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Loss of John Terry Is Premiership Fans' Gain

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Manchester United moved to six points ahead of second place Chelsea today when the Blues drew 2-2 against Fulham in the west London derby.

Mourinho's defensive woes continue in what has been the most inconsistent form from Chelsea since the Por

Charlton Celebrates Deserved Win Against Villa

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It isn't often when a match involving Charlton Athletic raises the heart rate, but today's last minute win against Aston Villa today was a splendid match. Alan Pardew has already invigorated his Charlton squad, and if the Southeast London team can keep it

The Journey From Florida to Everton's Goodison Park

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The wonderful thing about being in Britain is that you can hear conversations about football in the most interesting places. Taking the train from Manchester to Liverpool last month to embark on a trip to see Everton at home against Bolton, you couldn't e

Premier League Considers Chelsea v Man Utd Showdown

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The executives at Sky Sports must be rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of a fixture rearrangement which could see Chelsea versus Manchester United being rescheduled from April 14 to May 8 or 9.

The Premiership season is scheduled to

There's A Little Bit of You Inside English Footballers

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By John Nicholson

Football provides many social functions in society, from instilling local and civic pride to giving people an excuse to avoid doing DIY on a Saturday afternoon. However, one of its least recognized but most im

Pardew Breathes New Life Into Charlton FC

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Merry Christmas to all EPL Talk readers worldwide. While many of us are opening presents or giving them to our loved ones, Charlton fans will have something to cheer about this morning knowing that manager Les Reed has been replaced by Alan Pardew.

Premiership Matches In Doubt Due to Fog

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Growing up in Britain, there were quite a few holiday periods that resulted in huge numbers of matches being cancelled because of snowy conditions.

This holiday season it may be fog that will cancel many matches -- something which state-of-the-

Holiday Wishes from Fox Soccer Channel

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I received a Happy Holidays card today from Fox Cable Networks, parent company for Fox Soccer Channel. The greeting card programmed in Flash shows some highlights from its major networks. I counted four *very brief* clips for soccer. Unfortunately more ai

Win Footy Loot from EPL Talk's Community Site

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If you're wondering where The Gaffer has been the past couple of days, you can find him over at the EPL Talk Community site where he's been propping up the bar chatting to passerbys.

Seriously, I've decided to start posting more on the EPL Talk

In Two Minds About the English Premiership

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It's been a few weeks now since I've returned from my trip to England to watch four Premiership matches and one Champions League match in the space of eight days. During that time, I've had a chance to reflect on what I saw. I was originally planning on

Now is the Time for a European Super League

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By John Nicholson

A couple of years ago I wrote a column for football365 saying that it was time for a European Super League. It wasn't widely welcomed then. But I think that's changed now.

To reca

Interesting Slice of Premiership-Related Stories to Read

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The Guardian reporter Lestyn George has written an interesting article about Setanta Sports from a business perspective. Among the several interesting facts in the story is witnessing a conversation with a Sky Sports presenter (see Sky Sports Anticipatin

The Football Grounds Debate: Should Teams Move or Stay?

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For those of you who read this blog regularly and listen to the EPL Talk Podcast, you'll know that I'm enamored with football grounds. So, thanks to a tip from the Tokyo Toffeeman, he pointed me to an article on the BBC Sport blog entitled "Do you ca

The 10 Most Boring Sides In The Premiership

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Who for you are the top 10 most boring sides in the Premiership this season?

The competition for the top 10 spots is tougher now than in quite some time. Here are my top 10 most boring sides:

1. Manchester City
2. Watford

The Revealing Football Stories the British Press Ignore

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I had a really interesting conversation tonight with Ronaldo from the 101greatgoals.com web site. I interviewed him for the next EPL Talk Podcast, which you will hear this Sunday as part of a special holiday edition. Other interview guests on the show wil

Interview with Reading's Marcus Hahnemann

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The latest episode of the EPL Talk Podcast is now available, which features an exclusive interview with Reading and U.S. goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann.

Hahnemann is arguably the top U.S. keeper in the world right now with Friedel faltering a litt

Fox Soccer Channel Acquires Rights to UEFA Cup

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Fox Soccer Channel may have lost TV rights to a portion of their Premiership matches and the entire Bundesliga this season, but the network came out strong by announcing today it has won the rights to show the final rounds of the UEFA Cup.


Why Thierry Henry Must Go Now

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By John Nicholson

It's a given in football that you don't sell your best player. To sell your best player usually indicates that the club is going down the toilet, is desperate for cash or the player concerned has been caught with some swollen

ITVN Drops Setanta On Demand Service

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ITVN today announced it has dropped its Setanta On Demand service because Setanta doesn't currently have rights to broadcast the programming on an 'on demand' basis.

"We are hoping to offer a video on demand service in the new season,"

Alan Pardew Sacking Exposes Relegation Candidates

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After this past weekend's goalfest in the EPL, Alan Pardew is suffering from a hangover as he was sacked by West Ham United this morning.

