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Can Liverpool Catch Chelsea?

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The heat is on Chelsea near the top of the table in the Premiership after Liverpool defeated West Ham United 2-1 at Upton Park thanks to a goal and an assist from Peter Crouch. Although Chelsea has one game in hand (versus Blackburn on Wednesday night), L

The Cultural Differences Between Soccer in the UK and USA

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By John NicholsonAs unfashionable as it might be in these days of knee-jerk European anti-Americanism, the States are very dear to my heart. For me, as a country it still embodies much of what is desirable and noble about the human adventure, and no I don

My First and Last Visit to Arsenal's Highbury

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The following article is one in a series posted on the EPL Talk Blog recounting my recent trip to England in search of better understanding the difference between watching Premiership matches in person compared to watching them on television. For previous

Who Said It Was a Quiet Week in English Football?

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I don't know about you, but the past week has been pretty quiet on the football front. Maybe it's all of the anticipation about last minute transfer signings before the window closes, or no Premiership matches for a week.If you're like me and you crave go

Setanta Considers Bidding on TV Rights to FA Cup

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According to SportBusiness.com, Setanta Sports is considering bidding on the rights to the FA Cup and England internationals which will become available next month.

The FA is hoping the TV rights will sell for approximately $800 million. Curren

January Transfer Window Underwhelms

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Only three days remain in the January transfer window, and so far -- despite everyone's high expectations -- it's been a very quiet month. The future increase in funds from TV revenue was expected to propel clubs to use the money now. However, there have

Results from EPL Talk Podcast Survey

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Last week, EPL Talk asked you, the listeners of the EPL Talk Podcast, to complete a survey so we can learn more about your listening habits and to determine how to improve the podcast.

In EPL Talk's belief in full disclosure, here are the uncen

BBC Offers Live Animations of FA Cup Matches

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I uncovered a new feature of the BBC Sport web site today that you'll definitely be interested in. It's an example of how technology is helping to improve the experience of following football matches online.

You may be familiar with BBC's Virtu

Keep an Eye Out for these Premiership Talents

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While the race is on to see which two teams will be the first ones to play in the world-class Wembley stadium in the 2007 FA Cup Final, I'd like to take a minute and savor the Fourth Round of the FA Cup and more importantly performances from three fantast

Differences Explored Between BBC and Sky Sports

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I had the fortune of watching the FA Cup tie between Manchester United against Portsmouth yesterday, not on pay-per-view but on BBC1. While the match was very entertaining, especially the first half, with United's attack after attack descending on Portsmo

Power To The People: Football Fans Vote With Their Feet at Premiership Matches

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By John Nicholson

We don't know always realise what power we have as consumers. Collectively we could bring massive institutions down with a few days. It just takes concerted action. For example, Google makes a fortune from its AdWord

The Growing Popularity of Premiership Outside UK

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Earlier this week, The Independent newspaper in England announced that the Premiership has grown so much in popularity that it now has 160 million viewers in 202 countries. Just for the Arsenal against Man United match, the worldwide TV audience was up to

Arsenal and Liverpool Gives Premiership A Much Needed Shot in the Arm

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Sunday's win by Arsenal over Manchester United was the best thing that could have happened to the Premiership. You can hear it in the podosphere and read it in the blogs and message forums. People are actually getting really excited about the Premier Leag

Future of Successful English Footballers Appears Dire

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In another example of excellent investigative journalism from The Times newspaper, their chief sports reporter Owen Slot recently wrote a series of articles about the state of the football academy system in England.

While some of may not care a

Help Improve the EPL Talk Podcast

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There's always room for improvement (just ask Keith Gillespie), so we'd like to ask for two minutes of your time to respond to a quick-and-easy survey on the topic of the EPL Talk Podcast.

Please take the survey.

The results wi

Chelsea's Premiership Title Dream Hangs In The Balance

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Well folks, we now have a four horse race instead of a two horse race. After Liverpool and Arsenal both upset Chelsea and Manchester United respectively, the Premiership title race has gotten a lot more interesting all of a sudden.

