and guile, and his addition to the side could be just the sort of tweaking Rafael Benitez needs to push Liverpool up that final rung on the Premier League ladder.

2009-2010 Premier League Fixtures

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The fixtures for the 2009-2010 season have been released, and Sir Alex Ferguson should be happy. The fixture computer must have applied a "Fergie Filter" to reduce the wrath of Sir Alex Ferguson fuming about how the fixtures are in favour of other teams except his own. This season, they seem to have it about right.

09-10 Premier League Kits: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

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In a tribute to the Clint Eastwood movie, "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly," EPL Talk has categorized the new shirts for the 2009-2010 season into three categories. It wasn't easy. Many of the ones that we would have placed in a mediocre category, if it was available, had to go into "The Good" or "The Bad.

Ronaldo Departure A Huge Blow To Manchester United

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Since Real Madrid's £80m swoop on Cristiano Ronaldo, I've read plenty of responses by United supporters insisting this was a positive move for the team. Man U is not one player. We've got 80m to spend. We're fine. No, really.

While the Ronaldo move was inevitable and £80m is a handsome bundle of cash to take in, I cannot accept the idea that United are better off without him.

Howard Webb In The Eye Of The Storm At Confederations Cup

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The life of a top level referee is a tough one. Before the age of blanket coverage of the beautiful game referees could go about their job and to a certain extent slip into the background when the work was done. Such an existence is no longer possible as a bad day at the office now sparks irate calls to football phone-in shows, frame by agonising frame replays of incidents, oh, and death threats have become another occupational hazard.

Pompey Saga Reveals Worst Aspects Of British Tabloid Media

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The entire saga surrounding the proposed selling of Portsmouth FC to Dr. Sulaiman al-Fahim has really opened my eyes as to what the British media considers journalism.

First a little back story.

Pompey have been in financial trouble for quite some time, as has been documented by the media as well as the club.

Rafa Or Fergie: Who Spends More In The Transfer Market

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In March 2009, Rafa Benitez and Sir Alex Ferguson got into a war of words about how much money they had spent in the transfer market.

"They [Liverpool] are well ahead of us in spending in the last five years," Ferguson, the United manager, said, insisting that Liverpool had outspent United by £24 million during Benítez's 5½-year tenure.

Portsmouth’s Fans Don’t Deserve Being Messed Around

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Ah, isn't buying a football club the easiest thing in the world. Look how quickly Abramovich bought Chelsea, the Glazers bought Manchester United and the Abu Dhabi group picked up City. Compared to the protracted nature of the proposed takeover of Portsmouth, even buying Newcastle United may be easier.

England’s U21 Lions Stutter To Victory

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It was not the start that England's Under 21 side wanted, but it could have been a whole lot worse after today's close shave against a Finland side full of surprises. By finding themselves in the toughest of the two groups with Spain and Germany, this was the game that Stuart Pearce would have targeted as a must win match.

Torres, Fabregas: Premier League Stars Open Confederation Scoring

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Few would have expected New Zealand to pull an upset over a Spain who entered the fray boasting a 32 match unbeaten streak. But no one could have predicted that Liverpool's Fernando Torres would score a hat trick within the first seventeen minutes of play.

Torres rapidly erases any doubt he's the best striker on the planet these days.

Premier League Tidbits

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I've seen some horrible green-screen effects before, but the action footage from the trailer for Goal 3 (see above) has got to be some of the cheesiest I've ever seen in my life. Let's hope the movie is better than the trailer, but I doubt it.

  • For the second summer in a row, the Premier League explains how the process of scheduling the fixtures for the upcoming Premier League season happens.

Rare Football Memorabilia Revealed From Sporting Auction

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Bonhams auction house will be conducting an auction of rare football memorabilia this Wednesday in England, and some of the items available for bidding are incredible. Here are just a few of the items that caught my eye. Feel free to browse through the entire catalog to unearth other treasures.

1968 European Cup Final Postcard

1920-21 Burnley FC Commemorative Mug

1912 Blackburn Rovers Championship Medal

1934 FA Cup Final Programme: Portsmouth v Manchester City

1929 FA Cup Final Programme: Bolton v Portsmouth

1886-1889 England Cap

Hicks and Gillett Force Benitez To Bargain Hunt

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February 2007, the dawning of a great new era in Liverpool's history as Tom Hicks and George Gillett bought the club from the Moore's family. Promising massive investment and the funds for the construction for the new stadium that Liverpool needed, it seemed as if Liverpool were finally about to catch up with Manchester United financially under the stewardship of Kop Football Holdings.

Where Did It All Go Wrong For Micah Richards?

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Jose Mourinho fell out with Roman Abrahamovic over him, Martin Jol tried twice to sign him for Tottenham and Barcelona were even watching him but those admiring glances and failed bids seem a long way off now. When he first burst in to the Premier League back in 2006, I was blown away by the lad's power and pace, especially for an 18 year old full back and I thought to myself, that's England's number 2 for the next 10 years then.