Thinking back to Saturday's four matches that were shown live on Setanta and Fox Soccer Channel, we witnes

Update on EPL Talk Podcast

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Instead of being released yesterday (Sunday), Episode 44 of the EPL Talk Podcast will be delayed and scheduled for release either Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. I plan on publishing a joint episode. The lead interview will be with Reading And U.S. goa

Is the Premiership Race Over for Jose Mourinho?

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In the five Premiership matches shown on live TV in the U.S. on Saturday, an incredible 20 goals were scored -- averaging four goals per match. Who said the EPL was boring?

Of course, the Chelsea versus Arsenal match was a classic. While Essien

Sky Sports Anticipating Exodus of Commentators to Setanta?

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According to Vic Wakeling, Managing Director of Sky Sports, in an email to EPL Talk reader Tokyo Toffeeman, Wakeling expects "at least one other broadcaster to make a raid on [Sky Sports's] talent at some stage next year."

You can nar

The Truth About the Hillsborough Disaster

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It's been 6,447 days since the Hillsborough Disaster occurred on what many believe was the darkest day in the history of football. On that fateful day in April 1989, 96 innocent football fans tragically died when many of them were crushed to death at a FA

ESPN & ABC to Televise Euro 2008 Matches in US

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Excellent news for football fans in America. The Associated Press is reporting that ESPN and ABC have won the TV rights to Euro 2008 and will be broadcasting each game live. Read the article in Forbes Magazine here. While the thought of having ABC and E

Man Utd & Chelsea Reportedly Battle Each Other With Online Video Games

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After Cristiano Ronaldo scored Man United's third goal in the Manchester derby today, you may have noticed that he got into a pose with Rio Ferdinand and pretended to hold rocket launchers. This isn't the first time it's happened either. So why the pose?

The Modern Football Shirt: Fashion Faux Pas

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By John Nicholson

There are few more unpleasant fashion creations than a modern football shirt. Comprised of those melt-into-the-skin-in-a-fire polymers which feel like a cross between your grannies old nylon stockings and liquid plastic, they

Next U.S. TV Contract for Premiership: "$20 Million"

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Oliver Tse, the creator of SoccerTV.com, wrote a revealing response to the Paul Gardner article I commented on the other day.

In Tse's article, he mentions many of the same thoughts I had (in that it's unfair to evaluate the Premiership based o

Stage Is Set for Champions League & Prem Matches

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It's been a busy few days in football with plenty of Premiership matches in addition to the final Champions League matches of the round. The highlight for me was seeing Marcos Nelson's goal for Benfica against Man United. Supreme quality.


Premiership Referees Are In A No-Win Situation

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I feel sorry for Premiership referees. Never before has their jobs been so scrutinized or have they felt a much pressure as they do now. The issues are compounded by the speed of the game and the advanced skills of some players where they've made di

Join England's Steve McClaren in an Online Chat

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Steve McClaren will be answering questions tomorrow (Thursday, December 7th) via an online chat from The Football Association's web site beginning at 11:15am GMT (6:15am ET).

The chat is free to join. All you have to do is register before

Which Premiership Teams Will Be Relegated?

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Despite the criticism of the Premiership so far this season, it's refreshing to see that all of the teams in the league have double digits after Charlton's last minute win last night against Blackburn.

Last year, if you remember, it seeme

Catching Up With EPL Talk

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There have been lots of developments at EPL Talk the past couple weeks. So much, in fact, that I need to catch up and tell you.

First, EPL Talk will be interviewing Reading goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann hopefully this week. If you have any questi

3 Ways to Improve the Premiership Starting Today

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There are lots of developments happening around the Premiership in the last 24 hours. Liverpool are in the midst of a takeover. Meanwhile, Manchester City and Watford score zero goals to make the Premiership's record of the lowest scoring league in

Veteran U.S. Soccer Writer Takes Aim At Premiership & Fox Soccer Channel

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Veteran Soccer America columnist Paul Gardner has never been one to refrain from writing what he believes, so it's interesting to read his take on the English Premier League and its recent lack of goals and quality in an article published in The New

ITVN Adds GolTV: Wise Decision or Not?

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ITVN announced this morning that they've agreed a deal with GolTV to provide the bilingual soccer network to subscribers.

The cost will be $9.95 per month, which also includes a music video network, radio stations and more.


John Nicholson Tackles Cliches In Football

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Editor's Note: This week we feature a guest blog post from author and Football365 columnist John Nicholson. John has agreed to write a regular column for EPL Talk. You can check out his work at Football 365 here, or visit his web site here.

Premiership: Lowest Scoring League in Europe

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Paul Wilson from The Guardian reports that the Premiership is the lowest scoring league in Europe. While teams are definitely playing more defensively, the main reason for the lack of goals is that the league has turned more continental than English. Whil

Fox Soccer Channel & Setanta Agree EPL Deal

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SoccerTV.com is reporting that FOX Sports International (FSI) and Setanta Sports North America have retained the video rights to the English Premier League (EPL) in the United States and Canada for the 2007-2008 through the 2009-2010 seasons.


Win a Man United v Chelsea Matchday Programme

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While EPL Talk was at last Sunday's Manchester United versus Chelsea match at Old Trafford, we picked up two extra copies of the matchday programme (street price: $6 each) for you, the reader.

To win one of the two official collectible matchday