Looking ahea

All Eyes Point to Emirates As Reds Beat Chelsea

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Congratulations to Rafa Benitez and the Liverpool squad for getting the victory they deserved today. Rafa got his formation right by sticking with a 4-4-2 instead of his usual 4-5-1 against Chelsea, and the combination of Peter Crouch and Dirk Kuyt up fro

This Weekend Marks the 80th Anniversary of Football Commentary

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To mark the 80 year anniversary of the first football commentary, BBC Five Live Sports Extra this weekend will be conducting the commentary in the style of 1927 instead of 2007.

They'll be using four commentators. Former Arsenal goalkeeper Bob

This Weekend Marks the 100th Anniversary of Football Commentary

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To mark the 100 year anniversary of the first football commentary, BBC Five Live Sports Extra this weekend will be conducting the commentary in the style of 1927 instead of 2007.

They'll be using four commentators. Former Arsenal goalkeeper Bob

Premiership Gets Richer & The Poor Get The Picture

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The Premiership announced yesterday record breaking TV rights deals around the world for the 2007/2008 season worth 2.7 billion GBP, which is $5.3 billion. This means more money will be spread amongst all of the teams next season with the title winner col

Preview of Liverpool v Chelsea Clash

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If you remember back to the last time Chelsea played Liverpool, the goal that separated the two sides was a wonderful twist and volley by Didier Drogba back on September 17th. Liverpool dominated most of the first half and hit the crossbar, but their fini

Preview of Arsenal v Manchester United Clash

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Without a doubt, this weekend's matches between the top four are mouthwatering. Sure, big clashes like Liverpool against Chelsea, and Arsenal versus Manchester United usually don't live up to expectations, but with so much to play for, I have a feeling th

Premiership Season Virtually Over As a Competition

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By John Nicholson

I am an optimist by nature. To me the glass is always half full, and even if it's half empty, I will have enjoyed drinking it. I don't buy into the pervading culture of cynicism that is so fashionable in some circles. Books s

A Visit to Blackburn's Ewood Park

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Visiting Blackburn for their recent match against Spurs, I was intent on stepping back into history. Rovers, after all, was one of the founding members of the football league in 1888 (along with nearby clubs Accrington, Burnley and Preston).


Which Team Will Destroy Chelsea's Immaculate Home League Record?

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I alluded to it during this week's EPL Talk Podcast interview with The Daily Telegraph's Henry Winter, but I believe Chelsea's record of unbeaten home matches in the league is about to end. The question, is, who will manage to beat them.


First Impressions of Liverpool's Anfield Ground

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In the continuing series of articles about my recent trip to England's football stadia, today I reminisce about my trip to Liverpool's Anfield ground.

Unable to get a ticket to the recent Champions League match between Liverpool and PSV Eindho

Join the EPL Talk Prediction League

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I've started up an EPL Talk Prediction League in conjunction with the Premier League's I Know The Score game at http://iknowthescore.premierleague.com/

Even if you've signed up with the Premier League Fantasy League, you still have to register.

Jose Mourinho Is Losing The Psychological Battle

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Back in September, I wrote a blog entry entitled "The Beginning of The End for Jose Mourinho," where the piece criticized Chelsea's performances at the start of the Premiership season and mentioned that they were playing more like Real Madrid of

The Time Has Come For Beckham To Join L.A.

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In the topsy-turvy world of transfer dealings, sometimes you don't know if you're coming or going. But one thing is for sure and that's the end of David Beckham's career at Real Madrid. After not being named to the squad for the Spanish Cup match against

Odds & Ends From The World Of Football

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  • The next leader of the Labour party in Britain, and therefore the next Prime Minister, is a huge football fan. That's right, Scottish politician Gordon Brown is a Raith Rovers supporter who sold matchday programmes at the ground when he was younge

EPL Talk Is Seeking a Roving Reporter

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If you live near the Indianapolis area and you're interested in being an EPL Talk Correspondent for the day, hobnobbing with the celebrities and attending the biggest annual soccer event in the U.S. with a press pass strapped around your neck, let me know

Commercial Break for Sponsor

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EPL Talk would like to welcome its newest sponsor, 777.com.