Ferguson Should Call Tevez’s Bluff

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It seems that the people who own Carlos Tevez, well the own his economic rights; seem to underestimate Sir Alex Fergusons strength of character. Over the last few weeks, Tevez has been quoted several times stating he feels his future lies away from Old Trafford and with a club that will show him more respect.

Important Updates For EPL Talk Readers

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It seems like it's been ages since I've had a chance to communicate directly with you, the readers, about the latest happenings at EPL Talk, so I want to bring you up-to-speed on some exciting developments.

First, I've made some changes "under the hood" at EPL Talk during the past few weeks so that the pages now load much faster as well as the site being more reliable.

Tottenham Hotspur Home, Away And Third Kits For 09/10 Season

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A photograph has been leaked showing the Tottenham Hotspur home, away and third kits for the 2009-2010 season.

Designed and manufactured by Puma, the new home Spurs football kit features a white shirt with yellow stripes over the shoulders, navy shorts with yellow trim and white socks with yellow trim.

Book Review: The Global Game

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The Global Game - Writers on Soccer. Edited by John Turnbull, Thom Satterlee & Alon Raab. Bison Books. 296 pp. $19.95.

Living in the States, you are about as likely to find a good book about soccer/football right off the shelf at your local bookstore as you are to get Anne Hathaway's phone number after bumping into her at your local pub.

Midland Masters Indoor Soccer On UK And US TV

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Bring up the topic of indoor soccer and you're bound to get several opinionated viewpoints on it. Many soccer fans love it. Many hate it. But no matter which side of the Atlantic you live on, the fact of the matter is that both the United States and, to a lesser degree, the United Kingdom has had an interesting history involving the indoor game.

Manchester United Must Sign Carlos Tevez

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Surely Manchester United must sign Carlos Tevez now. With Cristiano Ronaldo off to Madrid, the Red Devils need a replacement that cannot be found in one player. CR7 is a complete footballer, blessed with pace, power, dribbling, shooting, heading, free kicks, etc.

He is one of a kind.

Cristiano Ronaldo to Madrid for 80 Million

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It's a glorious day for Jorge Mendes. And a glorious day for the rest of us, as it looks like the Cristiano Ronaldo-to-Real Madrid saga is nearing its end. For Mendes, Ronaldo's agent, he's looking at the biggest commission of his career, not including secret payoffs, bungs or any miscellaneous under-the-table perks.

The British Transfer Record Spirals Out Of Control

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Just when you think you've seen it all, Torino have shelled out £100,000 to lure Dennis Law from Manchester City. Yes, it's 1961 and the record transfer fee paid to or by an English club has broken the hundred thousand mark.


The previous record was £65,000 when John Charles moved from Leeds to Juventus in 1957.

Is the Premier League title opening up for Chelsea?

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Despite being also-rans for a large part of the season, one cannot help but thinking that the Premier League is beginning to open up for Chelsea for the 2009-10 season. While Guus Hiddink may now have left the club, the Blues will certainly fancy their chances under new man Carlo Ancelotti of regaining their title which has alluded them since the departure of Jose Mourinho.

Fulham Home Kit For 09-10 Season: Revealed

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Photos of Fulham's new home football kit for the 2009-10 season has been leaked.

Fulham's home kit will feature the traditional white and black colours. Designed and manufactured by Nike, Fulham's new home jersey feature a white shirt with black sleeves. To me, the design of the home shirt reminds me of Adidas's Classic series of T-shirts (and football shirts) from the late 1970s-early 1980s (albeit in a different colour scheme that the example shown here).

Setanta Sports North America: For Sale?

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The US and Irish assets of Setanta Sports could be sold to raise financing to bail out Setanta UK, according to The Guardian newspaper.

Setanta UK is desperately trying to raise money between now and Monday to make a £30m payment it owes to the Premier League. As a result, Setanta is looking at all of its assets and are in talks with numerous investors to raise the necessary cash.

Manchester United Finally Decide To Sell Ronaldo

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So its official, Manchester United's board have accepted a world record shattering bid of £80 million this morning from Real Madrid for Cristiano Ronaldo. I don't know about you, but I couldn't face another summer of every news outlet boring us to tears speculating on Ronaldo's future as we had last season.

John Barnes To Return To Merseyside?

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I was so tempted to ape the feel of the misleading headline that first brought this story to my attention: "John Barnes set for Rovers Role". He's taking over Blackburn? I thought. Ah... (after clicking on the link) ...Tranmere Rovers.

So when it came time for my own sensationalist slant on things, how about: John Barnes To Return To Liverpool!

Where Do Premier League Footballers Go On Summer Holiday?