Check out the advertiser's banner ad on the homepage of EPLtalk.com. Be a part of the online gambling community with 777.com, the Internet's leading gambling guide.

Setanta Sports Unveils New Company Logo

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Many of you may think that new logos aren't a big deal. But when you watch as much football on TV as you and I do, we want to make sure that the image that's burned on our retina is a decent one!

So today Setanta Sports unveiled their new logo

The Romance of the F.A. Cup

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By John Nicholson

The romance of the cup is an old cliche, but the FA Cup is very important in English football. It connects all levels of the league structure together for one big competition. The clubs with all the money and power in the gam

An Interview with Commentator Steve Banyard

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The latest episode of the EPL Talk Podcast has been published, which features an exclusive interview with one of the top Premiership football commentators, Steve Banyard.

Among other things, Banyard discusses his most memorable match he's ever

Setanta Raises Stakes to Lure Martin Tyler

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The People newspaper is reporting that Setanta Sports has offered football commentator Martin Tyler at least double his current Sky salary to move to Setanta in the summer.

While the reported offer may be difficult to turn down, it may be a dif

Latest News From EPL Talk

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If you're looking for live commentary of Manchester United v Aston Villa on the internet, go here. The third-round FA Cup match kicks off at 9am ET. The audio is courtesy of Eat Sleep Sport (thanks for the tip BCjohn).

EPL Talk has published th

Liverpool Fans Protest During FA Cup Match

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Liverpool fans marked today's FA Cup semi-final match against Arsenal by protesting against Kelvin MacKenzie, former editor of The Sun newspaper, who blamed Liverpool fans for the Hillsborough Disaster in a cover story entitled 'The Truth' that was publis

The Story Behind The English Premier League Anthem

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As the English Premier League continues to grow in popularity around the world, so too does the theme song that's played before every Premiership match as the teams line up.

Surprisingly, very little is known about the song and finding a copy o

Fox Soccer Report to Debut On Monday, Jan. 8th

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Fox Sports World Report, the popular nightly news and highlights show on Fox Soccer Channel, will be rebranded as Fox Soccer Report starting Monday, January 8.

The more aptly titled show began by covering numerous sports including rugby and cri

FA Cup: An Unusual Weekend for US TV Viewers

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When was the last time you remember having a weekend where all of the live soccer action was on Fox Soccer Channel, while Setanta didn't have any?

I love the F.A. Cup just as much as anyone, but it does add a wrinkle to the TV watching experien

It's Official: Fox & Setanta Secure EPL TV Rights

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While it's been common knowledge for a couple of weeks, Fox Soccer Channel officially announced today via press release that it has renewed the U.S. TV rights for the English Premier League through the 2009-2010 season.

What's interesting is th

An Interview with The Telegraph's Patrick Barclay

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Earlier this morning, EPL Talk released its first podcast episode of 2007 featuring an interview with The Sunday Telegraph's Patrick Barclay.

The experienced football correspondent is often a guest on the BBC Sportsweek radio show with Garry Ri

Why Brits Don't Like Winners in Football

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By John Nicholson

There's a strange cultural phenomenon in Britain. No not the wonky yellow teeth and the fondness for warm beer and homosexuality, I'm talking about our attitude to winners.

To put it simply, we don't really like th

Free Weekly Email Newsletter On Premiership

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If you haven't subscribed to the weekly EPL Talk Email Newsletter, here's what you're missing this week:

The EPL Talk Email Newsletter, available free and delivered in your in-box every Friday morning, features TV listings for all of the matche

Your Guide to Premiership TV Commentators

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For many of us who watch Premiership soccer on TV, we hear the same football commentators more often than we see some teams play. No matter who plays on a weekend, it's comforting to hear the familiar voices.

But who are the men behind the mic

Amen. The Premiership Goal Drought Is Over

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Maybe it's those tired legs or managers realizing that they have to score goals in order to win matches. Or maybe it's the leaky defenses? Whatever it is, it's working. In the Premiership from December 23rd 2006 until January 1, 2007, we've seen 109 goals