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Throughout the years, American soccer fans have had to endure the snide remarks and abuse from the English football press and public towards America. We've all heard the cheap jokes at the expense of our "Mickey Mouse" league, the tiresome jibes about the term soccer and how Americans mispronounce it.

The Curse Of Michael Owen

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In 2004, he left Liverpool for Real Madrid in search of Champions League glory. Early on, Madrid mostly shackled him to their bench and later ducked out to Juventus in the first knock-out round. The Liverpool players bounced on the big stage in Istanbul: lifting the trophy without him.

The next season, after Liverpool didn't take him back, he moved to Newcastle, citing the chance to play alongside the great Alan Shearer as a big part of what drew him to Tyneside.

Fox Soccer Channel Averages 90,000 Viewers For Premier League

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Average TV ratings for the different leagues that Fox Soccer Channel broadcasts have been made public this week, and the findings make very interesting reading.

For the 2008/2009 season, the Premier League is Fox Soccer Channel's top league averaging 90,000 viewers per game. Second highest were FA Cup games which averaged 75,000 viewers.

Premier League Bubble Is About To Burst

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On the same day that Kaka moved from AC Milan to Real Madrid for a world record transfer fee of £56 million, Newcastle United put a 'for sale' sign up on their website and put their entire squad up for sale. At the same time, Setanta Sports looks like it's heading for administration, Liverpool's financial woes are so severe that the future of the club is in jeopardy, while West Ham United are 48 hours away from being wound up even after just being taken over by a consortium of Icelandic banks.

What Does The Future Hold For Dimitar Berbatov?

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I think it is safe to assume that Alex Ferguson is a keen follower of all things football, to remain at the top for as long as he has you need to keep your finger on the footballing pulse. I wonder then if he took the time out during his summer holidays to keep up with the form of his expensive striker Dimitar Berbatov.

West Ham’s Takeover Is Well-Considered, Stable and Boring

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For those not emotionally invested, the sale of a prominent Premier League club is chum in the water. We want easily caricatured nutballs in charge, huge transfer budgets, grandiose schemes destined to fail and decimations of the club's staff. We want entertainment.

Given that context and the club's unique penchant for disaster, West Ham's sale was abominable, substandard and lamentable.

Fabio Capello’s England FC

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"Capello was exactly what we needed!" —Frank Lampard

"He is one of those managers in that handful around the world who are the best!" —Steven Gerrard

"He's given the players confidence and the team a huge amount of respect!" —David Beckham

"Who knew?" —Steve McClaren

Okay, so I made up that last one.

Burnley Home And Away Kits For 09-10 Season Revealed

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Burnley have unveiled their new home and away football kits for the 2009-2010 season. To say that they're unique is an understatement.

Just as Aston Villa's decision to add the name of a charity to sponsor its shirts pleasantly surprised many football supporters, a similar goodwill decision has been made for Burnley's home kit.

Setanta Sports: 1990 to 2009?

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This week will be the most important in the history of Setanta, the Irish broadcaster who - according to the British press - could be forced into administration in the next few days. The implications of such a disaster would be massive for the Premier League and could also cause ripple effects throughout North America, the Caribbean and Australia where Setanta Sports has a major footprint.

Smorgasbord of Premier League News

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Here are a few stories of interest on a sunny Sunday as we edge closer to summer (it's already here in South Florida). Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

  • Key Manchester City supporters were invited to a meeting with club executives last week to get a sneak preview of the new Manchester City kits designed by Umbro.

Where To Find Kazahkstan v England On U.S. TV

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Today's important World Cup qualifier between Kazahkstan and England kicks off at 11am ET on Setanta Premium in the United States. You can either watch the match in select pubs nationwide that carry the Setanta pub channel (you may need to pay an admission charge), or you can watch it via pay-per-view through our local cable or satellite provider for $24.

Replacing David Beckham… (Bend It Like Walcott?)

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Until Fabio Capello took the wheel at England FC, I had this vision of an England World Cup qualifier 40 years from now:

England are facing Croatia (who else) in a must-win fixture. The Three Lions are playing with ten men, though nobody's been ejected. On 25 minutes, Luca Modric III goes in for an ugly slide tackle.

Sunderland Away Football Kit, 2009-2010 Season Revealed

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Sunderland have unveiled their new away kit for the 2009-2010 season.

Pictured above, Sunderland's new away football kit is white with carbon-coloured sleeves and a yellow trim. The color scheme is completely different than the away strip Sunderland wore during the 08-09 season, which was blue and black.

Burnley Coming To United States This Summer

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Burnley FC, the newest team promoted to the Premier League after beating Sheffield United in the Championship Play-Off Final, are coming to the United States this July to play three friendlies on the west coast.

Managed by Owen Coyle, the team from Lancashire will kick off their American tour on July 20, 2009 when they play Ventura County Fusion in Los Angeles, California.

Five Referees at Every Europa League Game

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Without a lot of herald or press coverage, UEFA announced at the start of the week that there will be five referees on the pitch for all Europa League matches next season. Â An additional pair of eyes will be stationed behind each goal, focusing on incidents in and around the penalty area.

Manchester City: The Next Chelsea FC?

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It wasn't so long ago, I was completely outraged by Chelsea FC's spending. 16.6m for Mekelele. 24.4m for Essien. 19.8m for Carvalho. 24m for Drogba. As a business, the club could sustain a 140m loss on a year because Roman Abramovich was there to bankroll the transfers. This was bad for football.

Best Of EPL Season Awards: Winners Announced

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The voting for the inaugural EPL Awards has concluded, and the Best of the Best of the 2008-2009 Premier League season can now be revealed as voted by you, the readers. More than 60,000 votes were cast to identify the best footballers, managers, blogs, podcasts, books and more.

All of the winners in the 41 different categories are now revealed here.

Gareth Barry Proves He’s A Hypocrite

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When we had to put up with the on/off Gareth Barry transfer saga all last season, one of the key facts throughout the drama was that Barry wanted to play Champions League football. It was a purely football based decision to want to leave Aston Villa, though the fact that his best mate Steven Gerrard was at Anfield would certainly have increased the pull to Liverpool.

Everton Coming To Canada This Summer

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Everton are planning on playing a friendly in Edmonton, Canada this July, according to a report in The Edmonton Journal.

According to the newspaper, a contract has been signed for Everton to play against a team to be determined on July 25, 2009 at the Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, Alberta.

Do We Really Need A New Football?

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Football's magnificence lies in it simplicity. The rules, the tactics, the culture have adopted their own complexities over the years, but boots, nets, linesmen, banners and songs all become luxuries when we acknowledge the lovers of the game would play in the mud in bare feet if they had to.

Blackburn Rovers Home Jersey For 09/10 Season Leaked

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A photograph of the new Blackburn Rovers home jersey for the 2009-2010 season has been leaked.

From season to season, the Rovers home kit doesn't change that much due to its classic style. But there are some important enhancements made in the new jersey compared to the one from last season.

Can Wigan Afford To Lose Steve Bruce?

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When I heard that Steve Bruce was being lined up as the replacement for Ricky Sbragia, a few alarm bells rang in my head. Bruce, being a Newcastle United fan surely couldn't be Ellis Short and Niall Quinn's choice as the new Sunderland manager could he? Would Bruce seriously consider near enough ruling himself out of becoming Newcastle manager in the near future by taking the job?

The FA Cup’s Fastest Goal Came Too Soon

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Everton's Pienaar launched the ball into the box from the left side. Chelsea's Mikel got his head to it but could not clear. Fellaini headed the ball back into the danger area where Louis Saha waited, unmarked, uncontended. He spins into the volley to catch it perfectly with his left foot, catapulting the ball past keeper Petr Cech.

Chelsea Confirm Ancelotti As New Blues Boss

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Well, the most unsurprising managerial appointment of the summer has thankfully been completed this morning, with Carlo Ancelotti taking over as the new manager of Chelsea on July 1st. It was no real surprise at all really and a couple of weeks ago, I posted my thoughts that Ancelotti was making sure that Chelsea really wanted him and sure enough, they did.

Fox Soccer Channel Has Treat For Premier League Fans

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Supporters of Premier League clubs in the United States have plenty to look forward to in the next several days and weeks starting with two special new shows from Fox Soccer Channel. Here's more information:

  • Fox Soccer Channel will broadcast two special programs on Tuesday, June 2, 2009.

Tottenham Hotspur Home Jersey 09/10 Season: Leaked

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A photograph of Tottenham Hotspur's home jersey for the 2009-10 season has been leaked (pictured above).

Designed and manufactured by Puma, the new design looks completely different than the current Spurs shirt. The biggest difference of the new white shirt with navy blue trim is the yellow trim that has been added to accentuate the design.

Stoke City Supporters Named Worst In Premier League

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If we took a quick poll to find out who you think has been the best and most boisterous supporters during the 2008-2009 Premier League season, Stoke City would win the vote hands-down. The incredible amount of noise and hysteria generated by Stoke City fans at the Britannia Stadium has been wonderful to listen to and watch on television.

Special1 TV: Best Of Season

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Special1 TV has combined some of the best moments in this Best Of video which includes the Save Berba Appeal, the interview with Robbie Keane, the news about the probe into Arshavin and much more.

While the season had its ups and downs for Special1 TV with some episodes being weak, while others were superb this Best Of episode clearly shows that this show has legs and, as long as the off-the-field antics continue in the Premier League - which I'm sure they will, Mario Rosenstock and the Special1 TV team will have plenty of hysterical storylines for future seasons.